Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Instant Karma


Li-er completely did not bother with Zhao Tianyin at all.

Only to see her slowly extend an exquisite arm, gently pressing her palm on Ye Yuan’s chest.

A light halo spread out on Ye Yuan’s chest, and it actually gave people a peaceful feeling.

Seeing that Li-er did not pay attention to him at all, the Wind Emperor’s face fell slightly,“Humph!Ignorant of what you’re saying! To actually dare offend Us. Deserve to die!”

Zhao Tianyin flicked a finger with one hand. A stream of light instantly arrived before Li-er.

Yet, right at that moment, a bizarre scene appeared!

That stream of light actually vanished from sight inexplicably before Li-er. But no one saw Li-er make a move.

Her hand was still pressing on Ye Yuan’s chest as if she was utterly oblivious to the matter of Zhao Tianyin attacking her.

Zhao Tianyin’s expression had yet to change in time when all of a sudden, he felt all the hair on his body stand on its ends. An intense feeling of danger assaulted from behind.

He turned around swiftly. A stream of light transported out from the void. In haste, Zhao Tianyin quickly unleashed another finger.


Two streams of light collided together, giving off a violent explosion.

Zhao Tianyin actually fell back several steps in a row. Everyone watched this scene in disbelief.

The Wind Emperor was a Boundless Realm powerhouse. He actually could not deal with a girl?

Zhao Tianyin sucked in a cold breath instead, “Concept of Space! You . . . Who on earth are you?”

The Concept of Space was an exceedingly profound concept; extremely difficult to comprehend.

The Wind Emperor was also considered someone with many experiences. But he had never heard of anybody who had comprehended the Concept of Space in the Lower Realms.

Furthermore, looking at this girl’s move earlier, it was clearly comprehended to an extremely profound realm already.

The Wind Emperor’s face was very ugly. After becoming the Wind Emperor, this was the first time he felt an immense threat.

Right then, Ye Yuan suddenly gave a muffled groan. He was clearly in great anguish.

But when Li-er saw this scene, the expression on her face eased up considerably.

Only at this time, did she slowly raise her head. Looking at Zhao Tianyin indifferently, she said, “Your dog head will be left on your neck for the time being! Before long, Mister Ye will personally come to retrieve it. As for who I am, you don’t have the qualifications to know yet.”

Zhao Tianyin’s face fell, and he said with a frown,“Humph!Just know some Concept of Space, that’s all. You don’t really think that you’ve subdued Us, right?”

But Li-er no longer bothered with him. Gently carrying Ye Yuan up, she said, “Mister Ye, I’ll bring you home right away.”

Seeing Li-er completely disregard him, Zhao Tianyu flew into a great rage. With a flash, he blocked in front of Li-er and said, “Pretending to be mysterious! You can leave, but this boy must stay!”

Li-er’s eyelid raised slightly, and she said coolly, “With just you?”

Zhao Tianyin said with a cold snort, “So what if just Us? If We let you bring him and swagger your way out of here, then how will We rule the Fierce Gale World’s citizens in the future?”

“This is you inviting humiliation upon yourself. Can’t blame me.”

As she said, Li-er’s eyes suddenly released two beams of light. The light flashed and passed right away.

Zhao Tianyin was just brewing up a big move when all of a sudden, he shuddered. His pair of eyes actually gradually became vacant!

Li-er’s brows furrowed, but her divine soul was in pain. That sort of ripping pain transmitted over.

“Your Majesty, the Wind Emperor!” Ding Liang instinctively felt something off and could not help yelling out.

Yet, Zhao Tianyin seemed to not have heard it. He still stood there without moving a muscle, as if he was a wooden puppet.

“Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”

Ding Liang hurriedly came to Zhao Tianyin’s side and shook his body. But Zhao Tianyin did not have any reaction.

“Demoness! What did you do to His Majesty, the Wind Emperor! Do you know what you’re doing? You’re making an enemy out of the entire Fierce Gale World!” Ding Liang admonished furiously.

