Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Restoring The Grand Array


The following few days, Ye Yuan sank into an extremely busy schedule.

He first refined several transcendent-grade Essence Vigor Pills, and he finally replenished the lost blood essence fully.

As one of the Eight Great Sects, although the Tranquil Cloud Sect had declined awfully, they still had a considerable reserve of Tier 3 spirit medicines. There were enough for Ye Yuan to refine.

When Ye Yuan was refining pills, Xiao Ruyan acted as an assistant by the side. She took Ye Yuan’s entire pill refinement process fully into her eyes.

Coming out from the pill refinement room, Xiao Ruyan’s entire person was in a state of stupor.

Only when she observed Ye Yuan’s pill refinement in close distance did she finally know how formidable this Master she acknowledged.

Ye Yuan was clearly refining Tier 3 medicinal pill, but Xiao Ruyan actually could not understand Ye Yuan’s refinement technique.

Xiao Ruyan’s standards were not low. But it was precisely so that she had an even deeper understanding of how high Ye Yuan’s standards were.

This could be said as unintentionally planting a willow tree, and the willow tree would become a shade. Xiao Ruyan suddenly felt that she was too fortunate. Not only could she be together with Ye Yuan, but she could also even raise her alchemy skills.

Next, Ye Yuan made use of the Square Cauldron to refine a large batch of Tier 2 and Tier 3 medicinal pills and distributed them to the sect’s disciples.

The result was that a few days later, columns of essence energy storms formed in the Tranquil Cloud Sect. There were disciples successfully breaking through everywhere.

Many disciples were stuck in the state of Peak Spirit Condensation Realm. This batch of medicinal pills created a large batch of Crystal Formation Realm disciples.

There were even a minority of Peak Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm disciples who broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm without a hitch after consuming the medicinal pills that Ye Yuan refined!

The strength of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples rose a level collectively!

After the disciples noticed such a transformation, their admiration for Ye Yuan all reached a degree that could not be surpassed.

For a moment, Ye Yuan’s prestige reached the pinnacle. His prestige among the disciples right now was most likely no longer inferior to Sect Master Luo Qingfeng.

When the disciples there were all breaking through, Ye Yuan brought Mei Zhen to the center of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s array formation.

“Ye Yuan, you say that you want to restart the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array. Could it be that us, these remnant troops and defeated soldiers, can really rely on this grand array to resist those Soul Sea Realm powerhouses?” Mei Zhen still asked half believing, half doubtfully.

The power of the array formation not only hinged on the rank of the array formation, it even relied on the level of the person controlling the array formation.

Right now, the strongest among them was also Mei Zhen, this Sea Transformation Realm. Moreover, he was utterly ignorant about array formations and completely could not unleash the power of the grand array,

Mei Zhen knew that Ye Yuan’s formation path attainments were exceedingly high. However, he was only Crystal Formation Realm, Even if he managed the array formation, could he withstand the wanton bombardment of Soul Sea Realms?

This was not inside the mystic realm where Ye Yuan could play his opponent to death inside the array formation. Soul Sea Realm martial artists would definitely break the formation with force. When the time came, how should they withstand?

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Of course I can’t sustain by myself. But don’t we still have so many seniors and juniors?”

Mei Zhen said in surprise, “But these sect disciples all don’t know array formations!”

Ye Yuan said, “Doesn’t matter if they don’t know. I just need to know.”

Mei Zhen was speechless. “. . . . . .”

Up until now, Mei Zhen did not know what Ye Yuan wanted to do either.

Although he had doubts in his heart, he knew that Ye Yuan would not do reckless things and would not treat the lives of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples as a joke.

“Fine then. Even if you have a way, the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array . . . seem to only be able to deal with Early-Stage Soul Sea Realm martial artists, right?” Mei Zhen said.

“Haha.When I just entered the sect, I discovered that this array formation has many flaws, resulting in the power of the array formation to be greatly discounted. Fortunately, the Southern Domain still didn’t have any formidable adversaries at that time so the sect could protect itself,” Ye Yuan said with a light laugh.

