Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Identity Exposed


Xiao Ruyan received the jade slip hesitantly; her expression was rather vacant.

She agreed to acknowledge Ye Yuan as her master with ulterior motives, and it was not to really learn something.

She did not think that Ye Yuan really prepared a master acknowledgment gift for her.

“Take a look. Master prepared a set of soul cultivation incantation and two sets of refining arts for you. You have to study them well in the future,” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

Xiao Ruyan sunk her divine sense into the jade slip as told and started to browse.

This scene looked extremely comical in everyone’s eyes.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul realm was more or less the same as Xiao Ruyan’s; both High-Rank Alchemy Grandmasters. Now, Ye Yuan wanted to take a girl whose strength was relative to his as his disciple. No matter how one looked at it, it was somewhat odd.

“What do you guys Ye Yuan is playing at here? Xiao Ruyan is one of the capital’s dual absolutes. Furthermore, you all look at that concerned look of Xiao Ruyan’s when Ji Qing was injured just now. Clearly in love with him. He actually . . . only took her in to be a disciple?”

“Aggravating me to death! Xiao Ruyan is my goddess! Ji Qing is already the capital’s number one now, and he actually dares to trample on my goddess’s dignity! I . . . I want to duel him!”

“Screw off you! With that strength of yours, it isn’t even enough to fill the gaps between his teeth! Still want to duel! However . . . Ji Qing’s action is really unimaginably weird. He himself is just a high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster. How is he going to teach disciples?”

“In my opinion, this Ji Qing thinks too highly of himself! Even though he’s Sovereign Star Abyss’s disciple, to talk about giving pointers in alchemy to the Alchemy Grandmaster Xiao Ruyan who is his peer, he probably isn’t qualified enough yet, right? I’m very curious though, about what are the things inside his jade slip.”

“Heh heh,what can there be? Simply his own cultivation methods and refining methods. Just that these things, his comprehension is already slightly stronger than Xiao Ruyan, right?”

Master teaching disciples was not a simple imparting of cultivation methods. It was more so to clarify doubts for disciples and give pointers to various problems encountered during the process of cultivation.

Especially alchemy skills. It was deep and profound; hard to learn and hard to be proficient.

Everybody knew that Ye Yuan’s was amazing at alchemy. But regardless of how incredible he was, he was only an Alchemy Grandmaster. Regarding higher realm things, how much could he comprehend?

Imparting soul cultivation methods and refining methods a little and being someone’s master was truly a bit too child’s play.

And currently, Xiao Ruyan’s brows were slightly furrowed, and her expression gradually becoming solemn.

“Ji . . . Ji . . .” Xiao Ruyan was clearly not yet used to called Ye Yuan master.

“Call Master!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Xiao Ruyan sucked in a deep breath and called out, “Master, this . . . Master’s acknowledgment gift is too precious! I . . .”

“Haha.You’re my disciple. Giving pointers in your cultivation is within Master’s duty, what precious? From today onwards, you’ll cultivate the soul cultivation method on the jade slip. But you must promise master that this method absolutely mustn’t be divulged! Only you alone can cultivate it! Otherwise . . . even its flouting teachings, Master . . . will clean the household!” Talking until the back, Ye Yuan’s voice became extremely stern.

Actually, what Ye Yuan gave Xiao Ruyan was the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation as well as the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique and the Tri-Origins Samsara Art cultivation skills.

But what he gave Xiao Ruyan was only the first five levels of the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation; enough for her to cultivate to Peak Alchemy Sovereign!

Moreover, in the jade slip were extremely detailed annotations about the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantations and the two types of skills. They were all Ye Yuan’s notes of his understanding.

With these things, no matter how poor one’s talent was, cultivating to Alchemy King Ream was not an issue at all.

With Xiao Ruyan’s talent, cultivating to Peak Alchemy Sovereign was only a matter of time.

In truth, this introduction gift, Ye Yuan considered it carefully too.

Just talking about talent, while Xiao Ruyan was not considered at the zenith, she was already pretty decent.

Xiao Ruyan’s intentions, Ye Yuan was naturally very clear. Furthermore, through this period of living together, Ye Yuan could also trust Xiao Ruyan’s character.

Since that was the case, why not he be a bit more generous and pass down his mantle?

Killing Ji Canglan was a near certain death mission. Even Ye Yuan did not dare guarantee that he could succeed for sure either.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was about to leave the Fierce Gale World right away. Towards this eldest disciple of his, he could not be shabby no matter what.

Hence, he passed these three things to Xiao Ruyan.

Presumably, with these things, Xiao Ruyan ascending to the Divine Realm in the future would not pose a problem.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s warning, Xiao Ruyan’s expression changed too and knew how great the weight of this jade slip in her hand was.

Xiao Ruyan was an expert too. Sweeping the contents of the jade slip over, she knew the value of this jade slip.

She acknowledged him as her master was to get close to Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan really took her to be his legacy successor.

After musing, Xiao Ruyan nodded solemnly and said, “R-Rest assured, Master. Disciple will engrave the contents inside the jade slip into my divine soul to slowly understand and absolutely won’t reveal it to a third person to know!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Okay, this matter is done. Master’s injuries aren’t light and still need to head back and recuperate a bout. You follow me back to Qixia Mountain then.”

Xiao Ruyan nodded slightly and actually really supported Ye Yuan like a disciple and left.

Ye Yuan nodded slightly at Shi Haoran. The party was just about to leave when all of a sudden, a dozen over figures descended from the skies and blocked their path.

The one in front was an old man with age much alike Star Abyss’s.

And looking from the aura coming off of this person’s body, he was actually a Divine Traversing Realm martial artist!

“Ding Liang! What are you here for?” When Shi Haoran saw the arrival, his brows involuntarily knitted.

The old man called Ding Liang did not pay attention to Shi Haoran and said indifferently, “The Dark Shadow Guards are handling affairs. Unrelated personnel quickly leave! Otherwise, kill without amnesty!”

Ding Liang’s voice was not loud, but it spread out like a large bell. Every single person in the plaza heard it loud and clear!

“Dark Shadow Guards! It’s actually the most mysterious Dark Shadow Guards under the Wind Emperor’s command!”

“I-Is this the power of a sovereign level powerhouse? S-So powerful!”

“What are you still standing there for? If you don’t want to die, quickly go! I heard that the Dark Shadow Guards have extremely high autonomy when handling matters and can execute on the spot before reporting! If we don’t leave, we’ll die a pointless death!”

There were tens of thousands of people in the plaza. But currently, they retreated like tidewater.

Very soon, in the vast plaza, only Ye Yuan’s group and Ding Liang’s group were left!

“Ding Liang, what the hell are you doing?” Shi Haoran asked again unhappily.

Although he was a full major realm lower than Ding Liang, in terms of status, he was not inferior to Ding Liang. Hence, he dared to directly call his name.

Shi Haoran was the number one person under Star Abyss. Other than needing to give a disciple’s bow when facing the Wind Emperor, he could directly disregard other people.

Ding Liang still did not answer. He took a look at the unconscious Zhao Chenggan not far away and his brows involuntarily furrowed. He asked Ye Yuan, “His Highness, the Seventh Prince, was defeated by you?”

Not knowing why, since the beginning earlier, Ye Yuan’s eyelids kept twitching constantly and had an uneasy feeling.

He had a feeling that this Ding Liang did not come with good intentions.

Seeing Ding Liang pose a question, Ye Yuan said, “So what if yes? Can it be that you want to take revenge for him?”

“Haha,taking revenge naturally won’t reach this old man’s turn! Ye Yuan, take a trip with me!” Ding Liang said with a light laugh.