Although Ding Liang’s words were fierce, he did not dare to make a move against Li-er.

This demoness actually cast a spell and froze the Wind Emperor in place. How could he possibly be her match?

“Is that so? So what if I’m making an enemy out of the entire Fierce Gale World?” Li-er said indifferently.

Having Zhao Tianyin kicking up a ruckus like this, Li-er was not in a hurry to leave. She slowly put Ye Yuan down and leaned him against her shoulder.

Seeing this action of Li-er, not knowing why, Ding Liang’s heart pounded, and he had a foreboding feeling.

Only to hear Li-er chide lightly, “Come over and kneel down for Mister Ye!”

Everyone’s faces changed.

Was this woman crazy? To actually make His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, kneel down to Ye Yuan?!

But at this time right now, there was no longer anybody who took Li-er to be an ordinary person.

This woman was too bizarre. She actually just gave Wind Emperor a look and inundated him completely.

Boundless Realm was the strongest existence in the Lower Realms. He actually did not even have the chance to attack?

Also, the Wind Emperor he . . . wouldn’t really kneel to Ye Yuan, right?

Under everyone’s stares, the Wind Emperor actually really moved two steps in front and walked over towards Ye Yuan.

Ding Liang was taken aback from fright. He hastily grabbed Zhao Tianyin’s arm and yelled, “Your Majesty, don’t!”

But the Wind Emperor paid no heed at all. Instead, he waved a hand and sent Ding Liang flying out far away.

Zhao Tianyin moved several more steps over and actually really kneeled down with a slam!

This time, it really made the atmosphere blow up.

Everyone watched this scene blankly, with a look of incredulity.

What kind of magic did this woman cast on His Majesty, the Wind Emperor? To actually be able to make His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, so obedient!

“Heh heh,this also counts as instant karma. Just earlier, Zhao Tianyin wanted to make Ye Yuan kneel down. In the end, Ye Yuan did not kneel, but he himself kneeled to Ye Yuan instead! This is the situation where those who like to disgrace others will frequently be humiliated by others!” Star Abyss said with a cold smile.

Through today’s events, he had already completely fallen out with Zhao Tianyin. Now, seeing Zhao Tianyin actually kneel to Ye Yuan, he felt incomparably free from inhibitions in his heart.

The only pitiable thing was that Ye Yuan was currently still in an unconscious state and was unable to feel the delight of revenge.

“Today’s matter, it is you inviting humiliation upon yourself! I’ll claim a bit of interest on Mister Ye’s behalf first! Now, kowtow to him! I don’t say stop, you’re not allowed to get up!” Li-er admonished.

Just like that, Zhao Tianyin really kowtowed to Ye Yuan non-stop and was incomparably obedient.

Li-er’s finger moved slightly. Xiao Ruyan was actually released from the spatial spirit artifact.

Seeing that the Wind Emperor was actually prostrating to Ye Yuan, Xiao Ruyan could not help jumping in fright. “This . . . What is going on here? H-His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, he . . .”

“No need to make such a big fuss. It’s just carrying a slight punishment out on him. Just based on his actions today, it’s enough to kill him. But for the sake of Mister Ye to be able to personally take revenge in the future, temporarily let him off today,” Li-er said coolly.

Only then was Xiao Ruyan awakened abruptly. There was still a peerless beauty standing before her!

Xiao Ruyan emboldened her courage to look Li-er up and down a couple of times. There was actually a feeling of being ashamed of one’s unseemliness!

“This . . . Could it be that this woman is Ye Yuan’s beloved? No wonder . . . he turns his nose up at me. Turns out that the difficulty he talked about was this . . .” Xiao Ruyan could not help bemoaning her fate inwardly.

“Alright. I’m about to bring Ye Yuan back to the Endless World at once. Everything that he did today was for you, so I let you out to ask you something. Are you staying here, or are you following Ye Yuan back?” Li-er asked emotionlessly.