Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 447

Chapter 447 Venting Anger


Mei Zhen and the rest sucked in a cold breath when they heard it. Over a dozen Soul Sea Realm powerhouses could virtually sweep across the Southern Domain!

Even the so-called number one great sect, the Heavenly Sky Sect, did not have so many Soul Sea Realm powerhouses either!

Let alone that the Purple Mansion Sect’s Sect Master was even a late-stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouse.

The Southern Domain at this time was already the Purple Mansion Sect’s world!

Ye Yuan also furrowed his brows when he heard and asked, “Sect Master they all . . .”

Zhang Jing said, “The Purple Mansion Sect imprisoned all of the seven sect’s upper echelons in the Heavenly Sky Sect’s Towering Peak, and they have three Soul Sea Realm powerhouse standing guard!”

When everyone heard that, they all heaved a long sigh in relief.

As long as they were alive, there was hope.

But Zhang Jing’s follow up words plunged their hearts to rock-bottom again. Zhang Jing said, “The Purple Mansion Sect seized a large batch of prisoners this time. I heard that they would kill a batch every day in front of the sect master and the various sect’s grand elders. The goal is in order to make them surrender. I heard that there were already quite a number of the six sect’s upper echelons that have surrendered. I don’t know . . . how long Grand Elder and Sect Master they all can endure.”

“Purple Mansion Sect this bunch of people is really too despicable! To actually be able to do this sort of inhuman thing! They will suffer the wrath of heaven!”

When Mei Zhen and the rest heard these words, they all gnashed their teeth in hatred.

Ye Yuan suddenly let out a sigh and said, “Looks like the Purple Mansion Sect has already been engineering this scheme for a very long time! Up until now, the Southern Domain’s people are still unaware of what happened!”

Everyone’s faces changed. Only now did they became aware of the severity of the problem!

Mei Zhen and the rest who went deep into the Fierce Gale World all knew that this was the Purple Mansion Sect being the vanguard!

The Purple Mansion Sect was still using the identity as one of the Eight Great Sects right now to unite the Southern Domain. The opposition received would be much lower.

But by the time the Fierce Gale World invaded and the upper echelons of the Eight Great Sects all surrendered, the Southern Domain could no longer muster up an effective resistance.

At that time, the Southern Domain’s eight great sect’s land would instantly become the Fierce Gale World’s base area!

They could easily gain a foothold in the Southern Domain and launch an attack on the Northern Domain!

With the Fierce Gale World’s martial strength, attacking the Northern Domain was most likely something inevitable.

Ye Yuan did not think that just three to four months’ time passed and the matter was already severe to this sort of extent.

Zhang Jing perceived Ye Yuan’s overtones and noticed that there seemed to be some things that he did not know. He could not resist asking, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I wonder . . . what happened?”

Ye Yuan sighed lightly and recounted the matter of the Fierce Gale World invading to Zhang Jing. After Zhang Jing heard the details, his complexion was deathly pale.

Even if he racked his brains, he never would have thought that the Purple Mansion Sect was actually a chess piece left in the Endless World by the Fierce Gale World!

This way, the Southern Domain might become the Fierce Gale World’s territory at any moment!

Could it be that they were all going to become another world’s martial artists’ slaves?

Zhang Jing could not help shuddering.

Right then, a large group of people suddenly rushed up from below the mountain. The one in the lead was actually a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm expert!

What these people were wearing were shockingly Purple Mansion Sect outfits!

“En?What a bunch of dunces. Sent them to come to take care of the wrap-up and they were actually killed off by a bunch of trash!” said the person with a frown.

When Zhang Jing saw the arrival, his expression immediately changed drastically. The strongest here was Mei Zhen. But he was only Third Level Sea Transformation Realm strength as well.

Facing a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist, no matter how they looked at these people, there was no possibility of survival either!

