Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Didn't You Say It?


At the City Lord Manor.

A semi-clad woman in extremely thick makeup was panting endlessly in the embrace of a man in luxurious black robes.

“Ah!City Lord Your Excellency, you’re so naughty!”

“Haha!This is called naughty? There are still naughtier things at the back!”

“Hehe.I just like you to be bad!”

Jin Feng was just about to go further when he was interrupted by an extremely disharmonious sound.

“Reporting!” A manservant barged inside dragging his tone, kneeling on the ground with a slam.

“City Lord, Your Excellency, things are bad!”

Jin Feng’s face fell, and he said, “What is it? Kicking up such a fuss! This Breaking Dawn City is already under the rule of the Purple Mansion Sect at present. What major thing can there be?”

“City . . . City Lord, Your Excellency! Young Master he . . . he . . .” said the manservant as he panted heavily.

Jin Feng’s expression changed. Pushing away the woman in his arms, he stood up and asked, “What happened to Young Master? Is it possible that there are still people who dare to touch Peng-er in this Breaking Dawn City?”

“Young Master he . . . His essence energy got sealed by someone and then hung on the city gates! A strip of cloth is even hung on him. On it was written . . . written . . .”

“Can you f*cking say finish in one breath or not? Quickly speak! What was written?” Jin Feng grabbed the manservant’s collar and asked.

“This lowly one dare not say,” said the manservant timidly.

“Talk! Otherwise, I’ll smack you to death in one palm!” Jin Feng roared.

“Ah!Don’t, don’t! I’ll talk! On it was written . . . I’m a tortoise’s son!”


Jin Feng clapped that manservant into minced meat with one palm!

“I want to take a look if there’s anybody more arrogant than me in this Breaking Dawn City! Saying that Peng-er is a tortoise’s son, doesn’t that rope Your Father together into the scolding?Hehe,looks like my, Jin Feng’s, temper these two years has been too good. There are already people that dare to not appreciate it and become unbridled!”

Finished talking, Jin Feng rushed out with a swoosh.

. . . . . .

There were streams of people below the city gates. Many people were gesturing and pointing.

“Who’s that young man? Such great nerves to actually dare make fun of Jin Peng, this little overlord?”

“Hehe,don’t care who it is. Either way, it really vents our anger this time! This punk normally played the tyrant. Finally, there’s somebody who came out to control him!”

“Haha!That’s true! This father and son pair are like vampires; cheating us of how many essence crystals in the past?! You look at what’s written there.Haha!An old tortoise! A tortoise’s son! Really vivid!”

Jin Feng was powerful. The City Lord Manor had as many experts as clouds. These bottom level martial artists normally dare not resist at all.

Today, there was someone helping them vent their anger. They naturally felt liberating in their hearts.

Ye Yuan stood on top of the city gates, one leg stepping on a rope. The other end of the rope was tied onto a leg of Jin Peng’s, looking really like some silkpants playing around.

Jin Peng was still reluctant to admit fault in the beginning. But his essence energy was sealed by Ye Yuan. Currently, he was no different from normal people.

Being yoyo-ed up and down by Ye Yuan a couple of times, all the blood in his body rushed to his head. At the end, his entire person fainted and was now unconscious.

The martial artists below were all incomparably excited when they saw this scene and gave off a series of praises.

All of a sudden, an extremely strong pressure pounced from face-front. Everyone chose to shut their mouths sensibly. They all knew who came.

“Peng-er!” Jin Feng saw Jin Peng being dangled on the city walls from a long way and was so furious that he was blowing smoke from all seven orifices.

He came to not far away from Ye Yuan and stood in the air, saying in a cold voice, “Punk, you really have such great gall!” To actually dare provoke somebody who is far superior in power?”

Ye Yuan smirked and said, “It’s your son who provoked me first. Sorry, I hate others being even more silkpants than me the most!”

Seeing Ye Yuan so arrogant, Jin Feng flared up even more.

