Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 466

Chapter 466 Obliterated?


When Ye Yuan’s words were heard, not just Lin Chao, all of the Purple Mansion Sect’s disciples were overwhelmed with indignation!

They felt that this was Ye Yuan insulting His Majesty, the Wind Emperor!

How could a puny little Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple make the high and mighty Wind Emperor kneel down?

Lin Chao’s expression became very ugly, and he said with a cold grunt, “Ye Yuan, you’re challenging my baseline! Looks like if I don’t show you some colors, you’ll forever not know pain! Come, men! Bring Ling Potian up here for me and kill him!”

The Purple Mansion Sect’s Sect Master seemed to not have the intention of talking and left everything here to Lin Chao.

Under Lin Chao’s command, Ling Potian was brought before the formation very quickly by two Sea Transformation Realm martial artists.

Ling Potian still had that icy-cold look and was pushed and shoved by two Sea Transformation Realm martial artists. But his expression was one with stubbornness!

When Ye Yuan saw the situation, his face changed, and he said, “Lin Chao, I already came out. What else do you want?”

Lin Chao said with a cold smile, “His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, is a paramount existence. You actually dare to defame him so! This is the result of you slandering him!”

As he said, Lin Chao did a chopping action. A Sea Transformation Realm martial artist raised his hand and lowered his blade without even furrowing his eyebrows. Ling Potian died just like this.

Ye Yuan was livid with rage. Clearly, he did not think that Lin Chao would actually be so decisive to directly kill people.

Lin Chao waved his hand. But this time, Xiao Jian was brought up!

“Ye Yuan, I think that you still haven’t figure out just how is holding the initiative right now!” Lin Chao looked at Ye Yuan with a proud look.

Ye Yuan’s expression was very ugly, and he said with a cold snort, “Lin Chao, don’t go too far!”

“Haha.When you used the grand array to cut down our three grand elders, why didn’t you say words like this? I really never expected that you could actually rely on a grand array to perform to such an extent. Honestly speaking, if not for guessing that you had returned, I really wouldn’t have dared to recommend Sect Master to use such measures. I think that with your personality, you probably wouldn’t watch passively as the few of them died in front of you, right?Hahaha!”

Talking about how he was proud of himself, Lin Chao laughed wildly unceasingly.

“Lin Chao! I really regret not killing you back then in the mystic realm!” Ye Yuan said, through gnashed teeth.

“There is no medicine that can be eaten for regret in this world! Speaking of which, if not for you bringing me past those grand arrays, I wouldn’t have a way to crack the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array! For my Fierce Gale World’s aboriginals to be able to appear in the sight of people once again, it’s truly all thanks to you!” Lin Chao became more delighted the more he talked.

Speaking of which, Lin Chao also suffered a fair bit of losses in the hands of Ye Yuan too, and he almost died in Ye Yuan’s hands a number of times.

Now that he could finally take revenge on Ye Yuan, Lin Chao was also incomparably free from inhibitions in his heart.

Seeing that visage of Ye Yuan’s that was black like the bottom of a pot, Lin Chao felt liberating to the max.

“Talk then. What terms do you want before you’re willing to let Grand Elder they all go!” Ye Yuan said.

Lin Chao said smilingly, “Very simple. As long as you get rid of this sect protecting grand array and surrender to my Purple Mansion Sect, I can spare their lives!”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he immediately refused, “That’s impossible! Keep dreaming!”

Lin Chao had an amused look as he said, “Is that so . . .”

As he spoke, Lin Chao’s hand slowly raised.

Only to hear a spray. Xiao Jian was decapitated too!

“Hall Head Xiao!” Ye Yuan clearly did not expect that Lin Chao would actually kill people like so without batting his eyes, as he said with a roar.

“Huhu.I wonder . . . if I’m dreaming right now?” Lin Chao looked at Ye Yuan and said mockingly.

He knew Ye Yuan’s temperament, which was why he used such intense measures to force Ye Yuan to submit.

The first two was killed straightforwardly. But at the back, he would naturally take it slow.

