Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Hes My Little Junior Brother


Ye Yuan was secretly alarmed. But he had an indifferent look on his face as he said, “Are you talking to me? However, did you call the wrong name?”

Ding Liang said expressionlessly, “I didn’t call the wrong name. You’re well aware in your heart. However . . . you actually defeated His Highness, the Seventh Prince, to this extent. His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, most likely won’t let you return.”

Shi Haoran’s face fell as he said, “Ding Liang! You don’t say some things here that make neither head nor tails to confuse the public! Just spit out what you have to say! But if you want to touch Little Junior Brother, go past me first!”

Ding Liang looked at Shi Haoran and said with a smile, “You call him as your little junior brother repeatedly. Do you know his true identity?”

Shi Haoran said with a cold smile, “Your meaning is that Master Star Abyss is blind to take Little Junior Brother in as a disciple?”

Ding Liang’s expression faltered slightly. Shi Haoran bringing out Star Abyss this great Buddha involuntarily made him have to reply carefully.

Although Star Abyss’s realm was similar to his, he was a character that even the Wind Emperor dreaded!

Moreover, Star Abyss being protective of his people was known to all. If one really infuriated him, he would do anything.

“Of course I don’t have this meaning. But . . . maybe Lord Star Abyss is also kept in the dark?” Ding Liang obviously would not fall for it.

“Humph!If Little Junior Brother really deceived Master Star Abyss, there will naturally be his elderly self to punish. When did it come to your Dark Shadow Guards to carry out a superfluous action? Little Junior Brother, let’s go!” Shi Haoran said with a cold snort.

As he said, Shi Haoran brought his fellow apprentices and prepared to circle around Ding Liang to leave.

How could Ding Ling let them go? With a slight shift in footsteps, he blocked in front of them again.

Shi Haoran’s brows furrowed and his tone gradually chilled. “Ding Liang, are you bent on instigating antagonism between the Royal Family and the Alchemist Association?”

Ding Liang shook his head and said, “Alchemy King Shi doesn’t need to be like this. Ding Liang is also here on orders. Your little junior brother is a spy who had infiltrated from the Endless World. This point is already conclusive beyond all doubt! If Alchemy King Shi doesn’t believe, you can ask him yourself!”

Shi Haoran’s heart plummeted and was invariably caught in a dilemma.

In truth, through Ding Liang’s words earlier, Shi Haoran already had some suspicions. But he was still not willing to believe that this was true from the bottom of his heart.

After musing for a moment, Shi Haoran forcefully pressed down the doubts in his heart and said to Ding Liang, “This matter is much too important. Want to ask, it’s also not my turn to ask! I’ll bring Little Junior Brother back right now. Master Star Abyss he will handle it impartially!”

Ding Liang’s face fell and wished that he could kill Shi Haoran with one palm!

Handle my *ss impartially!

If you bring this boy back, you all will close your doors to ‘handle impartially.’ At that time, do I have to go before Star Abyss to ask for him?

“No way! This matter is already investigated clearly! Alchemy King Shi has no need to go back and ask Lord Star Abyss! I’m bringing away Ye Yuan right now. When the time comes, His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, will explain to Lord Star Abyss personally!” Ding Liang said immediately.

“I said earlier, want to touch Little Junior Brother, pass me first! Ding Liang, if you have the capabilities, then kill me!” Shi Haoran said angrily.

“You!” Ding Liang was so angered that he was spouting smoke from seven orifices.

As they spoke, both party’s gunpowder smell gradually thickened, with the manner of a single word of disagreement and they would fight.

But,if they really fought, Ye Yuan’s side would definitely be at a huge disadvantage!

The other party not only had Ding Liang this Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse, but the others were also mostly Soul Sea Realm experts too.

Ye Yuan’s side were all a bunch of alchemists. How could they be the Dark Shadow Guard’s match?

“Fine! I’ll expose his identity in front of everybody! See how you still defend him! Lan Hu, come out for me!” Ding Liang howled.

