Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Profound Ice Flag


With the approach of the Purple Mansion Sect’s great army, the atmosphere in the Tranquil Cloud Sect became tense once again.

This time, it was different from before. The Purple Mansion Sect was bringing hostages over!

The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s upper echelons were virtually all in the hands of the Purple Mansion Sect. The other party was threatening them with this. What should they do now?

“Purple Mansion Sect this bunch of fellows is really too despicable! They can’t beat us head-on, so they actually used Grand Elder’s and Sect Master’s lives to come and coerce us!”

“Heh heh,that bunch of fellows simply don’t know what face is. Isn’t being cunning and insidious what they are most skilled in? If it weren’t for them enduring patiently for many years and pushing the Heavenly Sky Sect to the teeth of the storm, how could the Southern Domain change hands so easy as well?”

“I say, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu, how about you guys go ask Senior Apprentice Brother Ye? We don’t have any confidence at all in our hearts!”

One had to acknowledge that Lin Chao’s move was indeed vicious.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sole reliance was the sect protecting grand array. But with this move from Lin Chao, it was forcing people out of the grand array.

This plan which severed any future offspring truly had no chink in the armor.

Tian Yu and Mo Yuntian exchanged a look and nodded at the same time.

Regardless of how great a breakthrough they obtained, facing the formidable Purple Mansion Sect, they simply did not have the slightest strength to retaliate.

Their only reliance was Ye Yuan!

Yet, when they arrived at Ye Yuan’s residence, they discovered that Ye Yuan was not there at all.

Asking around, nobody knew where Ye Yuan went either.

. . . . . .

Under the moonlight, two silhouettes appeared outside the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s gates.

“Has Miss Yue been well recently?”

“Being by Mister Ye’s side, Li-er’s pain has lessened considerably.”

“Sigh.It’s a shame that I can’t take time off to attend to something else right now. Or else, I can help you seek out the Azure Spirit Tree. The Endless Forest’s territory is vast, and resources are abundant. Perhaps the Azure Spirit Tree can be found in there!”

“Endless Foresthuh. . . That place seems very extraordinary. I went there once but only up to the 10 thousand mile region before not daring to go deeper in. A tiny little lower plane actually has such a terrifying place! If it is the Endless Forest, there might really be an Azure Spirit Tree. It’s just . . . that place is too dangerous. I don’t wish for you to take such a huge risk for me.”

“Miss Yue is treating me as an outsider with those words. If I remember correctly, the mystic realm trip this time, Miss Yue saved me three times, right? If I didn’t encounter Miss Yue, how would I, Ye Yuan, still have the life to speak here right now?”

Yue Mengli covered her mouth and said with a smile, “Didn’t Mister Ye save me too?”

Being together with Ye Yuan, Yue Mengli was meeting with her original looks.

Looking at a beauty under the moon. This gentle smile from Yue Mengli seemingly stirred the moonlight, captivating even the moonlight!

Ye Yuan actually stared at her somewhat dazedly.

“So beautiful!” Ye Yuan was overcome by an irresistible impulse to give a praise.

Yue Mengli was stunned and actually lowered her head with a blush all over her face.

Ever since growing up, the men who flattered Yue Mengli was too many to count. But she did not even spare a glance at those men’s fawning.

But, not knowing why, hearing Ye Yuan’s words today, she actually had a feeling of palpitation and excitement.

For such a long time, Yue Mengli followed Ye Yuan on the quiet and was already very clear on his character.

She knew that Ye Yuan’s words earlier was wholehearted praise and did not have the slightest intention of being frivolous.

Ye Yuan was not that kind of lecherous individual. Or else, placing a kingdom-toppling great beauty like Xiao Ruyan in front of him, normal people would have long taken her into their harem. How would it become this sort of relationship now?

It was precisely because of so that Ye Yuan’s praises appeared even more precious.

Ye Yuan also realized that he lost composure and said with an awkward smile, “Miss Yue . . .”

“Mister Ye better call me Li-er. Or Mengli works too,” Yue Mengli responded.

