Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 443

Chapter 443


Ye Yuan’s words did not improve Yue Mengli’s mood much, looking as if she did not have much interest in becoming a peerless powerhouse.

“Sigh.So what if invincible under the heaven? Forget it, forget it; don’t talk about this anymore. Didn’t you say that only by refining a Tier 8 Medicinal pill can you let my divine soul divide? But you . . .” Yue Mengli said.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Indeed so. Furthermore, you using the power of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye this time already hurt the divine soul further. This caused your condition’s flare-up to move forward some time. Right now, you . . . most likely only have two years left.”

Yue Mengli muttered under her breath, “Only two yearshuh. . .”

Ye Yuan said, “Miss Yue don’t need to be disheartened. Although I’m unable to refine Tier 8 medicinal pills within two years, I have ways to delay the flare-up of the condition.”

“Oh?What ways?”

“I wonder if Miss Yue has heard of the Azure Spirit Tree before?”

Yue Mengli nodded and said, “It’s said that there’s a type of tree with a soul that can absorb the quintessence of heaven and earth. It can even give produce intelligence and cultivate like humans!”

“That’s right! The Azure Spirit Tree’s tree trunk can secrete a kind of liquid named Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid. This kind of fluid can nourish and repair the divine soul. Although it can’t eradicate your illness thoroughly, it can delay the time of flare up for your divine soul being torn apart, and lessen your pain. These two years’ time, I’ll think of ways to find the Azure Spirit Tree. If Miss Yue can mobilize the Yue Family’s forces to search for this tree, that would be for the best,” Ye Yuan said.

“Mobilize the Yue Family’s strength is it . . .” Yue Mengli seemed to be rather unwilling.

Ye Yuan did not know what happened with Yue Mengli and the Yue Family. Presumably, there was some problems going around, so he advised, “Doesn’t matter. There are still two years. I’ll definitely find the Azure Spirit Tree for you!”

Yue Mengli nodded and said, “Then, thank you very much, Mister Ye.”

Ye Yuan said, “Miss Yue wait for me for half a day first. I just happen to still have some medicinal herbs on hand that can help you make some medicinal soup. Although it’s not very effective against your condition, it can alleviate the agony of your divine soul ripping.”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan swallowed the Essence Vigor Pill that Xiao Ruyan refined and spent several hours on refining the medicinal strength. His injuries finally improved a little, and he could use some essence energy too.

Ye Yuan came in front of the Square Cauldron and injected some essence energy inside. The Square Cauldron’s radiance showed slightly.

Next, Ye Yuan retrieved several medicinal herbs from his storage ring and threw them into the Square Cauldron according to a fixed ratio.

Very soon, those medicinal herbs turned into a pool of juice water.

Ye Yuan used utensils to ladle the juice water and passed it to Yue Mengli.

“This . . .” Yue Mengli said hesitantly.

Martial artists were not foreign to alchemy. But this sort of mixed medicinal soup was not often seen.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “This is Five Flower Heart Calming Soup. It’s refined using five types of Tier 4 medicinal herb flower petals. It has the effects of calming one’s nerves. While it’s not some miracle panacea, it can alleviate your headache symptom. You try it.”

Yue Mengli did not doubt Ye Yuan’s words and directly tilted her head back and drank it.

Very soon, Yue Mengli felt like a gust of cool breeze blew past her divine soul; comfortable to the max. Her initially somewhat agitated emotions calmed down too at this time.

Yue Mengli looked at Ye Yuan and exclaimed in shock, “A few stalks of Tier 4 medicinal herbs can actually formulate out such a miraculous medicinal soup! To think that Tier 4 medicinal herbs could actually have an effect on me! Truly inconceivable!”

With Yue Mengli’s realm, Tier 4 medicinal pills were simply of not much effect at all.

But Ye Yuan used five types of Tier 4 medicinal herb flower petals and could actually formulate out a medicinal soup that was effective on her. How could she not be astounded?