Mei Zhen said with a frown, “You mean to say that . . . the power of this array formation far exceeds this?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right. The Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array is a Quasi-Tier 5 array formation; It is ample to withstand a Peak Soul Sea Realm’s full powered attack! What does a mere Seventh Level Soul Sea Realm even count as?”

Mei Zhen exclaimed in surprise, “T-There’s actually such a thing? But the people in the sect thought that this is a Low-Rank Tier 4 array formation all along!”

“If my conjectures are right, this array formation should have had some losses when the Tranquil Cloud Sect was forced to move southwards. Maybe the array formation was missing some necessary parts. Maybe even the array formation itself was lost, and the array master relied on his own comprehension to restore the array formation, but there were deficiencies within!” Ye Yuan said.

In fact, Ye Yuan’s conjectures were already very close to the truth. Back then, when the Tranquil Cloud Sect moved southwards, large quantities of records all went missing to some extent.

Even the two most important articles of the sect’s cultivation methods were lost, let alone an array formation.

Back then, a Soul Sea Realm array master only comprehended this set of array formation to an 80% standard. He could only restore this set of array formation to this degree.

The array master later attempted to complete the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array. But this set of array formation was rather profound. He did not restore it even till his own death.

In a blink, a thousand years passed. The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people had long forgotten this segment of history and even thought that this set of array formation was a Low-Rank Tier 4 array formation.

But the Southern Domain martial artists’ strength was not strong. This set of half-baked sect protecting grand array was also barely sufficient to use.

However, a Late-Stage Soul Sea Realm martial artist appeared in the Southern Domain now. This set of array formation was clearly inadequate already.

“T-There was actually such a thing. I’m an elder and actually don’t know a whit as well,” Mei Zhen said powerlessly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “With my present realm, I naturally can’t set up the Yin-yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array. But the sect protecting grand array is a complete grand array. If it’s just modifying a little and completing the array formation, I can still manage it. Unless the Fierce Gale World ‘s Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses can cross the passageway, nobody can break in!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s explanation, Mei Zhen was also brimming with confidence at this moment. But, he heaved a sigh and said, “For our Tranquil Cloud Sect to be able to take in a disciple like you, it’s seriously the sect’s lucky stars!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Why does Elder Mei say that? Since I joined the sect, I’m naturally a part of the Tranquil Cloud Sect. When the sect is in trouble, I should offer a portion of strength. We just have to hold on to the Tranquil Cloud Sect, and the Purple Mansion Sect will be unable to set up the situation in the Southern Domain leisurely. As long as the Northern Domain reacts, the Purple Mansion Sect being destroyed is something inevitable! It’s just that we must hurry before the realm passageway completely links up and let the Northern Domain’s various sects know about the events that happened in the Southern Domain.”

Mei Zhen perceived the meaning in Ye Yuan’s word and said somberly, “Ye Yuan, don’t need to be so courteous with me. Whatever instructions you have, just say it.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Elder Mei knows the whole story about the matter. I’m thinking of letting you go to the Northern Domain to notify the Myriad Sword Sect, Heavenly Martial Sect, and the Profound Ice Sect, these three sects, and make them send people to aid the Southern Domain and eradicate the Purple Mansion Sect! This situation at present, only Elder Mei alone has the capabilities to take on this mission.”

Although he long had expectations, Mei Zhen’s expression still changed and he said, “Can’t another person be swapped to do this thing? I-I at least have some strength. Staying behind to offer up a portion of strength is good as well!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “The onerousness of your mission is still above defending the sect! The Tranquil Cloud Sect is just a small plot of land, while what the Fierce Gale World wants to invade is the entire Endless World. If the Northern Domain is ill-informed about the news and doesn’t know the Fierce Gale World’s ambition, the outcome will be too dreadful to contemplate. Hence . . . you have to make this trip no matter what!”

Mei Zhen’s expression flickered for a moment and said with Ye Yuan with clasped hands, “Mei Zhen definitely won’t fail the mission!”