Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Hes Called Ye Yuan


Yin Yanhua and Guo Taoqun invited Ye Yuan naturally because they took a fancy on his potential.

Ye Yuan could defeat Qin Yan, sufficiently showing how great his strength was.

With Ye Yuan’s age, his accomplishments would surely be boundless in the future. Such a figure naturally had to be roped in early.

Seeing Guo Taoqun cutting in, Yin Yanhua’s surrounding temperature fell several degrees once more.

Guo Taoqun’s face changed, and he said obsequiously,“Haha,kidding, just kidding. How can our Heavenly Martial Sect have a place to house such a large sect?”

Yin Yanhua could not be bothered with Guo Taoqun. She said to Ye Yuan, “I wonder what Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s opinion is like?”

The few people present were all the distinguished leaders of the Endless World’s junior generation. They were all sharp-minded people.

Although those few standing by the sides were the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s upper echelons, the one truly making the decisions was this young man before their eyes.

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said with Yin Yanhua with a faint smile, “Thank you very much for Ice Cloud Fairy’s good intentions. But about the place to settle down, my Tranquil Cloud Sect already has arrangements.”

A tinge of disappointment flickered across Yin Yanhua’s eyes as she said with a sigh, “Alright then. Since that’s the case, Yanhua will take her leave.”

Finished talking, Yin Yanhua’s figure moved, vanishing before everyone.

Guo Taoqun yelled out, “Ice Cloud Fairy, wait for me! Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, when you go to the Northern Domain, you have to come to my Heavenly Martial Sect to take a look! I’m leaving too!”

Ye Yuan gave a faint smile. This Guo Taoqun was really a funny fellow.

At this time, there were only the Myriad Sword Sect’s three people left in the main hall. Ye Yuan said coolly, “What? Could it be that you all are still planning on staying behind to have a meal?”

Gu Tianyou looked at Ye Yuan and looked at the unconscious Qin Yan again. For a moment, he was actually at a loss on what to do.

“Eldest Senior Brother he . . .” Gu Tianyou gave a smile that was even uglier than crying.

“Do you feel like I’m joking with you all?” Ye Yuan’s tone became cold.


“Then not scramming yet?”

Seeing that Ye Yuan inclining to fly off the handle, Gu Tianyou and Li Junjie went out of the main hall step by step.

At this time, Luo Qingfeng came in front of Ye Yuan and asked worriedly, “The Myriad Sword Sect is one of the three strongest great sects in the Northern Domain. Just the Divine Traversing Realm experts in their sect numbers quite a few. We captured their eldest disciple. They probably won’t take things lying down, right?”

Ye Yuan said with a frown, “I’m the one who sent Elder Mei over. I have to rescue him back! Sect Master rest assured; the matter of the realm passageway linking together is also just in these few days. At that time, the Myriad Sword Sect most likely won’t have the energy to come and bother with us, a tiny little Tranquil Cloud Sect.”

Luo Qingfeng had no alternatives. He could only say, “Fine then. It’s up to you to do whatever you want. Grand Elder and I will always be standing behind you to support you!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Many thanks for Grand Elder’s and Sect Master’s understanding. Sect Master, the time left to us isn’t much already. We have to make the best use of our time to move north.”

. . . . . .

Several days later, beneath the unknown mystic realm’s Eternal Splendor Palace.


With an enormous rumble, the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array fragmented inch by inch.

The grand array that guarded the Endless World for several thousand years finally collapsed with a loud bang.

At the same time, the entire Endless World felt an intense tremor. Everyone all felt like something major was about to happen!

He Mingde stood respectfully at one side. Five figures took the lead to enter, crossing the realm passageway.

Seeing these five people, He Mingde bowed all the way down, “Fierce Gale World’s survivor, He Mingde, pay respects to five sovereigns!”

These five people were shocking all Peak Divine Traversing Realm existences!