“It just has the effect of calming one’s mind. It has no effect on your ailment at all,” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

His present realm was too low. At the very best, he could only refine Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills. It did not have any effect on Yue Mengli at all.

“This is already very impressive!” Yue Mengli sighed in admiration.

“Yeah, Master! This is simply too miraculous! How did you do it? You must teach me later!” Xiao Ruyan also gasped with admiration.

She was long stupefied from watching by the side!

In this short while, Yue Mengli’s complexion was already much better compared to before.

One had to know that Yue Mengli was a character who was even more powerful than the wind emperor. A couple of Tier 4 medicinal herb mixed together actually had an effect on her!

“You want to learn, so I’ll just teach you later on. But you’d best not reach for what’s beyond your grasp. One step at a time. In here requires the use of the formations path. With your present standards, you’re unable to concoct it,” Ye Yuan said.

“Fine. I’ll just slowly learn! Stingy!” Xiao Ruyan pursed her lips and actually acted like a spoiled little girl.

Facing two beauties, Ye Yuan also involuntarily had a feeling of being very fortunate in love affairs.

But Ye Yuan did not have the energy to be immersed in love right now. He was rather worried about the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Ye Yuan released Mo Yuntian and the rest from the spatial spirit artifact. They still had vacant looks.

During this period of time, Ye Yuan did not undo their divine soul inhibitions all along.

This sort of divine soul inhibitions was different from slave seals. It could be broken to restore one’s freedom.

After planting a slave seal, the slave would not recognize other people as their master. Furthermore, there would also frequently be transactions and transfers between slaves. Placing slave seals clearly would not do.

Hence, when selling slaves, most would set inhibitions on their divine souls to make it convenient for the owners to control.

Ye Yuan reached his divine soul into Mo Yuntian’s sea of consciousness.

Xiao Ruyan was taken aback from fright. She hurriedly said, “What are you doing, Master? Their divine souls had inhibitions placed by an extremely powerful figure. A moment of carelessness will damage their divine souls!”

Ye Yuan cautiously helped Mo Yuntian remove the inhibitions while having enough strength to spare to say to Xiao Ruyan, “Just some trifling tricks.”

Indeed, in an instant, Mo Yuntian’s gaze gradually recovered its clarity.

When he saw Ye Yuan in front of him, hot tears immediately flowed as he said, “Ju-Junior Brother! I didn’t think that I could still see you one day!”

Seeing Mo Yuntian like this, Ye Yuan did not feel good in his heart either. This trip deep into the Fierce Gale World, Ye Yuan could be said to have nine chances to die and one chance to live, and nearly lost his life several times.

In the end, if not for Yue Mengli making a move, he would even be humiliated by Zhao Tianyin to death!

Thinking now, it was still riddled with tribulations.

“Everything is over, all over . . .” Ye Yuan comforted.

The two people made some small talk, and Ye Yuan started to remove the divine soul restrictions for the others.

When the group of seniors saw Ye Yuan once again, they were all filled with a multitude of feelings, and immediately gave rise to the feeling of life after surviving a disaster.

The few people made some small talk for a while when Ye Yuan suddenly said with a sigh, “Sadly, Elder Mei was imprisoned in the depths of the royal palace back then. I didn’t save him in time before my identity was discovered. Sigh . . .”

Yue Mengli who had been silently watching these seniors thank Ye Yuan for the entire time by the side opened her mouth when she heard Ye Yuan mentioned Mei Zhen at this time, “I forgot to tell you. Elder Mei has already been rescued.”

As she said, Yue Mengli’s finger twitched. Two figures appeared in front of everyone.

Very clearly, Yue Mengli also had an item similar to a spatial spirit artifact.

One of them was precisely Mei Zhen who had not been seen for a long time!

While the other person was naturally Yue Mengli’s maid, Yan-er.

“Miss, why did you only let me out now! I was almost stifled to death!” Yan-er said unhappily.