Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 479

Chapter 479 A Hundred Pieces Means A Hundred


Although the realm passageway did not link up, large numbers of low-level martial artists had already flooded in from the Fierce Gale World.

The Purple Mansion Sect already controlled virtually all of the secular world nations in the Southern Domain through these low-level martial artists.

After the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples escaped out of the Tranquil Cloud Sect through the miniature transmission array, under Ye Yuan’s arrangements, they organized themselves into multiple groups. They disguised themselves as the bottommost level ordinary martial artists and scattered around, rushing to some frontier cities.

And Ye Yuan’s batch of people was the final batch.

The transmission arrays connecting to and fro the Southern Domain and the Northern Domain were mostly built in these border cities.

Of course, these transmission arrays were already controlled by the Purple Mansion Sect now without exception.

What the Tranquil Cloud Sect could defend was just the sect gates. The mortal world kingdoms, they already had no strength to attend to.

After the realm passageway linked up, large numbers of low-level martial artists flooded in. This kind of a strategic point, it was naturally impossible for the Purple Mansion Sect to let it go. Even the out-of-the-way Breaking Dawn City was no exception.

Basically, these cities all had Sea Transformation Realm experts holding the fort now, controlling the transmission arrays tightly.

Right now, these frontier cities’ characteristics were all the same: easy to enter, hard to leave. Those who came in from the Northern Domain through the transmission array were totally ignored. But them wanting to return was extremely difficult.

Every frontier town had high-level Sea Transformation Realms holding the fort. Ordinary people simply could not cross!

If not because Soul Sea Realm martial artists were too rare, the Purple Mansion Sect would even send Soul Sea Realm martial artists to hold down the fort in these frontier towns.

However, high-level Sea Transformation Realms were already immensely powerful existences in the Southern Domain. Apart from those big sects’ upper echelons, ordinary martial artists that could beat them were in the minority.

Even one of the Eight Great Sects like the Tranquil Cloud Sect only had extremely few people who could forcefully carve out a path too. Moreover, they could not guarantee that the high-level Sea Transformation Realms would not destroy the transmission arrays.

It was also this cicada shedding its shell move by Ye Yuan which surprised the Purple Mansion Sect greatly. These border towns’ garrison had yet to come around to it. Or else, them wanting to break through these obstacles would be extremely arduous.

During these few days’ time, the Tranquil Cloud Sect had already split into a number of batches and sneaked into these border towns, as well as scheduling to take action today together to forcefully break through!

Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng, these two people, were Soul Sea Realm martial artists. Dealing with Sea Transformation Realms was naturally a cinch.

Breaking Dawn City had Ye Yuan holding the fort here. Dealing with a late-stage Sea Transformation Realm was naturally not a big issue as well.

“Many people think that setting up transmission arrays is a colossal project. Actually, setting up a miniature transmission array that can only accommodate three to five people passing through, furthermore, just transmitting a hundred miles away, isn’t something difficult. But the usage of this sort of transmission arrays is very limited. Martial artists who move fast can reach before two hours. Hence, the uses of this kind of transmission array are exceptionally few and remarkably easy to overlook. This is also considered a shadow under the light, I guess,” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

“Hehe,what a fine shadow under the light! Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, not only is your strength outstanding, this boldness and breadth of spirit are even a cut above others! If there weren’t you around, even if we had guarded the Tranquil Cloud Sect, it would still be hard to escape death in the end!” Tian Yu said.

“Yeah! If not for this strategy of a cicada shedding its shell, the Purple Mansion Sect would definitely react right away, informing the frontier towns to intercept us. Once they wreck the transmission array, it will also be hard to fly even with wings!” Mo Yuntian said.

Ye Yuan just smiled and changed the topic. He said, “We’d best go to the transmission array area to take a look first. We arranged to make a move tonight with sect master they all. Figuring out the transmission array’s surrounding situation first is better.”

Everyone nodded in agreement and headed in the direction of the transmission array together.

