Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 480

Chapter 480 250


This unknown Tier 4 herbal grass was called Dodder Green Grass.

This kind of Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herb was naturally not some rare object. But it was a rare thing in the Endless World.

In some medicinal theory records including the Herbal Compendium, there were simply no records regarding the Dodder Green Grass. Those so-called high-rank alchemists not recognizing it was also normal.

The reason why Ye Yuan took a fancy on this Dodder Green Grass was that this was one of the core ingredients for a Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pill, the Purple Heart Soul Luring Pill.

This Purple Heart Soul Luring Pill was precisely the upgraded version of the Soul Luring Pill. It was used to break through to the Soul Sea Realm.

Except, this Purple Heart Soul Luring Pill’s medicinal effects was on an entirely different level from the Soul Luring Pill.

Ye Yuan naturally would not just use the garbage Soul Luring Pill for his own breakthrough. Encountering the Dodder Green Grass was just perfect at this time; he obviously had to put it in his bag.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan more or less knew some things about the Endless World’s alchemy world. The value of this Dodder Green Grass was absolutely worth a hundred middle-grade essence crystals.

This thing was not the slightest bit inferior when compared to ordinary Tier 4 medicinal herbs.

Furthermore, due to this Dodder Green Grass being exceptionally scarce in the Endless World, an object was valued in proportion to its rarity. Ye Yuan did not feel that this price was too ridiculous.

It was just that the way others saw it, Ye Yuan naturally became a sucker who was foolish but wealthy.

When Qi Hai saw the hundred middle-grade essence crystals, his eyes immediately lit up, and his entire person became alert, becoming like a different person from that previously lethargic appearance.

One had to know that 100 middle-grade essence crystals was roughly equivalent to the price of a Tier 4 medicinal herb already.

Yet, how could Tier 4 medicinal herbs be so easy to acquire?

A Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herb selling at the price of a Tier 4 medicinal herb. Where should one go to find this kind of bargain?

“Heh heh.Young man, I see that you have such cultivation at a young age. Definitely a prodigious talent with discerning eyes like burning torches! This herbal grass of mine was snatched from the mouth of a Tier 4 demonic beast. I nearly died in its belly. Fortunately, this old man, I, ran fast. So 100 middle-grade essence crystals really isn’t considered expensive!” Qi Hai said in all smiles.

But when everyone saw Qi Hai’s manner, they had a contemptuous look.

This fellow was only Crystal Formation Realm cultivation. How could he possibly snatch such a herbal grass from the hands of a Tier 4 demonic beast?

Even a fool also knew that this was bluffing that youngster!

However . . . Wasn’t that young man a fool?

Indeed, Ye Yuan actually nodded his head and said,“Huhu,elderly person, I believe you.”

A series of snickers sounded all around. But Ye Yuan thought otherwise in his heart.

But towards these ignorant people, he obviously would not go and explain anything either.

Ye Yuan knew that the Dodder Green Grass indeed had a kind of companion beast whose strength was comparable to middle-stage Sea Transformation human martial artists.

This old man Qi Hai being able to return alive was already very fortunate.

People become shrewd as they get older. Even though this old man only had Crystal Formation Realm strength, he might have some special life-preserving means.

Therefore, 100 middle-grade essence crystals was indeed not considered expensive!

“Since that’s the case, then let’s close the deal?” Qi Hai was afraid that Ye Yuan would renege and hastily said.


The two people concluded it. Ye Yuan was just about to collect that Dodder Green Grass when all of a sudden, a discordant voice sound out.

“This medicinal herb, I want it! 150 middle-grade essence crystals!”

A young man suddenly cut in rudely and directly raised fifty middle-grade essence crystals.

Seeing this young man, the other stall owners all sensibly shut their mouths, feeling like he was like a plague.

But Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed when he saw the situation. This punk was clearly making things difficult for him.

“Elderly person, I offer 200!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Competing in essence crystals, Ye Yuan really did not fear anyone.

