Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Defending Tranquil Cloud Sect To The Death


Looking at the corpses scattered everywhere, Zhang Jing was dumbfounded for a long time.

Only a short three months or so had passed, and Ye Yuan was already an existence on a completely different level from them these fellow apprentices.

Not only did he rise a full major realm, he even had the strength to instantly kill a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm in terms of combat strength already!

Crossing a major realm to battle. This was something that Zhang Jing did not even dare to imagine. But Ye Yuan accomplished it effortlessly.

Recalling back when he left Ye Yuan into the sect, Zhang Jing had a feeling like it was a whole other life.

That young man not far away was destined to be someone from a different world from them mere mortals!

“A few months of not seeing him, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye actually already matured to such a level!” Zhang Jing muttered under his breath.

In truth, the astonishment in Mo Yuntian’s heart was not much lesser than Zhang Jing’s. Although he knew that Ye Yuan’s present combat power was stunning, this was his first time truly seeing it!

Killing a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm in one move, the shock from such an impact was too great.

Hearing Zhang Jing’s emotional sigh, Mo Yuntian said in relief, “It was also thanks to Ye Yuan. Otherwise, the few of us would have long died in a foreign land. These fellow sect apprentices would probably also die without a burial ground!”

Mei Zhen and the rest crowded in front of Ye Yuan and asked concernedly, “Ye Yuan, your body still isn’t fully recovered. Are you alright?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Not a big issue.”

Compared to the fight with Zhao Chenggan, this earlier could only be said to be a warm-up.

Likewise, Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm, the disparity between the two was too great!

Mei Zhen nodded and said, “Good that you’re fine! Ye Yuan, you’re the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s final hope now. You must take care not to force things.”

“Thank you for Elder Mei’s concern. I’ll take notice.”

“En.Now that the sect is already broken up, where . . . should we go?”

When Mei Zhen said these words, everyone perked their ears up, wanting to hear what Ye Yuan would say.

At this time now, Ye Yuan was already where all of Tranquil Cloud Sect’s hopes lay.

Even Mei Zhen this Sea Transformation Realm elder also quietly took Ye Yuan as the person in charge of things.

Ye Yuan ruminated for a moment and said, “Since Grand Elder, Sect Master Luo, and the rest are not dead, we obviously have to think of ways to rescue them out! But we aren’t the Purple Mansion Sect’s match right now. Therefore . . . we can only wait!”

“Wait? Wait for what?” Mei Zhen did not quite understand Ye Yuan’s intentions and asked in puzzlement.

“Wait for an opportunity! I believe that the Purple Mansion Sect will discover that something unforeseen happened on here on the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s side very soon. They are bound to send even stronger martial artists over here! And what we need to do is to stand fast at this final piece of locus of the Southern Domain and wait for the Northern Domain’s response!” Ye Yuan said.

When these words of Ye Yuan came out, everyone’s faces changed.

“You’re saying, we are to defend the Tranquil Cloud Sect to the death?” Mei Zhen asked in surprise.

“That’s right!”

“But . . . Ye Yuan, I know that you’re very strong and that there are already very few Sea Transformation Realm martial artists that can threaten your existence. But you have to know that the Purple Mansion Sect has over a dozen Soul Sea Realm powerhouses!” Mei Zhen reminded.

He did not know where Ye Yuan’s confidence came from.

Although it was hard to comprehend that Ye Yuan could deal with Sea Transformation Realm martial artists, the reality happened right before his eyes. He had no choice but to accept it.

Yet to say that Ye Yuan could deal with Soul Sea Realm powerhouses, he would not believe it even if he was pummeled to death either!

Take ten thousand steps back to say, even if Ye Yuan could really deal with Soul Sea Realm martial artists, the Purple Mansion Sect had over a dozen Soul Sea Realms!

Could it be that Ye Yuan could sweep them clean all at once?