The one at the helm nodded slightly and said, “Arise! You did very well. His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, is very pleased with you. This is the reward that His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, entrusted me to give you before setting off.”

This elderly person was actually the Shangguan Family Head who observed Ye Yuan and Zhao Chenggan’s battle from a corner of the plaza back then, Shangguan Wenrui!

He Mingde was overjoyed seeing the situation and said, “Many thanks for His Majesty, the Wind Emperor’s, bestowal. Although we have lied low in the Endless World for thousands of years, we dare not forget the great duty that His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, tasked us to do even for a moment! Having gone through thousands of years, it finally let us find a way to crack the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array!”

Shangguan Wenrui nodded and suddenly asked, “The Endless World’s Southern Domain is very important to us. It should have culminated under your Purple Mansion Sect, right?”

But He Mingde’s expression changed as he said, “Sovereign Shangguan, forgive my mistake. Originally, the Southern Domain was already in the bag. But a remarkably monstrous youth came from the Tranquil Cloud Sect. He actually raised the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array to Quasi-Tier 5 level. We . . .”

The air instantly chilled. Shangguan Wenrui was clearly very displeased by this news.

He Mingde stood by the side and did not dare to even exhale loudly.

This one before his eyes was a Peak Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse. Huffing a breath could doom him eternally.

That boy called Ye Yuan really screwed him over badly!

“You, an exalted Seventh Level Soul Sea Realm martial artist, is actually powerless against a youngster? His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, placed such high hopes on you; is this how you repay him?” Shangguan Wenrui said coldly.

He Mingde sweat profusely and hurriedly explain, “Sovereign Shangguan, calm your anger. That . . . That young man is indeed too monstrous. Furthermore . . . Furthermore, I heard that he escaped back to the Endless World from the Fierce Gale World!”

Shangguan Wenrui’s expression changed, and he immediately thought of Ye Yuan.

This Endless World youth entered deep into the Fierce Gale World by himself, throwing the Fierce Gale World into an upheaval, and even retreated in one piece!

Speaking of which, it was really inconceivable.

After Zhao Tianyun appeared in the plaza on that day, in order to avoid arousing suspicions, Shangguan Wenrui and Xue Hongfei left directly and did not see what happened later.

Shangguan Wenrui looked into it afterward as well. But those who stayed at the plaza afterward were practically all dead.

Only Ding Liang and Star Abyss’s group of people were alive. But all of them did not dare to breathe a word to another soul about what happened on that day.

But Shangguan Wenrui speculated that some earth-shaking major thing must have happened for Ye Yuan to be able to escape from Zhao Tianyin’s hands.

Otherwise, how could a Crystal Formation Realm brat possibly escape from the hands of the Boundless Realm Wind Emperor?

Shangguan Wenrui’s complexion was slightly better, and he opened his mouth to ask,“Oh?There’s still such a monstrous youth? What’s his name called?”

He Mingde said quaking in fear, “He . . . He’s called Ye Yuan!”


Even though he guessed it long ago, Shangguan Wenrui still felt unbelievably shocked.

This boy called Ye Yuan was covered in secrets all over.

Looks like not just his personal strength was incomparably formidable, he had startling talent in the path of formations too!

He Mingde sneaked a glance at Shangguan Wenrui’s face. After seeing that he did not show an enraged expression, He Mingde gathered his courage and said, “On that day, I personally escorted the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s hostages, wanting to force this punk out of the grand array. Who knew that he actually set up an extremely powerful illusionary array outside the gates, and he rescued the people away instead! Furthermore, I heard him saying that his array formation . . . actually came from the Grand Yan True Sect’s inheritance! He even said . . . even said . . .”

Shangguan Wenrui narrowed his eyes and said, “Speak!”

“He even said . . . If the Grand Yan True Sect’s Sect Master had grasped that set of illusionary formation back then, even if His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, came personally, he would return with failure too!” He Mingde mopped the cold sweat on his forehead.