Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 440

Chapter 440 Return To The Endless World


Xiao Ruyan also did not think that she would actually have to face such a decision.

Two small worlds. This was a distance the same as the two end points of the earth. Going to the Endless World, she might never be able to return here again in this lifetime.

And at this place was her elder brother, her parents.

The Wind Emperor was still groveling there non-stop, while Ding Liang was desperately trying to pull him up. But he refused to get up no matter what.

Over on this side, Xiao Ruyan fell into a dilemma and had a conflicted face.

“Ruyan, you mustn’t go with him! Or else, I, Xiao Changfeng, will break off all ties with you!” Xiao Changfeng said coldly.

Xiao Ruyan’s entire body shuddered, and her gaze involuntarily turning to Xiao Changfeng.

It was only to see Xiao Changfeng staring with furious eyes; he had a look of firm resolution. For a moment, countless memories welled up from the bottom of her heart.

These years of diligent studies and bitter training, not daring to slack off the slightest bit.

When the elders unanimously said to push her out as a bargaining chip, Xiao Changfeng kept silent and said nothing by the side.

She was heartbroken and swallowed the Nine Nether Soul Shattering Powder; her consciousness dissipating bit by bit.

Xiao Ruyan’s eyes gradually became resolute!

“Father, these past twenty years, Daughter has been living for the Xiao Family! And today, Daughter is already somebody who has died once. Daughter wishes to live for herself for once! Therefore . . . I want to follow Master!”

Finished saying this sentence, Xiao Ruyan felt like all the strength in her body was drained.

This was absolutely an earthshaking move for her.

Xiao Ruyan had been instilled with the idea of existing for her family clan since young, and she herself was also a very filial girl. But today, she cut off everything from her past. This demanded immense courage.

For a person to sever off all fetters and integrate into a new world anew, how powerful a conviction was needed to support this?!

“You! Good, good, good!” Xiao Changfeng was so enraged that he was shaking.

He did not think that his all along obedient daughter would actually do something so decisive.

“From today onwards, I, Xiao Changfeng, will take it as if I never had you, this daughter! We break . . . off . . . all . . . ties!” Xiao Changfeng said while trembling.

Xiao Ruyan’s whole body quivered, and she nearly fell to the ground.

A strand of gentle essence energy instantly enveloped her; it was only then did she stabilize.

Li-er said coolly, “I more or less understand your affairs and also understand you very much. Actually, in all honesty, I even envy you very much. You can dump everything to pursue your happiness. This is sufficient. Mister Ye is kind and just, daring and resolute; he’s absolutely worth it for you doing all these!”

Li-er’s words were akin to injecting Xiao Ruyan with a cardiac tonic.

Xiao Ruyan nodded and said, “Many thanks to Senior for advising!”

Li-er nodded slightly and said to Star Abyss, “Your kindness, Mister Ye will surely repay it personally in the future. He’s currently heavily injured so he won’t bid farewell to you all.”

Star Abyss said, “Star Abyss’s strength is meager, that’s why Ye Yuan received such severe wounds. I am seriously ashamed. Senior, please take good care of Ye Yuan. Star Abyss is endlessly grateful.”

“That’s of course.”

Finished talking, Li-er swirled her long sleeves, bringing Ye Yuan and Xiao Ruyan and vanishing from sight. It was as if they had never appeared.

The plaza was dead silent. Only Zhao Tianyin’s thumping kowtowing sounds echoed.

. . . . . .

It was also uncertain how long had passed. Zhao Tianyin suddenly trembled and some light finally returned to his eyes.

Zhao Tianyin’s heart plunged, and his brows could not help furrowing.

At this instant, the entire plaza seemed to have fallen in temperature drastically, unwittingly making people shudder.

He was still maintaining a kneeling posture right now. Very clearly, something very nasty happened earlier.

“Just now . . . what happened?” Zhao Tianyin asked Ding Liang.

