Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Slaying Soul Sea Realm Martial Artist


“Grand Elder is so strong! If I were the one receiving this move, even a hundred, a thousand of me would all die too!”

“Yeah. All are mortals below Soul Sea Realm. Grand Elder is on a completely different level from us!”

“Luckily, there’s Grand Elder here. Otherwise, we would be completely helpless against this grand array. Now that Grand Elder personally took action, this grand array will break for sure!”

“Tranquil Cloud Sect this bunch of trash actually became a retracted-head turtle! When we raid inside in a while, I’ll definitely pull their heads out from their turtle shell!”

. . . . . .

Ma Yi was well-deserving of being a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse. This Extreme Essence Heaven Axis Palm move was exceedingly terrifying.

Just that mighty power was enough to make other martial artists feel fear.

A Soul Sea Realm martial artist’s attack could only be withstood by a Soul Sea Realm martial artist. This was general knowledge for martial artists.

Zhao Chenggan, that kind of talented prodigy, crossed realms to battle as easily as drinking water. But to let him fight with a Soul Sea Realm martial artist, it was still certain death.

Even the most ordinary Soul Sea Realm martial artist, their might was also not what Sea Transformation Realm martial artists could compare with.

Compared to the fleshy body, the divine soul was evidently closer to heaven and earth and nature.

Soul Sea Realm martial artists communicated with heaven and earth essence energy through the divine soul. The speed and quality mustered were far from comparable to Sea Transformation Realm martial artists.

And it was precisely this sort of advantage combined together with even more powerful Tier 4 martial techniques, the power of Soul Sea Realm martial artists made practically all martial artists beneath Soul Sea Realm feel despair.

The Purple Mansion Sect disciples had blind faith in the Soul Sea Realm Ma Yi and thought that this attack could absolutely blast the grand array open.

Soul Sea Realm in the hearts of the Southern Domain sect disciples was actually around the same as the position of the Wind Emperor in the hearts of the Fierce Gale World martial artists.

Yet, the matter completely did not develop in the direction which the people hoped for in their hearts.

Just as Ma Yi’s palm force was about to reach the grand array, the grand array erupted once more!

All of a sudden, dozens of flowing light streams came out from the grand array, dashing for Ma Yi’s palm force.

Ma Yi’s face carried a confident smile when he struck out the palm. But at this time, his expression changed drastically.

Those dozens of flowing light streams eradicated his palm force like crushing dead leaves!

But it was not over yet. After those flowing lights obliterated Ma Yi’s palm force, it actually came chasing after Ma Yi.

Ma Yi did not think that such a change would actually occur and his expression changed dramatically!

To be able to instantly obliterate his 80% essence energy attack, the might of this grand array was absolutely not what he could withstand!

No time left to think. Under everyone’s eyes, Ma Yi turned around and ran.

Yet, the speed of the flowing lights was exceptionally swift. Ma Yi just ran out not for long, and the flowing lights caught up to him.


A huge sound rang out. Under the Purple Mansion Sect’s stupefied gazes, a silhouette dropped down from the air powerlessly.


Ma Yi’s corpse slammed heavily onto the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

Everyone had blank faces, and there was actually no one who reached out to receive it!

All the way until that mass of dust gradually dissipated did everyone finally woke up abruptly.

“W-What happened?”

“D-Don’t know! W-What’s with Grand Elder? Can’t have . . .”

“Pooh!Grand Elder is a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse. How can he be killed so easily by the grand array? H-He must have fainted!”

At this time, Zhu Mingyu walked out from the crowd.

He was blasted until severely wounded by the grand array’s backlash strength. At this time, he still held his chest, his steps somewhat wobbly.

Zhu Mingyu’s face was solemn, his brows tightly knitted. It was also uncertain if it was due to injuries or because of Ma Yi.

Zhu Mingyu came close, and his figure involuntarily came to a stop.

“G-Grand Elder he . . . passed away!”

Zhu Mingyu himself did not know how he said those words. He felt that his brain was a little lacking.

Ma Yi already had no vital signs. He was clearly totally dead already.

In front of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s gates, it was deathly quiet. There were only the whimpering sounds of gusts of breeze.

A Soul Sea Realm powerhouse of his generation was actually garrotted by the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array!

In the entire Southern Domain, how many years had it been since a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse die?

Zhu Mingyu and the other Purple Mansion Sect disciples were unable to accept this outcome.

But Ma Yi’s corpse repeatedly told them that this was a truth!

. . . . . .

In the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s grand array axis, all the disciples were covered from head to toe in sweat, appearing rather worn out. But the expression on their faces showed that they were very excited, It was as if they were injected with stimulants.

Everyone’s faces were flushed red. Looking at that figure in front, their eyes revealed fervent idolizing looks.

They all clearly wanted to speak, but they desperately suppressed their impulse, for fear that they would startle Ye Yuan who was currently directing the grand array.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan turned around slowly and said coolly, “The Purple Mansion Sect has already retreated. This battle, we’ve won!”


These Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples immediately erupted with thunderous laughter!

Ever since Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng were detained, there had never been such cheering and laughter in the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

This battle was too satisfactory to the heart’s content!

“Long live Ye Yuan!”

“Long live Ye Yuan!”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan laughed too. He knew that these fellow sect members have been holding back for too long and very much needed a victory to release their emotions.

Ye Yuan killed a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse with the aid of the grand array’s power. This was a victory with an extraordinary meaning!

For a moment, the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect was seething!

“This feeling is too great! What did we do? We actually slew a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!”

“Hahaha!To be able to kill a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse, this lifetime is also enough! In the future, even if it’s to die for the sect, I’ll also die without regrets!”

“Hey! Did you know? That was a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse! Soul Sea Realm powerhouse! I actually killed a Soul Sea Realm!Hahaha!”

“Haha!Next time, I’m going to tell my son that his old man once killed a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!”

“So f*cking satisfying! I even thought that Ye Yuan activating the sect protecting grand array was just to huddle like a turtle and defend. Who knew that he would actually take the initiative to attack? A single attack and he killed a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!”

These Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples all seemed to be in a state of madness, releasing their emotions to their heart’s content.

These few days, Ye Yuan underwent a complete remake of the Yin-yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array. Not only did he restore that missing portion of the grand array, he even connected several hundred miniature array formations at the grand array’s central.

These hundreds of miniature array formations were presided by several hundred Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples. Ye Yuan could draw out these several hundred peoples’ essence energy through the array’s pivot, and provide a steady stream of support for the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array.

A Soul Sea Realm’s one move could instantly kill these several hundred Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples. But the essence energy released by these disciples via the grand array could form a terrifying attack that could directly kill Soul Sea Realm martial artists!

Even though this was the heroic feat accomplished by everyone making a concerted effort, the several hundred Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were deeply affected as if they experienced it personally!

Slaying a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse. This was something that they did not even dare to think about last time!

Currently, the eyes that these Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples looked at Ye Yuan with were filled with fanatical worship.

This victory was brought to them by Ye Yuan!

Without Ye Yuan, they might not even be able to ward off Sea Transformation Realm martial artists. But with Ye Yuan, they killed a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!