Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 460

Chapter 460 Shocked Purple Mansion Sect


“What did you say?! Tell me again one more time!”

Heavenly Sky Sect’s great hall. When He Mingde heard the Sea Transformation Realm Elder Zhu Mingyu’s report, he stood up with a start, a face full of disbelief.

Zhu Mingyu was covered in wounds all over his body, looking very alarming.

But, his injuries had clearly already been through treatment and was not a big deal.

Seeing He Mingde question, Zhu Mingyu said through sobs, “L-Lord Sect Master! Grand Elder He and Elder Liao were killed on the spot by the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array! The 1500 disciples this trip, the casualties exceed half! Just the Sea Transformation Realm elders, close to as many as 80 people were lost!”

Zhu Mingyu still had fear in his eyes. He was already scared out of his wits by the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array.

First was personally witnessing the First Level Soul Sea Realm Ma Yi die before his eyes. Then, he witnessed with his own eyes the Fourth Level Soul Sea Realm He Jun and Liao Wenguang dying before him. This image would probably never be erased from his mind in this lifetime.

After He Jun and Liao Wenguang died, he became the person with the highest strength in that team.

If not for coming to deliver the news to He Mingde, he wished that he could immediately find a place to enter terminal seclusion and not come out even if he was beaten to death.

Even now, his voice was still trembling unceasingly when speaking.

Since the realm passageway was linked up, martial artists below the Soul Sea Realm could enter the Endless World.

These few months’ time, there were already many Sea Transformation Realm and Crystal Formation Realm martial artists that entered the Endless World. They were all under He Mingde’s command.

Otherwise, with the Purple Mansion Sect’s might alone, they had no way of attaining such horrifying strength either.

With these reinforcements, the Purple Mansion Sect’s strength had long surpassed the Heavenly Sky Sect. That was why they could take down the entire Southern Domain without shedding a drop of blood.

Yet, with each word that Zhu Mingyu said, He Mingde’s heart would drip a drop of blood.

By the time Zhu Mingyu finished talking, He Mingde felt like the blood in his heart were almost drained dry already. He plopped his bottom back onto his seat, his face in a complete daze.

The losses from the attack on the Tranquil Cloud Sect this time was too grievous!

The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s accident still made He Mingde attach importance to it. That was why attacking the Tranquil Cloud Sect this time, he practically sent nearly 40% of the Purple Mansion Sect’s martial artists!

This trip, just the Sea Transformation Realm martial artists had over a hundred people!

Yet, of these hundred over people, only fifty to sixty came back. Among them, many were laden with heavy injuries. They most likely would not have much endeavors in the future either.

According to Zhu Mingyu’s description, He Jun and Liao Wenguang were slain on the spot by the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array.

While the other disciples thought that the grand array was broken and charged inside the grand array’s range of fire crazily. In the end . . .

Because Zhu Mingyu had to supervise, his actions were a step slow and just happened to rush to the peripherals of the sect protecting grand array, saving his life instead.

He Mingde never would have dreamt that the Purple Mansion Sect would actually suffer such a calamitous defeat in the Southern Domain!

Two Middle-Stage Soul Sea Realm experts. This was absolutely a top beam like existence to the Purple Mansion Sect. Now, they actually perished together!


He Mingde only felt sweetness in his throat, spewing out a mouthful of blood.

Even with He Mingde’s forbearance and wisdom, he also could not quite accept such a defeat at this time.

“Lord Sect Master!”

“Lord Sect Master!”

. . . . . .

The Purple Mansion Sect’s upper echelons were also in overwhelming shock earlier. Seeing He Mingde spew blood at this time, they could not help turning pale in alarm.

He Mingde waved his hand to indicate that he was fine. He opened his mouth and said to Zhu Mingyu, “Mingyu, you tell me the situation at that time. Don’t miss out anything at all!”

Zhu Mingyu was seriously unwilling to recall the situation back then. But, the sect master raised it up. He had no choice but to force himself to look back upon it either.

