Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Arrogant Messengers


This time, it was Ye Yuan’s turn to be stunned.

“Grand Elder, this Myriad Sword Sect . . .”

Skymaple’s expression was very ugly. But he still replied, “Back then, the ones who forced our Tranquil Cloud Sect out of the Northern Domain was precisely the Myriad Sword Sect!”

Ye Yuan frowned when he heard that and said, “If the messengers are from the Myriad Sword Sect, Elder Mei he . . . It’s all my fault, only thinking to notify the Northern Domain and didn’t think that such a thing would happen.”

Mei Zhen and Ye Yuan went through thick and thin together along the way. If something really happened to Mei Zhen, Ye Yuan definitely would not let this Myriad Sword Sect off.

“How can this be blamed on you? This matter, only I, Qingfeng, and the five of them know. Mei Zhen himself didn’t know either.Sigh.Hopefully, it’s just a coincidence. So many years have passed since the incident. Maybe this matter has already faded from the Myriad Sword Sect’s memories. After all, we don’t pose any threat to them at all right now,” Skymaple said with a sigh.

“Go. Let’s meet with these people,” Ye Yuan said.

. . . . . .

The group came to the main hall. But the moment they entered, their expressions changed abruptly.

Several Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were lying on the ground groaning endlessly. Three youngsters sat on the highest three positions in the center of the main hall.

“The three of you. Insolence!”

Xiao Jian was a forthright person. How could he tolerate it when he saw this sort of situation? He directly wielded his sword and stabbed towards that youth in the center.

But the youth on the right seat curled his mouth and said with a sneer, “Violet Rain Cool Breeze is it? I know it too!”

As he said, he leaped up and actually executed the exact same move as Xiao Jian!

“Careful, Xiao Jian!” Luo Qingfeng was greatly alarmed and hurriedly yelled out. But it was already late. The two person’s attacks clashed together swiftly.

That youth was a Seventh Level Sea Transformation Realm. Xiao Jian was already half-step Soul Sea Realm at present. Yet, that youth’s attack actually arrived first despite being executed later. The speed was even a little faster than Xiao Jian’s!


The sound of metal colliding echoed. Xiao Jian actually gave a muffled groan and was sent flying out.

Skymaple and the rest were greatly startled seeing the situation. Luo Qingfeng went up to catch Xiao Jian.

Executed by Xiao Jian, a half-step Soul Sea Realm, he actually sustained injuries in one move!

Entirely not on the same level! This young man was too strong!

“You! How do you know the Violet Rain Cool Breeze?!” Luo Qingfeng asked gravely.

Violet Rain Cool Breeze was an extremely powerful move in the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art’s Sea Transformation Realm. This young man before him was actually even more skilled in it compared to Xiao Jian. This had to be said to be a kind of immense irony!

The young man said with a faint smile when he heard that, “You’re the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Sect Master, right? Introducing myself, I’m Myriad Sword Sect disciple, Li Junjie. These two are my seniors. The one sitting on the left is Gu Tianyou. The one in the seat of honor is our eldest senior brother, Qin Yan. As for why I know Violet Rain Cool Breeze, very simple, because what I cultivate in is also the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art.”

A faint smile hung on the corner of Li Junjie’s mouth from start to end. Except, that smile had a somewhat mocking undertone no matter how one looked at it.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s foundation was the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. But Li Junjie defeated Xiao Jian with the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s cultivation martial technique. This was seriously a tremendous blow to the Tranquil Cloud Sect members.

Indeed, hearing Li Junjie’s words, Skymaple and the rest’s faces revealed sorrow.

How did Li Junjie know the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, this was not hard to guess.

When the Tranquil Cloud Sect moved south in a haste back then, many cultivation methods and martial technique were all lost.

Very clearly, the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art was obtained by the Myriad Sword Sect.

The Myriad Sword Sect’s core cultivation method was not the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. But this did not impede their disciples from cultivating this cultivation method.

One had to know that the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art was a true blue Tier 5 cultivation method. It could let martial artists train to Peak Divine Traversing Realm.

The Myriad Sword Sect’s own core cultivation method was merely like so as well.