A figure appeared in front of everyone. When Ye Yuan saw the arrival, his face could not help changing too. That last trace of a fluke was also all gone.

“Long time no see, Ye Yuan! In order to find you, I’ve flipped the entire capital over these past few months! I didn’t think that you’d actually be right under my eyelids, and even became Sovereign Star Abyss’s disciple! If not for today I was seized with a sudden impulse to come here and take a look at the spouse finding martial competition, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t even know when you escape back to the Endless World!”

Although Lan Hu said it smilingly, anyone could tell the fury in his words.

These words said by Lan Hu was not in any way exaggerated. These few months, he would go to the city gates and keep watch there, hoping to discover Ye Yuan.

Yet, several months went by, and he did not even have any hint of information!

He never would have thought that Ye Yuan not only entered the capital long ago, but Ye Yuan also even became Sovereign Star Abyss’s eighth disciple.

This discovery made him depressed until he was about to vomit blood!

Seeing Lan Hu, Ye Yuan knew that his tracks were ultimately still exposed.

Knowing that he could not conceal it, Ye Yuan gave a faint sigh and said, “So, it’s Lan Huhuh.It’s really been a long time since we’ve met. I didn’t think that you’d actually pay such close attention to my affairs!”

When Ye Yuan’s words came out, the facial expressions of Shi Haoran and the others changed drastically!

This was equivalent to him acknowledging the matter of being a spy.

“This . . . How is this possible? I clearly investigated your divine soul before. All of the characteristics were exactly identical with us Fierce Gale World martial artists!”

By the side, Xiao Changfeng’s face already turned deathly pale and still did not dare to quite believe it until now.

Hearing these words, Ding Liang had a doubtful look too. His realm was much higher than Xiao Changfeng’s and could sense that Ye Yuan’s divine soul was no different from Fierce Gale World martial artists.

If not for Lan Hu seeing Ye Yuan before with his own eyes, it was utterly impossible for him to suspect Ye Yuan.

In truth, if not for this point, perhaps Ye Yuan would have been exposed long ago. It was impossible to be arrogant under their eyelids until now!

Among the people that Ye Yuan came into contact with, many were high tier martial artists and could very easily detect the abnormality of his divine soul.

Ye Yuan said with a smile,“Haha.That’s very simple!”

As he said, Ye Yuan’s divine soul underwent a minute transformation. But everyone’s faces changed!

“This . . . How is this possible?”

Everybody’s eyes went wide and stared at Ye Yuan in disbelief. Even the sovereign level powerhouse, Ding Liang’s pupils constricted. He was evidently abnormally shocked.

“Haha.Nothing is impossible. It’s just slightly altering the characteristics of the divine soul,” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

Only after a long while did everyone recover from the shock. Ding Liang said with a solemn voice, “Shi Haoran, you saw it too. What else is there to say? This child’s talent is even more monstrous than Shangguan Lingyun and His Highness, the Seventh Prince! He absolutely mustn’t be allowed to leave! Or else, he’s bound to be my Fierce Gale World’s mortal malady in the future!”

Shi Haoran’s expression flickered ceaselessly. Clearly, his heart was endlessly conflicted.

Ye Yuan suddenly said, “Many thanks for Eldest Senior Brother’s and Seniors’ care these few days. Little brother is also helpless. That’s why I hid my identity. Today’s matter will be shouldered by Little Brother alone! Eldest Senior Brother, please return!”

At this juncture, Shi Haoran falling out and becoming enemies with him was an extremely normal thing. Ye Yuan obviously would not bear enmity against him.

On the contrary, he was very grateful for Shi Haoran’s care this period of time. Shi Haoran’s this sort of shielding one’s shortcomings very much matched Ye Yuan’s appetite.

However, what made Ye Yuan surprised was that Shi Haoran suddenly blocked in front of him and said to Ding Liang, “No matter who he is, he’s my little junior brother! You want to bring him away, sure. But I have to bring him back to Qixia Mountain first and let Master Star Abyss deal with him first! Before anything else, he’s my little junior brother. Nobody can think about touching a hair of his!”