Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Touched


Li-er’s head felt as if it was splitting. She grabbed her head and forcefully withstood the pain, but her attractive body was quivering endlessly.

This scene made Xiao Ruyan turn pale with fright.

In her eyes, Li-er was practically an invincible existence. Even the Wind Emperor was played around in the palm of her hands. How could she have a headache?

“Ugh. . .”

Right then, Ye Yuan at the side muttered in his sleep and similarly had his brows tightly locked, appearing very anguished.

“Ye . . . Master, a-are you alright?”

These two individuals were like this at the same time. Xiao Ruyan was at a complete loss and did not know what she should do.

Ye Yuan opened both eyes with some difficulty and noticed that the surrounding environment was somewhat strange and familiar.

“I . . . I’m not dead yet?” Ye Yuan said feebly.

This time should be the time where he was the most severely injured since rebirth so far.

In the past, no matter how severely he was wounded, as long as he consumed medicinal pills, he would recover back to usual in less than two days.

But this time, if not for Li-er helping him to protect his heart pulse, Ye Yuan would probably have croaked already.

“D-didn’t die! Master, you’re so amazing, why would you die?” Xiao Ruyan sobbed softly.

“I-It’s Ruyanhuh. En?W-Who is she?” Ye Yuan suddenly discovered a pained look Li-er and asked weakly.

“Ah?Master, you actually don’t recognize this senior?”

Xiao Ruyan even thought that these two people were surely on intimate terms. Who knew that Ye Yuan did not know her at all. This threw her into utter confusion.

“Ugh. . .” At this time, Li-er suddenly gave off an agonized groan and actually collapsed.


Xiao Ruyan jumped in fright and hurriedly support Li-er, lying her flat on the ground.

“M-Master, what should I do now?” Xiao Ruyan was in a state of utter confusion and asked Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan said feebly, “N-No choice. All the essence energy in my body had fully dissipated. I completely . . . can’t muster any strength at all. Why . . . Why does this girl’s silhouette look . . . look somewhat familiar?”

“Master, you really don’t recognize Senior?” Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Xiao Ruyan asked doubtfully.

“Don’t . . . Don’t recognize means . . . don’t recognize. Why would I lie to you?” Ye Yuan was speechless.

From Ye Yuan’s angle, he could just nice see Li-er’s appearance.

This flawless face would absolutely make every male have a feeling of not bearing to defile. Even if Ye Yuan was currently severely wounded, he also had a feeling of palpitating with excitement. But Ye Yuan dared to confirm that this was absolutely his first time seeing this face.

“But . . . But Senior she rescued you from the Wind Emperor’s hands. How is it possible that you don’t know her?” Xiao Ruyan said in puzzlement.

This time, it was Ye Yuan’s turn to be surprised. “So . . . it was her who saved me . . .”

“Yeah! Senior is incredible! Eventhe Wind Emperor isn’t her match!”

Xiao Ruyan recounted the events after Ye Yuan fainted for Ye Yuan to listen, making Ye Yuan extremely surprised after hearing too.

“Ocular art? Could it be . . .” Ye Yuan said with a frown.

“What ocular art?” Xiao Ruyan said blankly.

“Nothing. I just thought of somebody. But . . .”

Ye Yuan precisely thought of Li-er. But the difference between the two person’s looks was also too great.

Ye Yuan did not have any trace of essence energy in his body right now at all and was utterly unable to perceive Li-er’s condition. So he dare not confirm either.

But looking from Xiao Ruyan’s description, this was absolutely ocular arts without any doubt.

And among the people that Ye Yuan knew, only this Li-er possessed the Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique.

But the problem was that Li-er only had Crystal Formation Realm strength. Could it be that Li-er deliberately hid her strength?

If Li-er could really play around with even Zhao Tianyi, then concealing her strength in front of him was not anything impressive as well.

Furthermore, the profile of this girl before his eyes was very similar to Li-er’s. Was it possible . . . for the two of them to be the same person?

“Master, what should I do now?” Xiao Ruyan felt that she should do something.

“There are recovery medicinal pills in my storage ring. But I can’t use any essence energy at all right now. You help me take out!” Ye Yuan said.

“Okay!” Xiao Ruyan agreed.

Every martial artist had their own unique way of opening their storage rings. As long as Ye Yuan told Xiao Ruyan the way to open, she could open it very quickly.

Xiao Ruyan followed Ye Yuan’s instructions and finally found the Azure Profound Heart Nourishing Pill and let Ye Yuan swallow one.

This time, Ye Yuan’s injuries were seriously too severe. Even after he consumed the Azure Profound Heart Nourishing Pill, Ye Yuan’s recovery speed was still very slow.

After half a day, Ye Yuan finally recovered some strength and could barely manage to stand up.

He struggled to come before Li-er and reached for her pulse.

Towards his savior, Ye Yuan naturally could not let her be in a coma unchecked.

But with this reading of the pulse, Ye Yuan could not help being greatly alarmed. This gorgeous to the extreme girl was actually really that ugly girl, Li-er, whom he saved previously!

With this, Ye Yuan could not help being somewhat baffled.

Looking at this, him saving her back then was purely a superfluous action.

With the strength that Li-er showed, annihilating that group of people was truly too easy.

Ye Yuan suddenly recalled the instances in the Eternal Splendour Palace. Thinking about it now, it was actually Li-er protecting him in the dark!

Ye Yuan suddenly felt that he was so silly. Wasn’t diverting attacks, this sort of Concept of Space, precisely one of the abilities of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye?

It was just that the situation back then was too complicated and Ye Yuan did not think too deeply as well.

Recalling it now, Ye Yuan’s gratitude towards Li-er truly could not be any greater.

These many months, Li-er was actually lurking by his side the entire time and moved to assist when he was in peril.

And this time, Li-er used the Moonlight Heavenly Eye once more, causing the two kinds of spirit physiques tearing at her divine soul to be even greater, resulting to her ailment to finally erupt.

Ye Yuan knew that this was definitely the most painful time for Li-er’s divine soul!

Zhao Tianyin was not some garbage opponent. Li-er inevitably exhausted considerable soul force to use the Moonlight Heavenly Eye to cast it on Zhao Tianyin. This was undoubtedly heaping one disaster on top of another to Li-er’s present medical condition!

Thinking up to here, Ye Yuan involuntarily blamed himself immensely and was touched.

Looking at it now, Li-er most likely followed him and protected him because he saved her and help her diagnose her medical condition.

How could this not move Ye Yuan?

“Master, Senior . . . is she alright?” Xiao Ruyan asked worriedly.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Won’t have any major issues for the time being. But . . .”

“But what?” Xiao Ruyan asked puzzledly.

“Nothing. I indeed know her. But, her current appearance is radically different from the first time I met her. So I didn’t recognize.” Ye Yuan said.”

“Like I said, how can Master possibly not know Senior!”

“Haha.She won’t have any major problem for the time being, but I still have to recover my strength as soon as possible to help her refine some things. Ruyan, I burned 50% blood essence at one go. My body is too weak right now and simply can’t refine medicinal pills. These two days, I’ll guide you by the side; you’ll be helping Master in recovering strength as soon as possible!” Ye Yuan said.