Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Despair


“Elder Du, you aren’t deliberately losing on purpose, right? A Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm boy, and you actually can’t even take care of him in one move?”

“Yeah. Did you hear him talk about ten moves, so you want to play with him? That move earlier completely did not hurt nor itch!”

Everyone behind clearly did not believe that Du Yushan could not handle a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm.

Yet, Du Yushan knew that he did not hold back in this attack. He used a full 30% strength!

30% strength was not considered much. But it was plenty to kill a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm.

However, this boy before his eyes actually evaded easily. It was seriously rather abnormal.

“Ha-Haha!This boy said ten moves earlier, so this elder thought about playing with him. I want to see how many times he can dodge my attacks,” Du Yucheng said with a look of embarrassment.

“Haha!Play then, play then. Just a bunch of dregs. Let them feel what is called despair!” Someone concurred.

“Hehe.Again! I’m going to play around well with this little trash!” Du Yucheng said with a laugh.

The corner of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled slightly with his face showing contempt. He extended his hand and beckoned with his finger. The intent of scorn was completely unmasked.

Du Yucheng’s expression changed, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Boy, you’re looking for death!”

As he said, Du Yucheng’s palm assaulted once again. This time, he used 70% strength. The power could not be mentioned in the same breath.

One palm passed. Ye Yuan still stood with his hands behind his back, like that palm earlier completely did not happen.

Ye Yuan was still beckoning his index finger with a disdainful look.

This time, Du Yushan felt that his face could not hang in there. Gritting his teeth, his entire person vanished from where he stood.


A huge hole was blasted out on the ground behind Ye Yuan. Du Yushan’s figure appeared.

Only to see Ye Yuan slowly turn around and say coolly, “Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm only has this bit of capabilities? Double up!”

“Stinking brat! It’s you yourself seeking death. You only hav your self to blame for this!” Du Yushan gnashed his teeth hatefully and said.

Du Yushan erupted completely, staring at Ye Yuan and bombarding indiscriminately. Horrifying heaven and earth essence energy was mobilized, blasting towards Ye Yuan one move after another!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dirt flew around the place Ye Yuan was standing at, kicking up clouds of dust, and blocking people’s sight.

In a twinkle, ten moves passed. Du Yushan actually felt like collapsing. These ten moves earlier, he already used all of his strength. Under such an attack, Ye Yuan could not possibly survive!

“Hahaha!Still be unbridled with me! This stinking brat really doesn’t know how the word ‘death’ is written!” Du Yushan said with a loud laugh.

“Heh heh,to actually dare infuriate Elder Du. This boy is really soft in the head! I reckon that he’s already blasted into meat paste now, right?”

“However, this boy has some capabilities. To actually be able to evade Elder Du’s first three rounds of attacks. He can also be considered as quite capable!”

“Just a self-conceited fool who was insolent because of his ability. Such a person is destined to not live long.”

The Purple Mansion Sect’s people were perfectly aware of Du Yucheng’s attacks. Those few moves earlier were his trump cards. How could Ye Yuan possibly survive under such horrifying attacks?

Zhang Jing’s expression changed. Du Yushan’s attacks earlier were too terrifying. Separated so far away made him feel asphyxiated too.

How could a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist possibly survive under such an attack?

Zhang Jing was just about to take some action when he was halted by Mo Yuntian. “Relax. Junior Apprentice Brother Ye isn’t that kind of wildly arrogant person. Since he dared to receive his ten moves, he must have a grasp of the situation in his mind.”

Mo Yuntian’s voice had yet to fade when an ice-cold voice came from that disorderly patch of dust as if it came from the underworld!

“Seriously weak! You dregs from the Fierce Gale World only have this bit of ability? Since that’s the case, then go and die!”

Hearing this voice, Du Yucheng’s expression changed drastically. His scalp tingled and a feeling of terror welled up from the bottom of his heart.

He instinctively felt that things were not good and turned around to flee!

The sound of a dragon roar came from within the dust. The wind and fire colossal dragon carried a voice which made peoples’ heart palpitate charged over towards Du Yushan with extreme speed!


Du Yushan had yet to run far when he was completely swallowed up by the colossal dragon!

The wretched screams entered everyone’s ears. Regardless whether it was the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples or the people from the Purple Mansion Sect, they were all quaking in their boots with fear.

Especially the Purple Mansion Sect. Each and every one of their faces showed immense shock.

A kind of feeling called fear rose up from the bottom of everyone’s heart. Including those Sea Transformation Realm elders!

Even the Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm Du Yushan crumbled in one blow like so, what did they . . . even count as?

Only persisted for a few breaths of time, and then Du Yushan fell completely silent.

The wind and fire colossal dragon dissipated. Only a mass of black smoke rose up. Du Yushan actually did not even leave behind a corpse!

And right then, the dust that was stirred up by Du Yushan’s attacks gradually dispersed, revealing that slightly skinny looking profile of Ye Yuan’s.

The eyes the Purple Mansion Sect disciples looked at Ye Yuan with was like looking at a primordial behemoth.

“H-Half-step Sea Transformation! This . . . how is this possible?” A Purple Mansion Sect’s Sea Transformation Realm elder’s old eyes nearly dropped to the ground.

A moment ago, he was still Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm. In the blink of an eye, Ye Yuan actually became a Half-Step Sea Transformation existence.

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan’s gaze also just happened to turn towards him, and actually flashed him a smile, saying, “Is it very despondent? Now . . . can you all understand the feelings of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples?”

Ye Yuan’s smile looked like a completely harmless neighbor’s big boy. But who would really take him to be a big boy from next door?

This young man was simply the God of Death descending upon the world!

“R-R-Run! Quickly run!” That Sea Transformation Realm elder turned around and fled.

Only then, did the group of Purple Mansion Sect disciple startle awake abruptly, scattering apart like birds and beasts.


“That’s a demon! Quickly flee!”

The Purple Mansion Sect disciples instantly fell into a chaotic mess.

They wished that their parents had given them a couple more legs to let them run a little faster.

Very soon, all of their figures stopped abruptly, as if they were fixed in place!

Because in front of them, countless flower petals condensed and formed, sealing off all of their escape routes!

That Sea Transformation Realm elder who was the first to run clenched his teeth and released his aura fully, wanting to charge past.

Only to hear slashing sounds echo out. A badly mutilated corpse fell down from the air.

This time, everyone despaired.


A Purple Mansion Sect disciple kneeled down towards Ye Yuan and actually cried, “M-Mercy! I know my error! Spare my dog life!Sniff. . .Sniff. . .”

This kneel of his was akin to a plague, instantly infecting all of the Purple Mansion Sect disciples.

The Purple Mansion Sect disciple all kneel down towards Ye Yuan, repenting and begging for mercy.

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “When you all were killing those fellow sect members of mine below the mountain, did you ever thought about showing mercy? If I didn’t make it over here in time today, most likely, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would not have even fowls or dogs spared anymore, right? Therefore . . . all of you go and die!”