Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 437

Chapter 437 Unprecedented Humiliation


“My own disciple, of course I know. If I didn’t know beforehand, why would I appear here now?” Star Abyss said.

“Although you’re the Alchemist Association’s Chairman, you’re also born and bred in the Fierce Gale World. Is what you’re doing here treating this land that raised you fairly?”

“One, I didn’t do anything that let down the Fierce Gale World. Second, my disciple also didn’t do anything to let down the Fierce Gale World. The so-called conspiracy theories are completely conceived out of your own imagination. My disciple only came to save his seniors. Being serious, my disciple came to the Fierce Gale World still because the Swift Wind Guards captured his seniors, isn’t it so?”

“But you also saw this child’s strength. If We let him leave unchecked, he’ll be my Fierce Gale World’s mortal malady. Once he leaves, there will be many, many Fierce Gale World brave warriors that will die in his hands next time. You’re also a titan of a world. Don’t you consider for your people?”

The two people had a lively conversation and were actually like old friends of many years chatting.

These two people did not belong to the same group. Although they knew each other for many years, they were not some old friends. Star Abyss even once caused mayhem in the capital for his disciple’s matter and forced the third prince to death.

But at their realm and status, every action had the demeanor of an expert and would naturally not look like lower level martial artists squabbling.

Yet, from the contents of their conversation, their opinions clearly could not reach a consensus. The smell of gunpowder gradually thickened as well.

This was absolutely not some good news to Ye Yuan’s side.

And the Wind Emperor’s words clearly struck Star Abyss’s Achilles heel. If Ye Yuan returned to the Endless World, there would bound to be many Fierce Gale World martial artists who would die in his hands in the future.

In such a war between two worlds, nobody could detach themselves from it.

Ye Yuan could enter deep into the Fierce Gale World today for his seniors. He would surely have to kill people for his close ones in the future!

And Ye Yuan’s potential was seriously too scary. This point, no one could refute.

These words that the Wind Emperor said was actually equivalent to admitting that he dreaded Ye Yuan very much.

“Humph!Posing as someone with high morals!” Ye Yuan suddenly said with a cold snort.

Once these words came out, everyone’s countenance changed visibly.

In this world, there was actually somebody who dared to provoke the Wind Emperor!

Even if Ye Yuan’s talent was heaven-defying, this gall was also too fat!

Even if Ye Yuan defeated Zhao Chenggan, before the Wind Emperor, he was still nothing at all. As long as the Wind Emperor was willing, he could kill Ye Yuan without even needing a finger!

Soul Sea Realm. The divine soul communicating with one’s essence energy sea, one could manipulate heaven and earth essence energy.

Divine Traversing Ream. The divine soul and essence energy sea merge into one, roaming the world freely. One could manipulate heaven and earth essence energy in a large scope.

Boundless Realm. The divine soul gains a preliminary glimpse into the profound mysteries of heaven and earth. One could take control of heaven and earth essence energy within a fixed boundary. Saying that they were controllers was not over the top!

Hence, the Wind Emperor wanting to kill Ye Yuan now was practically just a matter of a thought.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Zhao Tianyin glanced sideways slightly and looked at Ye Yuan.

Everyone’s hearts were thumping and had no clue how the Wind Emperor would punish Ye Yuan.

“Is there weight for you to speak here? Puny little Crystal Formation martial artist, saw Us and actually dare to not kneel!” Zhao Tianyin’s dignified voice sounded.

Zhao Tianyin was not seen taking any action either. All of a sudden, the surrounding heaven and earth essence energy became berserk and actually squeezed towards Ye Yuan like a cage!

This was too sudden. Everyone did not react in time.

Immediately, Ye Yuan felt a weight of 30 thousand catties on his shoulders as if a pair of large hands was forcefully pressing him down to make him kneel!

Ye Yuan clenched his fists tightly, and his knees gradually bending. All the bones in his body gave off creaking sounds as he used all the strength in his body to resist.

“Who . . . the hell . . . are you, to also . . . also fit to make me . . . kneel down?”

Ye Yuan’s face turned red, and he said this sentence word by word.

Zhao Tianyin said emotionlessly, “We are the ruler of a world. Could it be that We cannot bear a kneel of yours?”

“I, Ye Yuan . . . only kneel to parents and don’t kneel to . . . the heaven! Compared to the heaven . . . what do you even count as?”

As he said, Ye Yuan’s jaws were chattering. Each word needed to use his entire body’s strength.

Ye Yuan’s back was already bent, both legs slightly curved, but he stubbornly refused to kneel down.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, everyone’s faces including Zhao Tianyin’s all changed.

What martial artists practiced was Heavenly Dao. What they feared most and held in reverence most was also Heavenly Dao!

The might of Heavenly Dao was what humans simply could not surmise.

Ye Yuan actually uttered words like this. Simply too unbridled!

“Speaking recklessly of heaven! Truly don’t know life from death! With your strength, how do you know the terror of heaven?” Zhao Tianyin said.

“Zhao Tianyin! You’re still not staying your hand yet?! Humiliating my disciple like today, you have to make preparations to receive my wrath!” Star Abyss saw Ye Yuan’s agonizing state, and his heart pounded.

Speaking recklessly about heaven?

Among the people present here, there was probably nobody who understood heaven better than Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan was burdened with a deeply-seated blood feud and had already long lost awe and veneration towards heaven.

Alive again, he was going against heaven!

The heaven wanted to exterminate him, Ye Yuan. Then he, Ye Yuan, was going to ask the heaven why it was so unjust!

Although it was uncertain who Ye Yuan’s enemy was, a person that could kill a peak Alchemy Emperor was definitely among the peak existences in the Divine Realm.

Compared to them, Zhao Tianyin truly did not count as anything.

Moreover, with Ye Yuan former identity, how could he willingly kneel down towards a puny little Boundless Realm?

If it were before, Boundless Realm was not even fit to lick Ye Yuan’s shoes!

Star Abyss could understand Ye Yuan’s words. He did not feel surprised. But Zhao Tianyin humiliating Ye Yuan like this was what he could not accept.

Who knew that this time, Zhao Tianyin was a never before unyielding. “Star Abyss, although I dread your identity, it’s not without a bottom line. Furthermore, not everyone by your side can scorn Our prestige! Even if he’s your disciple, making him kneel down to greet Us the first time meeting Us is not considered overboard, right? Moreover, he crippled Gan-er. This kneel serves as making an apology.”

With Zhao Tianyin saying it like this, Star Abyss really had nothing to say.

If Ye Yuan was his eighth disciple, even if Ye Yuan was somebody from the Endless World, kneeling down to greet the Wind Emperor was nothing inappropriate.

But the problem was that making an Alchemy Emperor kneel to the Wind Emperor was an unprecedented humiliation!

Although Star Abyss did not interact much with Ye Yuan, regarding his temperament, he still had some understanding.

Even if Ye Yuan were to die, it was also not possible to kneel towards the Wind Emperor!

For a moment, Star Abyss fell into a dilemma and did not know what words he should use to rebut Zhao Tianyun.

Right then, Xiao Ruyan suddenly scurried out from the crowd and kneeled to the Wind Emperor with a slam.

“Your Majesty, the Wind Emperor, I beg you, let Master go! He . . . He only did it for the sake of saving his seniors and is really not a spy! If Your Majesty wishes to punish, Ruyan is willing to die in his place!” Xiao Ruyan’s face was smeared in tears, but her face had indescribable stubbornness.

“Ruyan! You mustn’t be rude! Get back for me!” Xiao Changfeng hastily reproached in alarm when he saw the situation.

Offending the Wind Emperor was not a burden that his Xiao Family could bear!