Ye Yuan did not try to feign either and said with a nod, “Then I’d better call you Li-er. You don’t keep calling me Mister Ye either. Just say my name directly.”

Yue Mengli nodded her head. Ye Yuan continued, “How was that considered saving people? It was just displaying my meager skills before an expert.”

But Yue Mengli shook her head and said, “With my looks at that time, you and I were complete strangers, and you actually risked your life to save Li-er. Li-er has always engraved it in my heart. Furthermore, Ye Yuan, you have the compassionate heart of a doctor. Seeing that I had a strange ailment, you didn’t stint in sharing the pill formula and divine soul mystic art. Such breadth of mind is highly precious to Li-er.”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Alright, alright, let’s not blow each other’s trumpets here. I have a score about everything in my heart. Li-er’s ailment, just count on me! After the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s matters settle, I’ll enter the Endless Forest to help you find this Azure Spirit Tree.”

Yue Mingli smiled sweetly and said, “Then Li-er give thanks in advance.”

Finished talking, the pair exchanged glances and smiled, but the atmosphere became somewhat ambiguous.

As they walked, they actually fell silent.

Finally, it was Yue Mengli who broke this silence. She said, “Ye Yuan, you’re really a prodigious talent. I observe that your current aura is only stronger and not weaker than those at the Third Level Sea Transformation Realm! In the Sea Transformation Realm, you’re nigh invincible! Moreover, when you were at the Crystal Formation Realm, you actually comprehended the elementary form of a supreme true intent! It is truly mind-boggling! With your talent, even when placed in the Divine Realm, you’re also a pinnacle existence. I really dare not believe that you came from a tiny little secular world kingdom.”

Yue Mengli’s horizons were absolutely not what Lower Realm martial artists could compare to. Things that many Lower Realm martial artists did not understand, Yue Mengli knew.

But, the more so, the more Yue Mengli felt that Ye Yuan was an enigmatic existence.

Or perhaps, it was precisely this sort of enigmatic disposition which deeply attracted her.

“Haha.This Ye naturally had some fortuitous encounters. Furthermore, I’m not foreign to the Divine Realm’s matters either. But this Ye, I, has my own difficulties that are hard to disclose. When there’s a chance in the future, this Ye will definitely speak candidly,” Ye Yuan said.

Yue Mengli’s eyes flickered, and she gave a melancholic sigh as he said, “Which genius such as yourself doesn’t have their own secrets. I won’t ask then.”

Ye Yuan gave a slight smile, feeling that this Yue Mengli was really considerate.

When speaking and doing things, she gave people a feeling of the spring breeze caressing one’s cheeks.

“Thank you very much, Li-er,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Yue Mengli said smilingly, “You didn’t invite me out of the sect at night just to chit-chat and admire the moon, right?”

Ye Yuan chortled and said, “Of course not!”

As he said, Ye Yuan suddenly erupted. A sword finger shot over towards the jungle.

Only to see an azure light flash, vanishing into the dense vegetation.

“Ah!”A miserable cry was heard. There was actually somebody lying in wait there!

Yue Mengli did not have any surprised expression towards this. Evidently, she had known long ago.

Right then, two black shadows suddenly scurried not far away, fleeing helter-skelter.

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and shot out another two streaks of sword qi!

Another two tragic cries sounded.

Ye Yuan dusted his hands and said, “Alright. Those spying little thieves are cleaned up. Now, we can get down to proper business!”

As he said this, Ye Yuan took out a small flag from his storage ring. It was shockingly the Profound Ice Flag that Wei Xiao gave him back at the Grand Yan Space!

Yue Mengli’s gaze turned intent, and she said, “It’s actually an array formation profound artifact!”

“Hur hur,Li-er has sharp eyes!” Ye Yuan said with a chuckle.

“You’re trying to . . .” Yue Mengli said curiously.

“You’ll know in a while.”

As he said, Ye Yuan mustered up essence energy. The Profound Ice Flag emitted a dazzling light!