Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 444

Chapter 444 Sect Upheaval


“Elder Mei!”

When everyone saw Mei Zhen, they were all overjoyed!

Even Ye Yuan also looked at Yue Mengli with an astounded look, wanting to know what was going here.

But he jumped in fright with this look. Yue Mengli changed into that sallow-faced ugly girl again. Furthermore, her realm became Crystal Formation Realm too.

Ye Yuan had just reunited with his seniors and actually did not when Yue Mengli became like this.

But Ye Yuan was well aware in his heart that Yue Mengli did not wish to expose her identity.

And these seniors of Ye Yuan been through life and death several times and even had divine soul inhibitions placed by others. How would they still remember this ugly girl whom they had a chance encounter before?

Yue Mengli said, “When Mister Ye was facing off with the Wind Emperor, that mysterious expert sneaked into the royal palace and rescued Elder Mei, and handed him to me.”

Yue Mengli turned herself into a mysterious expert, while she was just an ordinary martial artist. Furthermore, Ye Yuan even perceived the meaning behind these words. The reason why Yue Mengli arrived late was precisely in order to save Mei Zhen!

It was just that she misgauged the situation and thought that Star Abyss could help Ye Yuan withstand for a while.

Who knew that the Wind Emperor completely did not care about Star Abyss’s face and directly laid vicious hands on Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan immediately understood, and he followed up and said, “So that’s how it is! Really too grateful to that mysterious expert! Or else, none of us would be able to return this time!”

Towards this woman whose looks were not in any way attractive, the group of seniors all did not pay much attention. Rather, it was Xiao Ruyan that made several people involuntarily look a couple more times. But their focus right now was still on Mei Zhen.

Ye Yuan did not dawdle and very quickly helped Mei Zhen remove the divine soul inhibitions too.

“I . . . I actually still have a day where I can see the light of day once more!” When Mei Zhen saw everyone, he was also overcome with emotions, and his entire being seemingly aged considerably. After a round of small talk, Mei Zhen suddenly said to Mo Yuntian and the rest, “Ye Yuan sneaked into the Fierce Gale World all alone. It was definitely near certain death! The ordeals experienced in-between this isn’t what we can imagine! And today, he actually rescued all of us. Within favor and reason, we should thank him!”

As he said, Mei Zhen took the lead and gave a solemn bow to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan had yet to support Mei Zhen up in time when the others followed with a solemn bow as well.

“Elder Mei, Senior Brothers, rescuing you guys is something within my duty. We have to hurry back to Tranquil Cloud Sect and inform the matter of the Fierce Gale World invading to Lord Sect Master!” Ye Yuan said.

Everyone naturally did not have reason to disagree. They packed up and headed towards Cloud Dream Mountain Range.

. . . . . .

A full day later, Ye Yuan’s group finally appeared outside the Cloud Dream Mountain Range.

Looking at the blazing sun in the sky, everyone gave rise to a sigh in their hearts.

“This entire way, we’ve already encountered quite a few waves of Fierce Gale World martial artists. Looks like the Cloud Dream Mountain Range has already become their base camp!” Mei Zhen said with a frown.

“There has already been several months’ time since the passageway was linked. Fierce Gale World martial artists turning this place into the headquarters isn’t something strange.”

“Also don’t know what Tranquil Cloud Sect is like now. I’m very worried about Lord Sect Master and Master.” Mo Yuntian said.

“There is still several months’ time on foot needed from here to the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Such a long time, I don’t know why kind of unforeseen event will happen either!” Mei Zhen said worriedly.

The spirit boats on their bodies were long swiped clean by people. Now, they were virtually all on their own.

Forget about spirit boats, even a single piece of essence crystal was a no.

At this time, Xiao Ruyan who did not speak the entire time suddenly opened her mouth to say, “If it’s spirit boat, I still have one here. But, it’s just a low-grade spirit boat.”

Everybody was overjoyed hearing this.

“That’s really great! Wonder if Miss Xiao’s spirit boat can be lent to us for use? Rest assured Miss Xiao, as long as we return to the sect, we’ll definitely give you sufficient recompense,” Mei Zhen said.

Along the way, everyone also came to know Xiao Ruyan’s origins and identity. As Ye Yuan’s presiding chief disciple, everyone would naturally give her sufficient respect.

Furthermore, on the way, the blabbermouth Yan-er already uttered out the various kinds of things Ye Yuan did in the Fierce Gale World. It naturally shocked everyone until they were speechless for a long time.

Ye Yuan was already at the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm now. Just in terms of realm, he already caught up to Mo Yuntian, while his combat power even ditched everyone several streets behind.

Even Mei Zhen this sect elder was far from being Ye Yuan’s match anymore.

Just based on the match between Ye Yuan and Zhao Chenggan, apart from the sect master Luo Qingfeng, most likely, nobody in the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect would dare to say that they could definitely win him.

If they returned to the Tranquil Cloud Sect, Ye Yuan’s position would naturally rise like how the boat rises when the water rise, and become the sect’s upper echelon.

Everyone also knew that this meant that the day Ye Yuan left the Tranquil Cloud Sect was ever closer.

Mei Zhen opened his mouth. It was naturally not nice for Xiao Ruyan to reject. The group rode the flying spirit boat and flew in the direction of the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Xiao Ruyan’s flying spirit boat’s quality was very high. The party only used seven to eight days’ time to arrive beyond Spirit Blessing Mountain.

Through these few days of recuperation and assistance from medicinal pills, Ye Yuan’s injuries were already healed 70% – 80%.

This remaining 20% – 30% was primarily making up for the deficit blood essence.

This was awful for other martial artists. But Ye Yuan had his means to make up for these blood essence.

It was just that he did not have the necessary medicinal herbs anymore, so he temporarily did not move to refine medicinal pills.

Disembarking the spirit boat, everyone arrived outside the sect gates but discovered that there was nobody guarding outside the gates.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed and he immediately had a bad premonition.

“Doesn’t seem right. Why would there be no disciples guarding the sect gates? Can’t . . . Can’t be that something happened, right?” Mei Zhen’s heart fluttered.

“The sect protecting grand array is already broken. Looks like . . . an accident really happened to the sect. Go, let’s hurry over to take a look,” Ye Yuan said sombrely.

Seeing this sort of situation, everyone’s joy from surviving the disaster immediately evaporated into nothing.

The group rushed over to the top of the mountain.

Traveling to halfway up the mountain, everyone’s footsteps suddenly came to a halt and were stunned by the scene before their eyes.

Within sight, were corpses wearing Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple outfits all around.

The fresh blood already pooled to form small rivers, flowing quietly down the mountain, looking utterly ghastly.

These disciples were all the sect’s outer-sect disciples. Their strength was not great, but massacring on a large-scale like this made Ye Yuan and co.’s fury ignite all at once!

“Who . . . Who did this! Is this wanting to exterminate my Tranquil Cloud Sect to the last one?”

Mo Yuntian’s entire body was trembling. This scene made his fury peak.

“Blood debts to be paid in blood! If I find out who did this, I’ll definitely hack him into pieces!” Tian Yu gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

The most composed Ti Wujiu was also livid at this time, tightly clenching both fists. Clearly, he was trying his best to curb his rage.

“There seem to be essence energy undulations coming from the top of the mountain. There might be a fierce battle happening! Let’s hurry over!’ Ye Yuan suddenly said.