Right away, Zhu Mingyu described the situation back then in detail.

Although they were not involved personally, when they heard Zhu Mingyu’s narrative, the Purple Mansion Sect’s upper echelons still felt a cold blast of wind hit them from behind.

Zhu Mingyu said that he had yet to approach the grand array and he already ended up looking like this. Those Purple Mansion Sect disciples who charged inside the grand array’s attack range definitely died very miserably.

He Mingde’s brows virtually knitted until they became one. He asked Zhu Mingyu, “He Jun said back then that even if I went, I can’t crack the grand array either?”

Zhu Mingyu nodded and said, “Yes. Elder He said that at that time. Furthermore . . .”

Seeing Zhu Mingyu wanting to speak but holding back, He Mingde said unhappily, “Whatever you have, say it!”

“Yes! Disciple feels that . . . feels that even if sect master went to crack the formation personally, you’d most likely . . .”

Zhu Mingyu still did not say finish the words at the back. But everyone understood his meaning and could not help drawing a cold breath.

His meaning was that even if He Mingde personally went to crack the formation, he might not be able to retreat unscathed too!

Looking from this, how strong was this grand array?

He Mingde did not reveal a surprised expression. From Zhu Mingyu’s account just now, he already knew this point.

The power of this grand array simply surpassed their imaginations!

He Mingde muttered under his breath, “Just what happened to the Tranquil Cloud Sect? How could such a powerful existence suddenly pop out? Could it be that the Tranquil Cloud Sect has somebody who acquired the Grand Yan True Sect’s inheritance back then?”

At this time, a young profile stood up from the crowd.

If Ye Yuan was here, he would recognize that this person was precisely the Lin Chao who he had not seen for a long time!

Several months of not meeting, the present Lin Chao actually already cultivated to Peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm!

He followed the Lan Family Tribe into the Central Capital back then. But at this time, he already returned to the Purple Mansion Sect.

And those Fierce Gale World martial artists were precisely brought back by him.

“Lord Sect Master, disciple has a bold conjecture. It’s just I don’t know if it’s right or not.” Lin Chao had a profound look in his gaze.

He Mingde’s eyes lit up when he heard this and said, “So, it’s Lin Chao. Is it possible that you know who this person controlling the grand array is?”

Lin Chao shook his head and said, “Lin Chao dare not confirm. But, to say the person with the greatest possibility, nobody else is worthy except him!”

He Mingde asked puzzledly, “Oh? Who?”

“Ye Yuan!” Lin Chao said.

He Mingde’s brows furrowed slightly. Clearly, he had not heard of this name before.

Lin Chao did not waste his breath and recounted some of the events that happened within the mystic realm, greatly astonishing He Mingde and the other upper echelons.

“You’re saying that this Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple Ye Yuan entered Tier 4 and Tier 5 grand arrays like it were flat ground? Moreover, he even relied on a set of Tier 3 array formation to battle four Sea Transformation Realms with Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation?”

He Mingde felt that Lin Chao’s words were like a joke. But, he was deeply aware that it was impossible for Lin Chao to make a joke about this sort of thing.

After Lin Chao completed the mission that the sect assigned, they started the grand plan of unifying the Southern Domain after coming back and simply did not have the time to report this matter to He Mingde.

To think that over a month passed, such a huge pandemonium would actually appear!

Furthermore, when Lin Chao came back, he already knew that Ye Yuan infiltrated the Fierce Gale World. He felt that it was simply impossible for Ye Yuan to return alive.

Yet, the huge unforeseen accident at the Tranquil Cloud Sect now, Lin Chao seriously could not think of anybody more likely than Ye Yuan.

Seeing He Mingde pose a question, Lin Chao clasped his hands and said, “Disciple dare not talk nonsense! If there wasn’t this Ye Yuan, perhaps disciple would not be able to pass through the array formation laid out by the Grand Yan True Sect either, and also could not have completed the mission at all!”