Zhang Jing wielded his sword and blocked in front of Ye Yuan, saying with a grave face, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, when the fighting starts in a while, I’ll cover for you. You take advantage of the chaos to kill your way outside! With your strength, as long as you don’t face up against that Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm, you should be able to escape.”

Zhang Jing saw Ye Yuan’s combat strength earlier. It was overwhelmingly shocking for a moment.

But he did not think that Ye Yuan could win a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm. Between the two of them was an entire major realm difference.

Who knew that Ye Yuan said lightly, “Relax. This kind of trash, I haven’t taken them seriously. Elder Mei, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, you bring the fellow apprentices to fall back. I’ll go and have a direct exchange with this bunch of dregs!”

Mo Yuntian knew that he could not help and said with a nod, “Alright. Junior Apprentice Brother Zhang, let’s fall back. Don’t hinder Junior Apprentice Brother Ye venting his anger.”

Zhang Jing was stunned, and his mind was somewhat in a blur.

Vent anger?

Venting anger on a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm?

A Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm venting anger on a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm?

Wasn’t this joke a little big?

But did Senior Apprentice Brother Mo look like somebody who made jokes? Could it be that Ye Yuan really had this strength?

Zhang Jing’s mind would not quite wrap itself around it for a moment.

He knew that Ye Yuan was very strong. He also knew that Ye Yuan could cross realms to battle. But leaping an entire major realm to face the enemy was rather exaggerated, right?

That move earlier was certainly very strong. But that was a large area slaughtering martial technique. Was it useful against a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm?

Mei Zhen and Mo Yuntian brought everyone to move back, instantly highlighting Ye Yuan out.

When that Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm saw this scene, he could not help bursting into laughter, saying,“Haha!Your Tranquil Cloud Sect is really pathetic! To actually let a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm boy come send himself to death? Hey, that Sea Transformation Realm, were you born in the Year of the Tortoise? To actually send such a boy to come and die?”

Ye Yuan curled his mouth and said with a cold smile, “Dealing with you, I alone am sufficient. If you can touch me even a little, consider it my loss. Want me killed or dismembered, up to you.”

That Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm expert was stunned, and then laughed even more exaggeratedly, while the Purple Mansion Sect disciples behind him also laughed loudly without stopping.

The Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm turned around and said to the people behind him with a laugh, “Did you all hear that? He said that if I touched him even a little, it counts as his loss.”

“Hahaha!Of course I heard that! I even thought that I heard it wrong! Turns out that Elder Du heard the same thing as I did. Is this boy . . . an idiot?”

“I’m dying of laughter! A Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm said to a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm: If you touch me, consider it my loss . . .Hahaha!I can’t control myself anymore!”

“The Tranquil Cloud Sect is too amazing. To actually send out such a joker. Is this to make us all die of laughter?Haha!I’m dying!”

There were quite a few Sea Transformation Realm experts in this group of people. Their strength was uncommon. It was more than enough to deal with these Tranquil Cloud Sect’s stragglers and disbanded soldiers.

And Ye Yuan’s words completely jabbed their funny bone.

Towards these peoples mockery, Ye Yuan was expressionless. He said lightly, “I’ll give you a chance for ten moves. After ten moves, you won’t have any more chances . . .”

“Haha!I, Du Yushan, roamed the Southern Domain freely for so many years. This is the first time I’ve met such a funny teenager like you! Killing you is somewhat pitiful. Leaving you behind to be a slave to entertain us brothers is something pretty good. However . . . you all killed so many people from the Purple Mansion Sect. I can only . . . send you to go meet King Yama!”

Finished talking, Du Yushan raised a hand with a smile, striking out a palm towards Ye Yuan through the air.

This palm seemed slow, but was in reality, fast; instantly mustering horrifying heaven & earth essence energy. Killing a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist was very much as he pleased.

Yet . . . this blast of palm wind passed through Ye Yuan’s body just like this.

Du Yucheng’s smile was frozen on his face, while the laughter of those behind him ceased abruptly.