As long as he still had a person in his hands, he would not fear Ye Yuan not holding back when taking action.

As long as Ye Yuan removed the grand array, then the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect was equivalent to being annihilated.

Or maybe, Ye Yuan himself walking out of the grand array.

Lin Chao believed that so long as this sect protecting grand array did not have Ye Yuan presiding over it, with He Mingde’s strength, he could surely breach it easily!

What he needed to do was to stun Ye Yuan’s state of mind, and make Ye Yuan lose his normal judgment.

Now, his plan had basically half-succeeded already!

Ye Yuan currently had furious eyes; far from that sort of cool and composed feeling normally.

At this time, Lin Chao waved his hand again. The one brought up this time was precisely Sect Master Luo Qingfeng!

“Ye Yuan, still want to do it?” Lin Chao said coolly.

The current Lin Chao was like a sovereign who overlooked all life, holding the power of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s upper echelon’s life and death!

Ye Yuan’s present complexion was already gloomy to be extreme. He enunciated word by word, “You’re . . . courting . . . death!”

As he said, Ye Yuan walked out of the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array just like that, bringing along floating flower petals that filled the entire sky.

Seeing this scene, Lin Chao was not alarmed, but became delighted instead!

This Ye Yuan finally could not bear it and walked out of the grand array himself!

Although he was alarmed due to the might of Ye Yuan’s attacks, with Lord Sect Master here, what could Ye Yuan do to him?

Ye Yuan’s eyes were crimson red, looking as if he was completely possessed.

Thousand Flowing Petals carried a soul-stirring deterring power as it gradually approached Lin Chao.

He Mingde looked at Ye Yuan and Lin Chao’s conversation expressionlessly all the way until this moment, did his eyes show immense shock.

The power of this move was too strong!

This was still his first time seeing this genius from Lin Chao’s mouth. When he saw him for the first time earlier, he did not seem to have any extraordinary aspects either.

But when he saw this scene, He Mingde finally understood that Lin Chao’s appraisal of Ye Yuan was not too high. It was actually too low!

Just based on this move, Ye Yuan was simply without any match within the Sea Transformation Realm!

Yet, this young man was just merely First Level Sea Transformation Realm!

Such talent, such combat strength, it was overwhelming until it made people feel suffocated!

However . . .

A hint of a cruel smile flashed across He Mingde’s face. Even more talented geniuses would stop here today!

Ye Yuan stood inside the grand array all along previously. He Mingde was wary of the grand array; that was why he observed by the side the entire time.

Now that Ye Yuan already walked out of the sect protecting grand array, He Mingde no longer had anything to fear.

Lin Chao was a peerless genius among the Purple Mansion Sect’s junior generation. Going to the Fierce Gale World this time and obtaining His Majesty, the Wind Emperor’s bestowal, his strength improved at a tremendous pace even more so.

But, even like this, he was still not Ye Yuan’s match!

He Mingde naturally would not watch Ye Yuan kill Lin Chao passively. Hence, he took action. Ye Yuan was already increasingly closer to Lin Chao. The astonishment in Lin Chao’s could not be any greater as well.

He felt immense pressure. The attack of a First Level Sea Transformation Realm could actually give him such tremendous pressure!

But Lin Chao did not perform any defensive move. He knew that He Mingde would definitely make a move!

As long as Ye Yuan exited the grand array, he did not have any chance to return anymore!

“Lin Chao, it’s you who are seeking death; I can’t be blamed!” Ye Yuan said in a seemingly crazed-state.

At present, Ye Yuan had advanced to the Sea Transformation Realm. The power of the Thousand Flowing Petals went further up another step.

Those horrifying flying petals swept towards Lin Chao.

At that very moment, a horrifying majesty descended abruptly. A white light roughly the size of a bowl plummeted from the sky, directly blasting onto Ye Yuan’s body!

Ye Yuan did not even get to scream out and was obliterated by this move!

Lin Chao looked at this scene with a look of self-delight and was incomparably satisfied.

This fellow finally died!

Yet, right at that moment, He Mingde’s expression changed. He yelled out, “Lin Chao, be careful!”