Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Ye Yuans Charm


“You! You’re really impervious to reason! Do you know what the consequences of protecting this boy are?” The words from Shi Haoran angered Ding Liang until he stomped his foot.

Shi Haoran already thought it through currently and was no longer conflicted. He immediately said coolly, “I’m only saying to wait until he returns to Qixia Mountain. I didn’t say to let him back to the Fierce Gale World either. What are you kicking up a fuss for? You’re aware of Master Star Abyss’s character. If I hand Ye Yuan to you today, I’ll die very horribly when I return! While you . . . likewise won’t feel nice!”

Ding Liang could not help choking up. Star Abyss’s sanctions were still fresh in everyone’s minds.

“Humph!Let’s go!”

Seeing Ding Liang waver, Shi Haoran gave a cold snort and was about to bring them away.

“Wait a minute!” Ding Liang suddenly woke up and gave a loud cry, “Shi Haoran! Don’t you compel me to use force!”

As he said, the aura of Divine Traversing Realm released. Everyone’s faces changed!

The oppression of a Divine Traversing Realm was not a joke!

Ding Liang did not even make a move yet, and everyone already had a feeling like the heaven was rent asunder and the earth cracked. Even breathing was very laborious as if somebody was clutching their throats.

What was the notion of Divine Traversing Realm?

This was basically the pinnacle existence for Lower Realm martial artists! A character that stood at the very peak of the food chain! An existence like the spire of a pyramid!

Once such a character made a move, ordinary people utterly did not have the chance to resist.

Even Soul Sea Realm martial artists were also ant-like existences in front of Divine Traversing Realms!

When Ding Liang demonstrated his power, Shi Haoran’s face changed too.

He was not an arrogant and conceited person. In front of Ding Liang, he did not have the leeway to retaliate at all. But in order to bring Little Junior Brother back to Qixia Mountain today, he was ready to risk it all!

This was something that must be done by someone of the Star Abyss tutelage. Want to punish, it was also punishment by their own people. When was it other people’s turn to punish?

Everyone had their own insistence, and Shi Haoran’s insistence was the pride of Star Abyss’s line as well as protection towards their own people!

“Ding Liang! If you have the capabilities, then kill me!” Shi Haoran’s words revealed an icy-cold intent.

Ding Liang suddenly let out a sigh and said, “Shi Haoran, His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, has already issued the order to be sure to bring Ye Yuan away! Apologies, I can only offend!”

Only to see him wave his sleeves grandly. An enormous force sent Shi Haoran flying out.


Shi Haoran crashed heavily onto the ground and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Eldest Senior Brother!” Seeing Shi Haoran sustain injuries, Ye Yuan’s expression changed.

Ding Liang did not hesitate in the slightest and took this chance to directly reach his hand out and grab at Ye Yuan!

A horrifying oppressive power directly shackled Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan actually could not move at all and could only let Ding Liang capture at his discretion.

But at this time, a beautiful shadow suddenly blocked in front of Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan was taken aback from shock and yelled out, “Ruyan! Get away from me!”

Xiao Ruyan’s hands stretched out and turned a deaf ear to Ye Yuan’s words. But she shut her eyes, a manner of waiting for death.

“Regardless of who you are, you’re my, Xiao Ruyan’s, master! I can’t watch you die! Ding Liang! Want to kill, you kill me together too!” Xiao Ruyan reproached daintily.

“Humph!Ignorant child! To actually help an enemy from another world! I still have some trepidation towards Shi Haoran, but just with a little baby girl who’s still wet behind her ears like yourself, do you really take me to not dare to kill you? Since you wish to die, I’ll help you achieve your aim!” Ding Liang said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan was so anxious that he broke into a cold sweat. He cursed, “You dumb*ss! Quickly get lost for me! Do you hear?”

Ye Yuan was suppressed dead by Ding Liang’s aura and completely could not move at all. And that battle with Zhao Chenggan prior to this, his wounds were extremely severe. Now, he completely did not have the slightest bit of strength to retaliate.

Ding Liang wanting to kill Xiao Ruyan was simply as easy as blowing away dust!

Could it be that . . . he had to watch Xiao Ruyan die before him helplessly?

Right then, Ye Yuan’s eyes blurred. Ding Liang’s figure was suddenly totally blocked.

A large fatty suddenly appeared and blocked in front of Xiao Ruyan. It was precisely Second Senior Brother, Tang Zhi!

Tang Zhi looked at Ding Liang calmly as he said coolly, “Ding Liang, kill me together too! I want to see how many people can you kill today!”

As he said, the other five seniors blocked in front of Ye Yuan too, covering him solidly.

At this instant, Ye Yuan’s eyes unwittingly became somewhat wet.

These seniors clearly knew that he was someone from another world, yet they actually barricaded in front of him without any hesitation.

This gratitude, Ye Yuan probably could not cut it off in this lifetime no matter what!

“Humph!Who says that I must kill you guys? Just the likes of the few of you also wish to get in the way of me capturing this boy?”

Ding Liang gave a cold snort and lightly slapped out a palm. Immediately, violent winds howled, sending everyone flying.

The strength of a Divine Traversing Realm martial artist was simply inexorable!


Ye Yuan was originally already heavily injured. At this time, injuries piled on top of injuries, and he could not hold back the sweetness in his throat, and a mouthful of blood spewed out.

A blur before his eyes. A silhouette appeared before him.

“Really can’t tell that you, boy, actually have such charm to make so many people willingly die for you! However . . . I want to see who else can stop me from capturing you now!” Ding Liang said lightly with his hands behind his back.

Ye Yuan’s complexion was as pale as paper and was already very frail. He looked at Ding Liang cold and detachedly and said coolly, “Ding Liang, right? If I don’t die today, there will definitely come the day where you’ll regret it!”

Ding Liang’s actions already touched Ye Yuan’s reverse scale.

Ye Yuan spoke very calmly. But the calmer he was, the more enraged it meant he currently was!

If not for Tang Zhi earlier, Xiao Ruyan would already be a dead person.

Ding Liang was wary of the identities of Shi Haoran and the others, but he completely thought nothing of Xiao Ruyan.

What capital’s dual absolutes. In the eyes of a character like Ding Liang, it was a joke.

When needed, he did not mind ruthlessly destroying a flower at all!

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Ding Liang’s brows involuntarily knitted. He said with a cold smile, “Young man, you’re thinking too much! Don’t forget where you are right now! This place is the Fierce Gale World, not the Endless World! Even if I let you leave today, do you think that you can escape from the capital? In here, everyone is your enemy! You alone, are facing an entire small world! Hence, don’t hold any chances in your heart. You won’t have the opportunity to take revenge!”

Ding Liang did not suspect Ye Yuan’s words and also did not feel that Ye Yuan’s words had any laughable areas.

Ye Yuan defeated Zhao Chenggan who was a full major realm higher than him with Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm cultivation. Such monstrous talent, surpassing him in the future was practically set in stone.

Yet, the Wind Emperor would not give him the opportunity!

Ye Yuan was dead for sure!

Ye Yuan was extremely feeble right now and already could not be bothered to carry out meaningless arguments with Ding Liang.

He shut his eyes and slowly revolved his skill to refine the medicinal strength.

“Alright, it’s late. His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, is most likely already anxious from waiting. Take a trip with me!” Ding Lian said. His hand reached towards Ye Yuan once more.

“Ding Lian, you treated my disciples in such a manner; have you made the preparations to receive my wrath?”

Right then, a cold voice suddenly sounded out and transmitted into everyone’s ears.

When Shi Haoran and the others heard this voice, they could not help becoming overjoyed!