Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Tranquil Cloud Sect Has A Soul


“Senior Apprentice Brother Ye, Senior Apprentice Brother Ye! A disaster is imminent!”

A Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple ran into the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s main hall, looking very nervous.

“It’s Junior Apprentice Brother Zhao Xinhuh.Is there any news from outside?” Ye Yuan enquired.

Zhao Xin said hurriedly, “The Purple Mansion Sect sent out several thousand martial artists and are marching for the Tranquil Cloud Sect in mighty contingents!”

“Haha.Don’t Junior Apprentice Brother Zhao Xin have faith in the might of the grand array? Forget about thousands of martial artists. Even if tens of thousands of martial artists came, they would not return either!”

“But . . . But this time, the commanders are a Fourth Level Soul Sea Realm, Grand Elder Liao Wenguang, and a Tier 4 Array Master, He Jun! I fear . . .”

When Zhao Xin got hold of this news, he was terrified until his legs turned soft.

Tier 4 array masters were very terrifying existences. They were the bane of a sect’s protective grand arrays!

Even if they could not crack the formation, they could also find the grand array’s weak links, and they could even diminish the grand array’s power.

Coupled with the brute force of a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse, breaking the formation did not seem to be something so difficult.

This way, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would be in danger!

No matter how powerful the Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array was, it was also just a Quasi-Tier 5 grand array. It did not transcend the category of Tier 4 array formations.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples never would have thought that the Purple Mansion Sect actually still had the existence of Tier 4 array masters.

This Purple Mansion Sect truly concealed too deeply!

Before this, while the Purple Mansion Sect was known as the Southern Domain’s number two great sect, they actually only had five or six Soul Sea Realm experts too. The strongest was just Third Level Soul Sea.

This time, the Purple Mansion Sect displayed all of their might.

Compared to the Purple Mansion Sect, the Heavenly Sky Sect was simply weak to the max!

Not only were they completely surpassed by the Purple Mansion Sect in the number of martial artists, but in terms of quality, they were a great deal weaker too.

And now, the Purple Mansion Sect even sent out a Tier 4 Array Master. This was truly hopeless until it made people go nuts.

Tier 4 Array Masters were the same as Alchemy King experts. They were all exceedingly rare existences in the Southern Domain.

Before this, only the Heavenly Sky Sect had a Tier 4 Array Master. The Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples had never heard before that the Purple Mansion Sect had a Tier 4 Array Master!

A few days back, Zhao Xin and the rest were sent out by Ye Yuan to fish for information. Who knew that they would get hold of such a heavyweight news all at once.

The first thing that Zhao Xin did when he got the information was to return to the sect without stopping to report this matter to Ye Yuan.

Who knew that Ye Yuan did not even furrow his eyebrows. He just said nonchalantly, “When soldiers arrive, send a general to block. When water floods, use dirt to keep it out. Junior Apprentice Brother don’t need to worry. A puny little Tier 4 Array Master still can’t stir up too big of a wave.”

Zhao Xin was stunned and immediately said excitedly, “A Tier 4 Array Master isn’t Senior Apprentice Brother’s match either? That’s fantastic! Senior Apprentice Brother, no matter what you do, we all support you fully!”

After slaying Ma Yi, Ye Yuan was already an existence akin to a divinity in the eyes of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples.

As long as Ye Yuan did not fear, what did they have to fear as well?

Furthermore, killing Ma Yi greatly boosted the confidence of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples too.

In their hearts, Soul Sea Realm was no longer an undefeatable existence anymore. Wasn’t someone as powerful as Ma Yi finished off by Ye Yuan in one move too?

Although a Tier 4 array master was scary, seeing that composed look on Ye Yuan’s face, Zhao Xix was instantly filled with confidence.

So what if Tier 4 array master?

With Senior Apprentice Brother Ye here, our Tranquil Cloud Sect could absolutely stand firm and not fall!

Ye Yuan said with a laugh,“Haha,it has been tiring for Junior Apprentice Brother. Go back and have a rest first. As long as us fellow apprentices unite and are of one mind, even if He Mingde personally came, what can he do to me?”

After Zhao Xin left, Ye Yuan moved to Victory Peak.