Previously in the unknown mystic realm, Ye Yuan extorted a large sum of essence crystals from the Heavenly Sky Sect.

Later on in the Fierce Gale World, the Xiao Family also gifted a large sum of essence crystals in order to thank Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan basically did not touch them.

This punk was competing in wealth with him?

He was going to freaking regret it!

“250!” the youth spoke again.

At this, the people watching the show by the side could not hold back and unwittingly burst into laughter abruptly.

Ye Yuan was thrilled when he heard that. Was this punk a joker here to amuse everyone?

Seeing everyone snickering, the youth failed to react to it for some time. A Fourth Level Sea Transformation guard behind him hurriedly moved closer and whispered a few words beside his ear.

The youth came to realize the truth abruptly, and he could not help flushing with shame.

He shot a vicious glare at the surroundings and said angrily, “Laughing at what? Do you believe I’ll smash all of your stalls if you keep laughing? Make my father take in your stalls and make you all unable to have a foothold in Breaking Dawn City?”

Those stall owners seemed to really submit to this and immediately put away their smiles.

That youth smiled proudly seeing the situation and shot Ye Yuan a glance like he was demonstrating his power.

Ye Yuan guessed that this young man’s identity was special too. But he himself was born a silkpants. Could it be that he was still afraid of a silkpants loafing around?

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Elderly person, we can’t afford to offer 250. We’ll offer 300. Haha.”

“I offer 500! This medicinal herb is rich in essence energy. I think it’s pretty good. Going back and eating it should increase a fair amount of essence energy!” said the young man said haughtily.

Ye Yuan was speechless. This punk actually wanted to eat the Dodder Green Grass raw! Truly a wanton waste of God’s good gifts!

The majority of medicinal herb could actually be eaten raw. But extremely few people would do that. Because it was just too wasteful!

Furthermore, according to the attribute differences in essence energy that martial artists cultivate, some medicinal herbs could even clash with the cultivation method trained in, getting half the results with twice the effort, and even affecting cultivation.

This punk was full of shit. He was purely finding trouble!

Ye Yuan obviously did not know that this youth just liked to find things to do when he was idle.

Speaking of which, it was slightly similar to Ye Yuan’s predecessor.

This young man was called Jin Peng, and he was the Breaking Dawn City’s City Lord’s , Jin Feng’s, son.

This Breaking Dawn City’s City Lord was at the Seventh Level Sea Transformation cultivation. This was already rather impressive in a mortal world’s country. It was even more powerful than some great sects’ elders.

In truth, although this Breaking Dawn City belong to the State of Yan in name, actually, it was simply a country within a country. Jin Feng always listened to orders but did not serve.

If there wasn’t the Tranquil Cloud Sect this leviathan pressuring here, this Jin Feng even had the possibility of crowning himself as king.

This Jin Peng relied on his old man’s power and frequently engaged in lawlessness, harming martial artists.

In the course of time, he became notorious.

And his old man, Jin Feng, also indeed had a card to play, These martial artists who set up stalls had to go through the City Lord Manor’s consent and get a piece of plaque before they were permitted to operate.

This plaque was very low quality. Moreover, the effective period was only a month. But it needed to collect fees of 50 low-grade essence crystals to 50 middle-grade essence crystals according to the differences in the stall owner’s realm.

How could the martial artists that come here to set up stalls number less than 100 thousand?

Just the costs of purchasing the plaque was a rather terrifying figure!

But Jin Feng’s strength was extremely formidable. These stall owners could only endure the fate of being exploited.

Hearing this Jin Peng’s offer, Ye Yuan’s brows unwittingly furrowed.

This punk increased the price without even thinking about it. He was intentionally causing trouble.

Doing it this way, regardless of how much he called out, he would probably keep on increasing too.

Could it be that . . . he had to resort to force?

“Young Master Jin, this medicinal herb, I’ve already sold it to him. No matter how high the price you offer, I won’t sell it either!”

What everyone did not expect was that Qi Hai this old fellow actually opened his mouth to speak at this time.