Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 432

Chapter 432 Recruiting Disciple


Ye Yuan had an anguished look and did not react in the slightest to Xiao Ruyan’s words.

Xiao Ruyan was very anxious and was at a loss on what to do for a moment. Hugging Ye Yuan, she cried extremely heart-brokenly.

“Little Junior Brother!” Shi Haoran also panicked when he saw the situation and hurriedly ran in front of Ye Yuan.

Shi Haoran hastily searched for Ye Yuan’s pulse. Only seeing that Ye Yuan just fainted for the time being did he feel relieved and heaved a long breath.

“Rest assured. Little Junior Brother just received a huge impact and fainted unconscious,” Shi Haoran said with Xiao Ruyan.

Concern led to panic. Xiao Ruyan herself was also an alchemist. Earlier, she actually forgot to read Ye Yuan’s pulse.

“Al-Alright? That’s really great!” Xiao Ruyan cried from joy.

But Shi Haoran frowned and said, “Alright? Does he look alright to you? This injury of his, he probably has to lie in bed for a period of time!”

At present, Ye Yuan looked very miserable. Ignoring external wounds, his internal organs suffered a tremendous impact too.

If there were no medicinal pills to assist in healing, a single mishap and he would die. How could he possibly be fine?

Shi Haoran’s gaze involuntarily looked towards Zhao Chenggan hatefully. It was only to see that Zhao Chenggan was staring dead straight at Ye Yuan currently; his expression was without a modicum of joy.

“Sigh. . . Ji Qing lost in the end! I even thought that the number one throne of the capital would be displaced today. Who knew that His Highness, the Seventh Prince, is actually powerful to such an extent already.”

“Ji Qing is still unable to create a miracle in the end! But for him to be able to perform to this step, it’s already very heaven-defying! Give him another one or two years, and he’ll surpass His Highness, the Seventh Prince, in all aspects!”

“This battle, Ji Qing had a moral victory! That final blow from Seventh Prince, even Soul Sea Realm martial artists might not be able to receive it! Ji Qing is just a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist, but he fought to such an extent with Seventh Prince! In my heart, he’s the victor!”

Strong people always garnered people’s respect. Ye Yuan’s performance had already obtained the recognition of the vast majority of the people present.

In their hearts, for Ye Yuan to lose out slightly to the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Zhao Chenggan with strength a major realm lower, he did not count as a failure no matter what.

Xiao Changfeng came close and took a look at the heavily wounded Ye Yuan, and looked at Zhao Chenggan again. For a time, he did not know how he should announce the results.

“This match, Seventh Prince . . .”

“Cough, cough, cough. . .”

Xiao Changfeng said halfway but was interrupted by Ye Yuan’s violent coughing sounds.

Xiao Ruyan was overjoyed seeing the situation and said, “Ji Qing! You finally woke up! Y-You scared me to death!”

As she said, Xiao Ruyan cried again.

Ye Yuan smiled dryly and said, “G-Good disciple, d-don’t cry anymore. Bawl your eyes out, and you won’t look pretty anymore! W-What Master promised you . . . is all accomplished!”

Xiao Ruyan had a doubtful face as she said, “J-Ji Qing, you clearly already lost!”

“H-Haha,I said that I was going to pummel him. H-How can I lose to him?” Ye Yuan’s laughing affected his wounds, hurting him until he contorted his face in agony.

Ye Yuan’s voice had yet to fade when the expression of Zhao Chenggan opposite changed. With a puff, a large mouthful of blood spewed out, and he fell down backward!

This scene was too sudden. Everyone was caught unprepared!

“This . . . What’s going on here?”

“Didn’t His Highness, the Seventh Prince won? Isn’t this plot reversing too quickly?”

“Can it be . . . Ji Qing really created a miracle and became the number one person among the capital’s junior generation from here on forth?”

“My God! With his present realm, who can surpass him in the future?”