“Brat, quickly let Peng-er down. Or else, I’ll make you die without a complete corpse!” Jin Feng’s killing intent was already not concealed in the slightest.

The next scene made everyone dumbfounded from shock. Ye Yuan gave anoh,and then he actually lifted up his leg!

Breaking Dawn City was a massive frontier town. Hence, the city gates were constructed very grandly.

Earlier, Jin Peng was moved by Ye Yuan to the highest point of the city gates and was several hundred feet away from the ground.

In just a blink of an eye, after Ye Yuan lifted his leg, everyone could hear a huge slam. Jin Peng’s head smashed straight onto the ground!

With this, even Jin Peng, a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse, did not react to it!

Everyone all thought that Ye Yuan would have a verbal exchange with Jin Feng and say a few fierce words.

Who knew that Ye Yuan would actually be so obedient and directly let go of the rope!

“You! Why did you release the rope?!” Jin Feng said, currently enraged.

But Ye Yuan said blankly,“Huh?Didn’t you say to let me release him just now?”

“Puff!”Jin Feng nearly spewed out a mouthful of old blood.

I asked you to release, but I didn’t ask you release him that way!

Jin Peng’s essence energy was sealed and totally could not muster essence energy to protect the body. Hence, Jin Peng directly had intimate contact with the ground through his fragile fleshy body.

Although martial artists’ bodies were extremely robust under the nourishment of essence energy, it was still a flesh and blood human body in the end.

He directly tumbled down from a height of several hundred feet; moreover, it was even head landing on the ground . . .

“Oh,forgot to tell you. I poured in quite a bit of essence energy just now into the ropes. That’s why it fell so quickly. You quickly take a look at him. Don’t let him fall to his death.” Ye Yuan’s words were hell-bent on shocking people to death.

Jin Feng’s figure swayed, and he nearly fell down from the air.

This punk was absolutely deliberate!

“You’ve got guts, boy! You’ll regret the things that you did today!” Jin Feng gnashed his teeth in hatred as he glared at Ye Yuan

Finished talking, he leaped, arriving by Jin Peng’s side instantaneously.

The ground was stone bricks. Currently, the stone bricks were already smashed to dust by Jin Peng’s head.

Jin Peng’s head directly entered the ground, leaving only half of his body still on the surface; a reverse living onion.

Since the start earlier, Jin Peng did not even give off a mumble. This made Jin Feng’s heart give birth to a hint of foreboding premonition.

If it were a normal fall, Jin Peng would not be in a situation to the extent where he could not even give off a wail.

But that boy actually poured essence energy into the ropes!

That speed earlier was exceedingly swift. Even he was not able react to it; by then, Jin Peng already dropped down.

Jin Feng raised his hand to pull his son out from the ground but saw that Jin Peng’s entire head was a bloody mess. Clearly, he had sustained severe injuries.

Seeing his son in such a wretched state, Jin Feng’s killing intent surged towards the skies.

“Come, men!” Jin Feng yelled out.

Two martial artists rushed out from the crowd very soon.

“City Lord, Your Excellency!”

“Send Peng-er back to the City Lord Manor for me. Find people to treat him at once!” Jin Feng said in a low voice.


Those two martial artists carried Jin Peng away very quickly. Jin Feng’s expression became even more somber too.

From start to end, Ye Yuan did not stop them.

Seeing Jin Feng come in front of him again, Ye Yuan suddenly smiled and said, “Why the superfluous action? Actually, I dealt my blow very properly. Jin Peng can just be an idiot from now on. There’s no need for him to come out and harm people.”

“You!Puhwark. . .” This time, Jin Feng was really angered until he vomited blood.

He had been the Breaking Dawn City’s City Lord for so many years. Today, he was actually being toyed around in the hands of this boy before his eyes!

How could people accept this?!

“Boy, you’re digging your own grave here!” Jin Feng said word by word.