Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Paying A Man Back In His Own Coin


He Jun’s actions did not cause a huge uproar like Liao Wenguang. But, it instantly boosted the confidence of the Purple Mansion Sect disciples considerably like a cardiac tonic.

He Jun was the Southern Domain’s only two Tier 4 Array Master!

Before today, Zhou Yun’s famous name resounded through the Southern Domain, because he was the only Tier 4 Array Master!

But, Zhou Yun was just an Initial-Rank Tier 4 Array Master.

While He Jun was a Middle-Rank Tier 4 Array Master!

If even He Jun could not crack this grand array before them, then nobody could crack this formation in the Southern Domain!

The Purple Mansion Sect disciples all held their breaths, staring at He Jun’s actions fixedly, fearful of making any bit of noise and disturbing him cracking the formation.

When the essence energy released by He Jun through the yellow tiny flag touched the grand array, it was the peaceful surface of a quiet lake having a rock tossed into it, immediately stirring up waves of ripples.

The grand array suddenly exploded with light, seemingly wanting to shake off this strand of essence energy.

He Jun had a cold smile at the corner of his mouth as he said, “The Prismatic Illusionary Moon Flags are a 128 restrictions spirit artifact and also my lifeblood spirit artifact. Even a High-Rank Tier 4 Array Master can’t possibly blast it off either! Be good. It will all be over very soon.”

He Jun continuously released essence energy, tightly entangling the grand array.

After a moment, He Jun’s gaze turned intent, and he unleashed essence energy to shoot the yellow tiny flag out.


A crisp sound came over. The yellow tiny flag inserted deep into a boulder not far away.

The grand array seemed to have suffered damage. The light actually dimmed greatly in an instant!

“Hahaha! Elder He is awesome!”

“Elder He is indeed worthy of being a Tier 4 Array Master! Cracking this grand array in simply reaching out a hand to grab it!”

“This Tranquil Cloud Sect has been too cocky in front of us! Did you see that stone plaque? This time, they finally got their faces smacked by Elder He, right? Wait until Elder He cracks the grand array. I’ll definitely smash that stone plaque into pieces!”

When the Purple Mansion Sect disciples saw the grand array tottering, each and every one of them was unbelievably eager.

Especially the disciples who came here last time. They were indeed suppressed too heavily these few days.

The Purple Mansion Sect that swept away all resistance actually did not even dare to breathe loudly in front of the weakest Tranquil Cloud Sect. This was too humiliating!

Now, seeing that the grand array had hopes of being cracked by He Jun, they all had an impulse to vent out their oppression.

But He Jun himself was very composed. Only to see him take out another green tiny flag, casting it in the same manner, and nailing it onto a huge tree.

This time, the grand array’s light dimmed some more.

The Purple Mansion Sect disciples were even more excited. Each one of them was like on stimulants.

Only to see each and every one of them rub their fists and wipe their palms, all wishing to charge inside the Tranquil Cloud Sect at the first moment!

Even Liao Wenguang had glittering eyes at this time and a feeling of eagerness to have a go.

“Old He indeed has some skills. If I listened to him earlier, I wouldn’t have lost so much face too.” Liao Wenguang was regretting secretly.

While at this time, the expressions of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples in the center of the array were not too good.

The array formation that they were in was adjoined into one with the grand array and could deeply sense that the grand array was currently being weakened. All of them were very worried.

“J-Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, is . . . is this alright? Th-The grand array seems to have weakened again!”

“Yeah, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye. Don’t be miserly with our essence energy! Even if we are sucked dry, that’s fine too. As long as the grand array can be protected!”

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, we don’t fear death! If you need essence energy, feel free to use. My brows won’t furrow at all!”

The Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were all trying to get a word in with Ye Yuan. Each and every one of their eyes looked death calmly in the face. All had the preparation to sacrifice their lives for the sect.

Ye Yuan turned around and said with a faint smile, “Seniors and juniors, relax. When I need your essence energy, this Ye won’t hold back. But . . . it’s not to the point of the end of our ropes. Seniors and juniors don’t need to lose all hope like so either. Everything is within grasp.”

The Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples exchanged glances, all seeing the excitement in the other person’s eyes.

Not that they did not believe Ye Yuan, but because the Purple Mansion Sect’s strength was really too strong!

Furthermore, they could clearly sense that the array formation was being weakened. That was why they were so anxious.

But, Ye Yuan’s one sentence put all of their minds at ease.

The present Ye Yuan had this capability.

. . . . . .

He Jun had a total of seven little flags in his hands. They were respectively seven types of colors.

By the time the final blue flag stuck into place, the brilliance given off by the grand array was abated to the extreme all at once; like a person receiving heavy wounds.

But, just seriously injured. The grand array did not collapse with a loud crash.

Moreover, the grand array seemed to have spirituality. The radiance was bright at times, and dark at times. It seemed to be struggling even more intensely compared to before.

Those seven little flags actually showed signs of loosening.

He Jun did not dare to slight it. Pushing with both palms, seven streaks of essence energy strands flowed out from his palm, instantly connecting onto those seven little flags.

The seven little flags stabilized very quickly.

Seeing that Liao Wenguang was still in a daze, He Jun yelled out loudly, “What are you stoning there for? Quickly attack the grand array!”

Liao Wenguang was shocked awake abruptly. Essence energy erupted in an instant.

This time, Liao Wenguang maneuvered practically all the essence energy that could be mobilized in his entire body, pouring all of it into the Blood Drinking Saber.

Blood Drinking Saber immediately emitted an extremely blinding red glow. An utterly horrifying aura undulated out.

“Break for me!”

Liao Wenguang swung his long saber. A terrifying attack surged forward towards the grand array!


Rock fragments flew all around. A large stretch of land outside the gates was practically flattened!

The power of this one attack was too strong!

“Elder Liao is almighty!”

“Elder Liao is awesome!

“Kill! Kill all of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people! Take revenge for Elder Ma Yi!”

The Purple Mansion Sect disciples all charged over towards the gates, wanting to charge inside the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

However, the expressions on He Jun and Liao Wenguang, the two of their faces, did not become eager. It turned grave instead.

Liao Wenguang’s attack earlier did not receive any obstruction. It seemed to directly pass through the grand array!

This . . . what was doing on here?

It was still He Jun who reacted to it first. His expression unwittingly changed vividly, howling at Liao Wenguang, “Not good! Baited! Quickly run!”

Liao Wenguang was stunned, then his expression immediately changed dramatically too.

Because at this time, the grand array suddenly exploded with rays of light!

Those dazzling rays of light was even more intense than before. How was there any hint of being restrained?

Hundreds of light streams released from within the grand array, speeding towards He Jun and Liao Wenguang rapidly!

Liao Wenguang was all too clear regarding the prowess of this flowing light. He nearly died under these light streams just now!

There were only several streams of flowing light earlier, but now, there were hundreds!

Because of cracking the formation, plus the effects of He Jun’s Prismatic Illusionary Moon Flags, the two people’s distance from the grand array was already very close.

And Ye Yuan was waiting for this moment!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Violent explosion sounds sounded in front of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s gates. Those hundreds of light streams seemed like rolling thunder cascading down from the horizon, blasting what was in front of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s gates beyond recognition.

After the explosions, before the Tranquil Cloud Sect gates, it was as still as death . . .