Even though Ding Liang was a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse, hearing this sentence, he also felt a chill come on.

“This . . .” Ding Liang revealed a difficult look.

“Speak!” Zhao Tianyin said somberly.

Ding Liang was powerless, and could only recount the events earlier.

Each word that he said, Zhao Tianyin’s face would darken a degree. By the time he finished talking, Zhao Tianyin’s face was not much different from black charcoal.

“Apart from the Qixia Mountain lineage and the Xiao Family’s Xiao Changfeng, the people who are aware of this incident are already all dead. Before leaving, Lord Star Abyss said to me that he’ll keep his group of disciples and Xiao Changfeng in check, and they will absolutely not speak of today’s incident. Furthermore, he even said that the Alchemist Association will collaborate wholeheartedly with the royal family and provide all assistance with regard to medicinal pills!” Ding Liang added.

Not far in the distance lied corpses all over the place. Among them was even two Soul Sea Realm martial artists.

Zhao Tianyin’s complexion eased up a little. But he still said with a solemn face, “This matter, you did very well! Looks like Xiao Changfeng has already thrown himself under Star Abyss’s sect. This is a troublesome matter.”

To Zhao Tianyin, Star Abyss was indeed a porcupine that was not easy to touch.

As the ruler of a world, Zhao Tianyin was deeply aware of the Alchemist Association’s formidability.

Regardless of which plane, the Alchemist Association’s Chairman would always be an existence that was exceptionally revered.

Although the Fierce Gale World was a place where even birds would not shit, if he really killed Star Abyss, the Divine Realm would surely pursue it.

Boundless Realm martial artists were indeed pretty good in the Fierce Gale World. But placed in the Divine Realm, it was too ordinary.

The Divine Realm’s Alchemist Association’s punishment was not what he, a puny little Boundless Realm martial artist, could withstand.

Ding Liang said, “Since Star Abyss wants to cooperate sincerely with us, it shows that he doesn’t wish to cause the relationship to be too stiff. Furthermore, making today’s matter known to everyone has no benefits to him either. So . ..”

The words behind, Ding Liang did not say. Deciding this sort of thing naturally had to be left to Wind Emperor himself.

Zhao Tianyin nodded his head and said, “Today’s matter will end at this. If there are any rumors at all, kill regardless of who it is!”


. . . . . .

Fierce Gale World, Cloud Dream Mountain Range. Several figures quietly walked out of the void.

“Senior, we are . . .”

Towards this place that was covered in a dense fog, Ruyan was very perplexed.

Li-er nodded and said, “This place is already the Endless World.”

“This place is the Endless World? Looks like it’s indeed much richer in resources than the Fierce Gale World” Xiao Ruyan sensed the thick spirit qi and said comfortably.

But Li-er shook her head and said, “Although the Fierce Gale World is scarce in resources, the gale winds’ tempering to martial artists is what the Endless World martial artists can’t enjoy. From the start of birth, Fierce Gale World martial artists would train in an arduous environment at all times, and their accomplishments would also be much greater compared to the Endless World martial artists. To really talk about who’s better and who’s worse off, it’s really hard to evaluate.”

Xiao Ruyan said in surprise, “Then His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, he . . .”

Li-er said coolly, “Just foolish concerns! The things that the Wind Emperor knows are much more than you people! The Divine Realm isn’t some nice place. He can call wind and summon rain in the Fierce Gale World. Arriving at the Divine Realm, he’ll truly be a bottom-tier martial artist. Invading the Endless World, giving it a nice-sounding name of thinking for the Fierce Gale World martial artists, actually, isn’t it for his own personal gains?”

Xiao Ruyan widened her mouth and said, “I-It’s actually like this!”

“Of course . . .ugh. . .”

Just as Li-er was talking, her brows suddenly knitted together, showing a very anguished look.

Xiao Ruyan asked in alarm, “Senior, a-are you alright?”