Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Li Ers Background


After half a day, Xiao Ruyan was drenched in sweat, panting daintily by the Square Cauldron’s side.

“M-Master, Disciple was fortunate to not have failed the assignment and finally refined the Essence Vigor Pill!”

Although dead tired, Xiao Ruyan appeared rather excited.

The use of the Essence Vigor Pill was to help martial artists recover blood essence. It was very hard to refine High-Level Tier 3 medicinal pill.

To Xiao Ruyan, the Essence Vigor Pill was exceptionally difficult to refine. With her past standards, it was simply impossible to refine.

Yet, during this half a day period, under Ye Yuan’s guidance, she actually refined successfully like water flowing when a channel was formed.

Ye Yuan had quite a number of medicinal herbs left on hand. Scraping it all together, he pooled two portions of medicinal herbs to refine the Essence Vigor Pill.

In order not to waste the medicinal herbs, Ye Yuan made Xiao Ruyan simulate many times before agreeing to her getting to work on refining.

Not surprising, the first portion was refined into a wasted dreg by her.

Later on, she simulated many more times. On the second refinement, Xiao Ruyan actually directly refined a Middle-Grade Essence Vigor Pill!

Xiao Ruyan was still drenched in sweat and actually had an aberrant style charm, making Ye Yuan’s head swim.

“Cough, cough.You’ve worked hard,”Ye Yuan said rather embarrassedly.

But Xiao Ruyan was in a state of exhilaration right now and did not notice Ye Yuan’s embarrassment. Wiping the sweat on her forehead, she said, “Not hard, not hard! Through this half a day of refining, Disciple completely has a feeling of being suddenly enlightened all at once! The things that Disciple learned in this half a day is simply even more than the things I’ve learned in the past few years!”

Xiao Ruyan was not praising Ye Yuan because she had affections for him, but because she really had this sort of feeling.

With Ye Yuan’s horizons, he had long had a well thought out plan on Xiao Ruyan’s merits and shortcomings. Guiding Xiao Ruyan was naturally highly tailored to her needs.

Quietly, Xiao Ruyan unconsciously took the place of the disciple character and really learned alchemy skills from Ye Yuan.

Alchemists all had this neurotic trait. Once they immerse into alchemy skills, they would completely be unable to extricate themselves.

Moreover, what Ye Yuan brought to Xiao Ruyan was a brand new world; it was a world that she had never imagined before in the past.

“Haha.This isn’t considered much. You have to study the jade slip I gave you well. It will be of great assistance to you. But presently, we don’t have the time. After I alleviate Miss Li-er’s symptoms in a little while, we’ll immediately head back to the Tranquil Cloud Sect,” Ye Yuan said.

“Ugh. . .” Muttering and muffled groans sounded. Li-er finally slowly woke up.

“Senior!” When Xiao Ruyan saw the situation, she immediately went to support her.

Although she woke up, Li-er was still feeling groggy. A piercing pain would occasionally transmit from her brain.

“I . . . How long was I unconscious?” Li-er supported her forehead with her hand and asked rather painfully.

“Senior, you’ve already fainted for the greater part of a day already. Master and I were very worried about your safety. Are you better now?” Xiao Ruyan said.

“Master?” Li-er did not quite react yet. Involuntarily lifting her head, she just happened to meet with Ye Yuan’s gaze.

“So, you’re already awake . . .” Li-er suddenly did not quite know how to face Ye Yuan. After all, her appearance was rather unexpected.

Ye Yuan nodded and said,“En.Fortunately, there was Miss Li-er helping to guard my heart meridian. Otherwise, I would probably have croaked long ago already. Great kindness can’t be thanked with words. Miss Li-er’s sickness, leave it to Ye Yuan.”

Li-er’s eyelids drooped slightly as she said, “So, you already know it’s me . . . But Li-er didn’t help Mister Ye for the sake of carrying out this transaction with you.”

Although Li-er’s words were quite calm, Ye Yuan still detected a hint of her sullen anger.

