Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Shattering Core Transforming Sea


“Hiss. . .”

Ye Yuan took a deep, cold breath. The feeling of his dantian collapsing was not so easy to withstand.

He felt like there was somebody using a 300 thousand catty hammer to pound his abdomen right now. That sort of agony practically made him unable to catch his breath.

Shattering core, transforming sea; it was not something fun. There was no small number of martial artists who dared not take this step in their entire lives.

A moment of carelessness and it was the outcome of the Dao dissipating and perishing!

In truth, among myriad worlds, there were martial artists who died at this step every second!

In his previous life, Ye Yuan likewise went through this process. That sort of hovering the line of life and death agony was still fresh in his memories up until now.

But this lifetime’s shattering core seemed to be even more excruciating than the previous one!

This time, Ye Yuan shattered the core under a virtually perfect condition. The essence energy in his body had already reached a saturated degree.

The collapse of such thick essence energy was not something fun either for Ye Yuan.


Ye Yuan’s dantian cracked open inch by inch, seemingly like dried up earth, becoming full of fissures.

What had fissured was not just the dantian. It also included the essence energy crystalline body within the dantian.

The cracks became increasingly larger, bigger and bigger. Finally, it broke into pieces with a loud bang!


Ye Yuan gave a long howl, venting out all of the anguish.

At this moment, the torment reached its peak too!

But this was only the beginning. The fragmented essence energy crystalline body still continued to splinter, and it was crumbling!

Once this process of shattering the core started, it was akin to a world collapsing, all the way until everything turned into nothingness!

Right then, a streak of gentle medicinal strength merged into Ye Yuan’s dantian area, splashing on those essence energy crystal bodies and the fragmented dantian.

In an instant, Ye Yuan’s pain faded away considerably.

This Sea Expanding Pill was a Divine Realm’s top-grade Tier 3 medicinal pill. It was used specifically to impact the Sea Transformation Realm. The Lower Realms did not have it at all.

This period of time, Ye Yuan roamed many places and also had been collecting the various medicinal herbs that this Sea Expanding Pill required.

Ye Yuan found several in the mystic realm. The remaining few medicinal herbs that were harder to find, Ye Yuan found them all at Star Abyss’s place.

Although the Fierce Gale World was sparse in resources, the Alchemist Association was the pinnacle existence of the world after all. Finding several types of medicinal herbs still did not pose an issue.

This Sea Expanding Pill was not an ordinary medicinal pill. Even in the Divine Realm, there were scanty few who knew it well enough.

This kind of medicinal pill was what the various top factions in the Divine Realm used to groom junior disciples. Furthermore, only those true geniuses could obtain this medicinal pill.

The reason was none other than because only the Medicine King Hall and the Alchemist Association, the two great powers, had this pill formula!

The Sea Expanding Pill could not only reduce the pain when the martial artist was breaking through to the Sea Transformation Realm, but it would also even help the martial artist expand their essence energy sea to the maximum limit!

Such an effect would make any Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist go nuts!

This was a medicinal pill that could raise a martial artist’s potential!

Even if the martial artist’s essence energy sea only expanded a little bit, the martial artist would benefit for life too.

Moreover, to apex geniuses, this tiny bit of difference might determine whose accomplishments would be higher!

Very soon, those essence energy crystals crumbled into a powder-like state. But it was not over yet!

Those powder-like crystal bodies finally turned into nothing.

Ye Yuan’s dantian area was now stark empty; it was as if it was a black hole!

“Wonder how large Big Brother’s essence energy sea will be!” White Light was also highly anticipating it.

By the side, Yuan Fei’s expression became solemn too as he said in a grave voice, “It’s here!”

His voice had yet to fade when the essence energy in the cultivation chamber was instantaneously siphoned empty!

“Hiss. . .”

Yuan Fei and White Light exchanged a glance, both seeing the astonishment in the other party’s eyes.

This was the cultivation room that the Tranquil Cloud Sect elders normally used to cultivate. The density was twenty times of the outside world!

Such thick heaven and earth essence energy was actually siphoned dry in an instant?

Fortunately, Ye Yuan improved this cultivation room’s Spirit Gathering Formation before his retreat. Soon enough, large quantities of essence energy replenished inside again.

But once these essence energies came in, it was immediately sucked dry by Ye Yuan again!

Such an absorption speed made Yuan Fei and White Light unbelievably shocked.

They were both demonic beasts with inherited memories and were very clear regarding the cultivation of human Sea Transformation Realm martial artists.

When ordinary martial artists were breaking through to the Sea Transformation Realm, it was simply impossible to have such absorption rate.

The speed of the absorption indicated that Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea still needed massive amounts of essence energy.

These essence energies were just trying to put out a burning cartload of firewood with a cup of water to Ye Yuan!

When the essence energy entered the body from all over Ye Yuan’s body, it was instantaneously sucked dry by the black hole inside his body!

Soon enough, Ye Yuan ‘s black hole-like dantian region had an additional pool of liquid state essence energy, suspended in the center of the black hole.

This was the essence energy sea that had yet to take form!

. . . . . .

“En?What’s happening? The essence energy here seems to be draining away!”

“Could it be that there’s somebody breaking through? But there are too many people breaking through these few days. Nobody caused such a commotion either!”

“Oh,right, isn’t Junior Apprentice Brother Ye in closed-seclusion? Is it possible that he’s breaking through?”

“There’s really that possibility! Bu, could it be that he’s breaking through to the Sea Transformation Realm? Otherwise, why would there be such a huge bustle?”

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is in seclusion in the elders’ cultivation room. The essence energy density there is twenty times of the outside world. That still isn’t enough for him to absorb?”

“Do you think that using common sense to gauge Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is reliable?”

“. . . . . .”

The essence energy around Ye Yuan’s cultivation room was sucked dry by the Spirit Gathering Formation; the absorption area began to widen out, alarming the other Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples.

Yet, nobody could have expected that this kind of situation persisted for as long as three days!

Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea was just like a bottomless pit; it was seemingly unable to be filled no matter how one tried!

“Old Yuan, will Big Brother be okay? This . . . He had already been absorbing essence energy for three days. Just how big is his essence energy sea?” White Light was somewhat filled with anxiety.

Yuan Fei had a face full of astonishment too. These three days, he and White Light watched Ye Yuan absorbed essence energy the entire time. The essence energy in this cultivation room simply had not filled to the brim even up till now.

Just how large did this essence energy sea had to be to be able to absorb at such a rate and amount?!

“I don’t know either . . . But I reckon that Young Master’s essence energy sea is at least this big?” Yuan Fei gestured a bit, roughly the size of a bathtub.

This was already massive for a First Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artist!

The essence energy seas of the vast majority of Sea Transformation Realm martial artists when just broken through realm was only the size of a fist.

Even for some genius martial artists, their essence energy seas were merely the size of a bowl.

The Fierce Gale World’s Zhao Chenggan when just broken through to the Sea Transformation Realm was just the size of a face basin too.

This was already the top existence within a world!

At this time, Ye Yuan finally opened both eyes slowly.

When Yuan Fei saw Ye Yuan’s eyes, he actually had a feeling of not daring to stare at it directly!

His present realm was clearly around the same as Ye Yuan’s. But he felt immense pressure!

“B-Boss, are you okay still?” White Light asked with somewhat of a parched mouth.

Ye Yuan gave a faint smile and said, “Never felt better!”

“Then . . . just how large is your essence energy sea?” White Light still could not resist asking.