Although Breaking Dawn City was remote, heaven was high in this place, and the emperor far away. The State of Yan’s control over here was very weak instead.

Due to there being many demonic beast hunters going in and out of the Endless Forest here, the Breaking Dawn City was very prosperous.

It was precisely under such a situation that the Breaking Dawn City’s martial artists’ strength was quite formidable. Everywhere on the streets, Crystal Formation Realm martial artists could be seen. There were even a small number of early-stage Sea Transformation Realm martial artists.

Hence, Ye Yuan and these people wandering around in the city would not draw many people’s eyes.

There were marketplaces everywhere here. Martial artists set up stalls spontaneously on the streets.

Ye Yuan and the others passed through two streets. Ye Yuan suddenly stopped his footsteps in front of a stall.

The stall owner was a Crystal Formation Realm old man, looking rather plain with nothing attractive.

“Old man, how is this herbal grass of yours sold?” Ye Yuan pointed to a stalk of grass on the stall and enquired.

That old man was currently bored to death. Seeing that somebody came over to buy stuff, he shot a glance at Ye Yuan faintly and said, “50 pieces of middle-grade essence crystals. I don’t take low-grade essence crystals!”

“What? A stalk of Quasi-Tier 4 herb, you’re selling for 50 middle-grade essence crystals? Why don’t you go and rob people?” Tian Yu nearly jumped up hearing that.

That old man was disinclined to even spare Tian Yu a glance as he said indifferently, “Up to you to buy or not! Get lost if you’re not buying! Don’t interfere with this old man’s sleep!”

But Ye Yuan casually retrieved 50 middle-grade essence crystals and said, “This is 50 middle-grade essence crystals. Your elderly self can do the counting.”

When that old man saw Ye Yuan fish out fifty middle-grade essence crystals without even blinking, his eyes involuntarily glinted, and he immediately perked up.

There were quite a few stall owners who saw this scene and could not help commenting respectively.

“Truly, fools are wealthy. This herb’s origins are unknown, and nobody can name it at all; let alone anybody who knows its usage. This boy isn’t buying it back to feed pigs, right?”

“Hehe,Qi Hai this old fellow already asked all the high-rank alchemists in the city. Nobody can recognize this herb at all. This boy is still so young. Don’t tell me that he recognizes this herb’s use!”

“Might be some wealthy family’s disciple from somewhere with too much money to burn! This kind of dummies, I’ve seen plenty!”

“You looked at the badge on his chest. Still just an Alchemy Master. Wonder what is he buying this Quasi-Tier 4 herbal grass back for. These days, there are really all kinds of idiots!”

The name of the herb couldn’t even be called out. Naturally, there was no one who knew what kind of medicinal pill it could be used to refine.

Furthermore, this herb only had one stalk. Even if somebody wanted to use to experiment, it was not possible to experiment out anything either.

This old fellow called Qi Hai already put up a stall here for a month. But this herb could not sell at all.

A stalk of herbal grass that simply had no usage, no matter how cheaply he sold it, it was not possible to spend this wrongful money too.

Earlier, seeing Ye Yuan enquire about this stalk of herbal grass, Qi Hai anyhow gave a price; 50 middle-grade essence crystals. It could already almost purchase a stalk of Tier 4 medicinal herb!

He totally did not think that Ye Yuan would buy. Who knew that Ye Yuan did not even furrow his brows, pulling out 50 middle-grade essence crystals instead!

Qi Hai sat up and could not help sizing up Ye Yuan. A while later, this old man suddenly gave a smile and said, “I was muddled with sleep just now. This stalk of herbal grass should be 100 middle-grade essence crystals!”

When these words came out, those fellow apprentices around Ye Yuan were immediately filled with killing intent.

This old man was completely setting price on the spot. How was this doing business?

This was simply robbing money!

In just a short while, the price doubled!

Ye Yuan burst into laughter and said, “Done! A hundred pieces mean a hundred!”