All at once, the entire plaza exploded. Sounds of exclamations rose and fell.

This scene was too inconceivable!

Ji Qing was clearly already beaten until heavily injured and dying. In a twinkle, the Seventh Prince could not make it anymore. Instead, Ye Yuan laughed happily. Although he looked very tragic, he was not fearful for his life.

And this match, as long as Ye Yuan won, he would be the right and proper capital’s number one person!

The future position of wind emperor was without a doubt his!

Such glory was not even worth mentioning to Ye Yuan. But to the Fierce Gale World martial artists, it was paramount!

In everyone’s understanding, the Wind Emperor would surely be born between Shangguan Lingyun and Zhao Chenggan, the two of them.

But now, Ye Yuan appeared and utterly upset the entire arrangement!

Under Xiao Ruyan’s aid, Ye Yuan consumed a medicinal pill that he refined himself. His injuries took a turn for the better very swiftly.

While he was still unable to stand up, his complexion already became rosy, and his essence energy was also in the midst of gradual recovery.

Such recovery speed made everyone exclaim in shock again.

“Family Head Xiao, announce the results!” Ye Yuan urged.

“This . . .” Xiao Changfeng looked at the Zhao Chenggan lying on the ground and did not know what to do for a moment.

Ye Yuan said with a slight pant, “His dantian is already damaged by me. It will be hard to have any advancement in this lifetime. So . . . you can announce the results now!”

“What?! Dantian damaged?!” Xiao Changfeng nearly jumped up.

Another thunderbolt out of the blue!

The insufferably arrogant Seventh Prince actually became a cripple?

This . . . Once His Majesty, the Wind Emperor knows of this matter, how enraged would he be?

“Ji . . . Ji Qing! Y-You’re framing me up, digging a pit for the Xiao Family!” Xiao Changfeng stomped in a rage.

But Ye Yuan did not care a hoot as he said, “With my Qixia Mountain backing you up, what are you scared of? Oh right, there’s still something I forgot to tell you.”

As he said, Ye Yuan looked at Xiao Ruyan and said with a faint smile, “Good disciple, come . . . I, Ji Qing, in front of the many heroes in the capital today, take you in as a disciple! Acknowledge Master now!”

“What? A-Acknowledge you as her master?!” Xiao Changfeng felt like his brain was a little lacking.

When did the agreed upon spouse finding martial competition suddenly become acknowledging master?

Xiao Changfeng stared fixedly at Ye Yuan and was so furious that his entire body was trembling.

This move from Ye Yuan was thoroughly cutting the Xiao Family away from the royal family!

Henceforth, the Xiao Family would have to depend on the Qixia Mountain lineage. Or else, they would die without a burial ground!

“What? Does Family Head Xiao think that I, Ji Qing, can’t teach your daughter?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Xiao Changfeng looked at Ye Yuan and was speechless for a long time. Only after a long while did he wave his hand and said, “Forget it, forget it! My Xiao Family swore fealty to His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, for generation after generation. Who knew that when it reached my, Xiao Changfeng’s, hands, it actually fell to such a plight! The story is played out, and the wood has become a boat. What else do I have to say? Ruyan . . . acknowledge . . . acknowledge him as your master then!”

Xiao Changfeng took a deep look at his daughter and was filled with a vicissitude of emotions.

He never would have thought that today’s spouse finding martial competition would actually develop into such a conclusion.

Obtaining her father’s permission, the final trace of kink in Xiao Ruyan’s heart also vanished like mist and smoke. At once, she bowed solemnly towards Ye Yuan.

“Master is high above. Receive disciple Xiao Ruyan’s bow!”

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “Haha! Good disciple! To think that my, Ji Qing’s, first disciple, is actually a girl as exquisite as a flower! Master’s present strength is meager and doesn’t have anything good to give to you either. This jade slip is used as your master acknowledgment gift. Take it!”

As he said, Ye Yuan passed Xiao Ruyan a jade slip.