This place was originally the place where the sect grand competition took place. Currently, it had become a cultivation holy land.

In the entire plaza, there were roughly around 200 over Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples currently.

Among the remainder disciples, those who cultivated the sword were basically all here.

These disciples, some were currently meditating to comprehend sword intent, some were currently practicing the sword, some were currently breaking down moves, so on and so forth.

Ye Yuan briefly swept a glance around, but his gaze landed on Tian Yu.

Tian Yu was currently meditating with his eyes shut. Although the outside world was very noisy, he seemed to be residing in a different world.

Five days had already gone by since Ye Yuan inscribed the ‘sword’ characters.

In these five days, Ye Yuan would come here to observe the fellow apprentices’ situation every day.

And in these five days, the one who improved the fastest was not Mo Yuntian, but it was Tian Yu!

Ye Yuan was extremely sensitive to sword intent. Any hint of change to the seniors and juniors, he would take it all into sight.

On the first day, Tian Yu stood in front of the huge boulder and did not move a muscle, looking at it for an entire day!

On the second day, Tian Yu did not go and look at those ‘sword’ characters anymore. He just meditated there the entire time.

In four days, the sword intent on Tian Yu’s body condensed and did not dissipate, drawing the bow without discharging the arrow. It actually had the inclination of soaring to the skies.

The fellow apprentices were all comprehending the ‘sword’ characters on the huge boulders. But nobody approached within a hundred feet of Tian Yu’s surroundings.

Mo Yuntian appeared beside Ye Yuan since God knew when, and likewise sized up Tian Yu in the distance.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s talent is exceedingly high. He just comprehended for a day’s time in front of the words you inscribed and actually had such a huge improvement,” Mo Yuntian said with a gasp of admiration.

Mo Yuntian was also a peerlessly talented individual. But compared to Tian Yu, he was still much worse off.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu is indeed shockingly talented. But, for him to be able to have such a huge improvement, it was also due lucky chances.”

“Oh?What do you mean?”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu grew up with many admirers surrounding him like stars surrounding the moon and has never suffered huge setbacks. This mystic realm journey, he was captured to become a slave by Fierce Gale World martial artists. This to him was undoubtedly unprecedented shame. After returning, Grand Elder Skymaple was detained by the Purple Mansion Sect, which stimulated his staunch personality even more. Before this, Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu had already comprehended the elementary form of true intent. Furthermore, his elementary form of true intent was born from the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. That’s why the words that I inscribed can have such great inspiration to him. Of course, there is still one point. My primary cultivation method is a fire-attribute cultivation method too. There is a trace of Concept of Fire contained inside the sword intent as well. Him reaping the greatest harvest is also something within reason,” Ye Yuan explained.

When Mo Yuntian heard these words, he immediately saw the light.

“Sigh.To the present Tranquil Cloud Sect, what it lacks most of all is time! If Tian Yu and Wujiu this batch can grow up, our Tranquil Cloud Sect can rise up once again!” Mo Yuntian said with vicissitudes of emotion.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Passing down the flame. Tranquil Cloud Sect has a soul. It won’t be extinguished!”

Ever since Ye Yuan entered the sect, while he had some unpleasantness with the Ouyang Family, he could sense the spirit that the Tranquil Cloud Sect passed down. The sect’s upper echelons were all people who carried ambition.

From the State of Qin’s Nine Heavens Road’s Lu Yan, to Skymaple, to Luo Qingfeng, and Xiao Jian, they all had the spirit of lineal descent on them, which was the anticipation of the sect rising sharply anew!

For the sake of this goal, they could sacrifice themselves without any hesitation at all!

And this soul, unfolded likewise on the bodies of these disciples before his eyes most vividly.

Facing the besiegement of the Purple Mansion Sect, they chose to sacrifice their lives for a just cause.

With such a soul, Ye Yuan believed that the Tranquil Cloud Sect would not be destroyed.

At this time, Tian Yu who had been sitting quietly for four days got up once more and came before the huge boulder again to contemplate on the inscribed words on the huge boulder.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan gave a gentle smile and said, “Looks like the sect has hopes for a revival.”