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Of course I won’t be foolish enough to clash head-on with Soul Sea Realm powerhouses. However . . . we still have the sect protecting grand array, don’t we?”

“Sect protecting grand array?” Mei Zhen was stunned, and then he said in bewilderment, “Without Soul Sea Realm martial artists or a powerhouse with Sect Master’s level of strength, the sect protecting grand array simply can’t unleash power at all! Furthermore, even if they are here presiding over the array formation, they can at most withstand early-stage Soul Sea Realm martial artists. But the Purple Mansion Sect’s Sect Master is a late-stage Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!”

Ye Yuan did not reply Mei Zhen’s words, but he swept a glance over the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s remaining disciples, saying coolly, “I wonder if my fellow seniors and juniors . . . can trust me, Ye Yuan?”

These few hundred Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples remaining could be said to all be the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s elite disciples. The majority of them were Crystal Formation Realm martial artists.

These people all willingly stayed behind to share life and death together with the sect, for the sake of striving for time for that batch of elite disciples to escape.

In truth, before this, they had the chance to flee helter-skelter. But they chose to stay behind to die without prior consultation!

From this, it could be seen how great the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s cohesive strength was!

It was precisely because so that Ye Yuan was unbelievably furious at those Purple Mansion Sect disciples who invaded and exterminated every last one of them.

Seeing Ye Yuan raising a question, these disciples could not help exchanging glances.

Actually, using one’s brain to think about it, standing fast and on defensive in the Tranquil Cloud Sect was a terrible plan. The Purple Mansion Sect practically already unified the Endless World’s Southern Domain. The Tranquil Cloud Sect was already a lone island.

As long as the Purple Mansion Sect wanted, they could focus all of their firepowers to attack the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Relying on a sect protecting grand array at this time to withstand a bunch of Soul Sea Realm powerhouses, this was something that only a moron would do!

Yet, the problem was that was Ye Yuan a moron? Or perhaps, Ye Yuan was deliberately making them jump into a fire pit?

If Ye Yuan did it in order to send them to their deaths, why would he take such a superfluous action earlier and save them?

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I believe you!”

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, our lives were saved by you! You ask us to die, we absolutely won’t furrow our brows!”

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, we’ll fight with you!”

. . . . . .

After a moment of silence, those Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples’ supporting voices surged over like floodwaters!

Ye Yuan already used strength and used action to thoroughly subjugate them!

On the juncture that the Tranquil Cloud Sect was already to be annihilated, it was Ye Yuan who came forward and tried and turn back the tides. What right did they have to not trust Ye Yuan?

Seeing this scene, everyone had a feeling of their hot blood boiling!

In this instant, the Purple Mansion Sect which was powerful until it made people feel suffocated did not seem so scary anymore either!

“Good! Since my fellow seniors and juniors all trust me, Ye Yuan, we’ll all fight a good one with the Purple Mansion Sect together! Let them see that our Tranquil Cloud Sect is not to be trifled with!” Ye Yuan yelled out loud and clear.

“F*ck the Purple Mansion Sect! We want to make them pay blood for blood!”

“Blood for blood!”

“Blood for blood!”

. . . . . .

These people were not foreign to Ye Yuan. Ever since he entered the Tranquil Cloud Sect, he created once miracle after another.

And today, who knew if he could create another miracle?

Ye Yuan’s might already completely stirred up these peoples’ hot blood!

These fellow apprentices did not lack the spirit of looking death calmly in the face. What they lacked was powerful confidence!

And today, Ye Yuan gave them confidence!

Ye Yuan extended his hand and pressed down, gesturing for everyone to quiet down.

He called out in a clear voice, “From today onwards, our Tranquil Cloud Sect will activate the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array, and we’ll completely seal the mountain! I’ll refine medicinal pills for everybody to raise everyone’s strength as quickly as possible! At that time, I’ll need to borrow every senior’s and junior’s strength. We’ll defend together the Southern Domain’s final lone island!”