“Tsk tsk.Back then, my Myriad Sword Sect did not exterminate your Tranquil Cloud Sect to the last person because of a variety of reasons. Originally, we thought that you all could progress a little coming to the Southern Domain. Who knew that you would deteriorate with each passing day!” Gu Tianyou said with a pitying look.

“Yeah. Your own sect’s cultivation method actually can’t even beat me. That person just now seems to be your Tranquil Cloud Sect’s upper echelon, right? To actually not even be my, this Disciple’s, match.Sigh. . .” Li Junjie said.

“Recalling back then, the Tranquil Cloud Sect commanded the wind and clouds in the Northern Domain. Who dared to provoke the sect? Now, it actually declined to such a degree. Truly makes people feel regrettable,” Gu Tianyou said.

The two people chimed in one after the other. Hearing it sounded like pitying the Tranquil Cloud Sect, but actually it was simply picking a quarrel and completely thought nothing of the Tranquil Cloud Sect people.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s face was already thrown on the ground by these two, trampled again and again.

While Luo Qingfeng was composed, how could he still endure at this time?

Luo Qingfeng took a step forward and said with an ill-intent look, “You three are so unbridled in my Tranquil Cloud Sect. Do you really take my Tranquil Cloud Sect to have nobody?”

Li Junjie seemed to have been frightened. He said in shock, “Senior Apprentice Brother Gu, turns out that the Tranquil Cloud Sect actually still has a Soul Sea Realm expert. How incredible!”

Gu Tianyou said indifferently, “What do Soul Sea Realm experts count as? Just a First Level Soul Sea Realm. Our Myriad Sword Sect has a large bunch with one grab. If he dares to make a move against us, the Myriad Sword Sect will come to the Southern Domain to exterminate them right away! Furthermore . . . whether he is Eldest Senior Brother’s match or not, it’s really hard to say!” exclaimed Gu Tianyou.

As Gu Tianyou said those words, his eyes looked over towards Eldest Senior Brother, Qin Yan.

Qin Yan did not say a word from beginning to end. But since this Li Junjie was already so strong, their eldest senior brother naturally would not be too weak.

Qin Yan was only at the Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm. Such strength was simply clay chickens and pottery dogs in front of a Soul Sea Realm expert.

Stepping into the Soul Sea Realm was truly stepping into the rankings of the middle three Realms. It was completely not what Sea Transformation Realm martial artists could compare to.

Any random Soul Sea Realm expert that came could freely crush Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artists. Let alone that Luo Qingfeng’s strength was even considerably stronger compared to ordinary Soul Sea Realms.

But Gu Tianyou said that Luo Qingfeng was not Qin Yan’s match. These words were truly a little too presumptuous.

Luo Qingfeng’s expression changed, and he said with a cold smile, “Fine. Then today, I’ll have a direct confrontation with this Eldest Senior Brother of yours and take a look at how a Sea Transformation Realm surpasses a Soul Sea Realm!”

At this time, a figure flashed, blocking in front of Luo Qingfeng.

Luo Qingfeng was stunned, but saw Ye Yuan turn around. Ye Yuan said to him with a smile, “Is there a need to use a butcher’s knife to kill chickens? We, these disciples, haven’t gone up yet. How can we let Lord Sect Master take the stage personally? Our Tranquil Cloud Sect is also a former Northern Domain’s great sect no matter what. Where is the logic of bullying the weak with the strong? Better for me to square up against the Myriad Sword Sect’s three senior brothers then. It also counts as interacting a little with the present Northern Domain’s great sects.”

“Don’t horse around, Ye Yuan! Quickly come back for me!” Luo Qingfeng actually had a seldom seen reproach of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan smiled but did not have the intention of moving aside.

He knew that Luo Qingfeng was worried about his safety. But how could he pay attention to three Sea Transformation Realms?

After Luo Qingfeng returned to the sect, he had not witnessed Ye Yuan’s combat strength yet and simply could not imagine just what kind of realm Ye Yuan already reached right now.

“Huhu,interesting, really interesting! To think that there’s still such a character in the Tranquil Cloud Sect currently. A First Level Sea Transformation Realm also dares to come out and provoke our eldest senior brother. Really too fascinating! Lord Sect Master, what this Junior Brother here said was, only a disciple versus another disciple can measure a sect’s strength,” Li Junjie said with an amused look.