“This Ye isn’t making a deal with Miss Li-er either. This is a promise. I’m true to my words. No matter how arduous this promise is, this Ye will definitely accomplish it!” Ye Yuan said composedly.

Li-er trembled slightly. She could feel Ye Yuan’s sincerity and resolution.

Accompanying along the way, she had a great understanding of what kind of person Ye Yuan was as well. Ye Yuan saying such words, even if he were to die, he would also fulfill his promise!

This man was absolutely true to his words!

“Thank you . . .” Li-er did not decline and just lightly said these two words.

“Miss Yue accompanied all the way and moved to help out many times. This grace, Ye Yuan engraved it in my heart. Furthermore, if not for Miss Yue making a move this time, this Ye would surely be disgraced to death. Want to thank, it’s also me thanking Miss. Moreover . . . in order to save me, Miss did not stint on drawing on the power of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye, resulting in your health condition deteriorating. If this Ye doesn’t cure Miss, even I myself won’t forgive myself!” Ye Yuan said.

This shock that Li-er received was not small. She said in astonishment, “You . . . You actually know my surname?”

Ye Yuan smiled wryly and said, “I should have guessed it long ago! The last time I met Miss Yue, you were just a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist. This Ye even thought that the Lower Realms gave birth to such a monstrous spirit physique again. Thinking about it now, a natural-born Moonlight Heavenly Eye physique, apart from the Bright Moon City’s Yue Family, who else could have such an innate spirit physique?”

With Ye Yuan said this, Li-er was even more shocked beyond belief. “You actually even know about Bright Moon City! You . . . Just who are you?”

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “This Ye has my own difficulties. This point isn’t convenient to disclose.”

Li-er was unbelievably amazed and actually forgot about her headache for a moment. How did a Lower Realms’ puny little martial artist know about the Divine Realm’s Bright Moon City?

The Bright Moon City’s Yue Family was renowned throughout the Divine Realm for their ocular arts. And the person who possesses the Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique, casting ocular arts would even be several times more powerful than ordinary people!

And even for the Yue Family, those who possessed the Moonlight Heavenly Eye was extremely, extremely few too.

These were all not secrets in the Divine Realm. But Ye Yuan was just a lower realm martial artist with an ordinary background. Just how in the world did he know this information?

Li-er had a belly full of doubts and suspicions, but she also knew Ye Yuan’s character. Since he said that it was inconvenient to disclose, he clearly had things that he found hard to say. She naturally would not press on either.

“Alright then . . . Since Mister Ye even knows about Bright Moon City, then I’ll re-introduce myself. I’m called Yue Mengli. I’m precisely a member of the Bright Moon City’s Yue Family,” Yue Mengli sucked in a deep breath and said.

“Yue Mengli . . . It is as the name suggests. It’s a fine name!” Ye Yuan reminisced this name.

At this instant, Ye Yuan’s thoughts drifted back to the one and only time he went to Bright Moon City in his previous life.

At that time, he answered Bright Moon City’s invitation and went to refine a Tier 9 medicinal pill for the Bright Moon City Lord.

During this trip, he happened to see a girl akin to rouge and jade once in Bright Moon City. And that girl’s name seemed to be called . . . Yue Mengli!

Recalling it now, Ye Yuan finally superimposed that girl’s looks and the Yue Mengli before his eyes together.

Were the transitions in life actually so coincidental . . .

“Sigh. . . What’s the point of a good name either? Everyone says that beautiful girls often have tragic lives. To think that I can’t escape being strung along by fate either,” Yue Mengli said with a dimmed expression.

Ye Yuan recollected his thoughts and said, “Miss Yue doesn’t need to be like this. The word crisis conceals profound secrets. As long as you can resolve the conflict between these two kinds of spirit physiques, not only will Miss Yue be no different from ordinary people, you’ll even break out from the cocoon to become a butterfly, and become a peerlessly powerful existence!”