Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Defeat


“Fine lad! Watch this!”

Even though Dai Yuhen had confidence, he did not dare to belittle Ye Yuan at this time either.

Ye Yuan’s combat strength greatly surpassed his level itself. Consecutively jumping three minor realms at this moment, God knew how formidable his strength was!

Such an increase in strength was already very terrifying for ordinary martial artists, let alone it happening to a top genius?

Ye Yuan’s speed was seemingly slow, but in reality, it was fast. Furthermore, it was erratic, just like a specter.

Moreover, the places that he reached all had large quantities of flower petals following, looking like countless large flower petals had bloomed in the air.

“Crane Dance Seven Absolute Palms!”

Dai Yuhen’s palm force spat out. It was akin to immortal cranes dancing, graceful and agile.

At this instance, the power of a Soul Sea Realm martial artist was displayed beyond all doubt!

The places that Dai Yuhen’s palm wind reached, Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals would be dissipated instantly.

Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals was nigh-invincible in the Sea Transformation Realm. But in front of Dai Yuhen, it could not gain any advantage at all.

“This is Soul Sea Realm? Really powerful! A casual move can explode with such horrifying power. It’s completely not what Sea Transformation Realms can contend with!”

“F*ck you; are you blind? Isn’t the youth that’s fighting with him a Sea Transformation Realm? If not for seeing with my own eyes, I truly dare not believe that there is really a Sea Transformation Realm that can fight to such a level with a Soul Sea Realm!”

“That young man is indeed powerful! But he totally cannot approach that purple shirt expert. Carrying on like this, a defeat is something inevitable.”

Ye Yuan and Dai Yuhen exchanged a hundred moves in the blink of an eye. But Ye Yuan simply could not even enter a 50 feet radius around Dai Yuhen.

Moreover, Dai Yuhen had been on defensive the entire time and had yet to take the initiative to attack once.

Hence, in the other martial artists’ view, Ye Yuan’s strength much too weak.

Actually, they did not know that it was not that Dai Yuhen did not want to counterattack, but it was because he simply could not find the opportunity to counterattack.

Ye Yuan’s figure was erratic, leaving upon hitting. He seemed to be completely without any desire to continue fighting aggresively.

Dai Yuhen simply could not figure out where Ye Yuan’s next attack would appear at. Only by waiting for Ye Yuan to take the initiative to show himself that he could passively counterattack.

From start to end, it was all Ye Yuan holding the initiative.

Ye Yuan’s attack might not be able to pose a threat to Dai Yuhen; likewise, Dai Yuhen had no way of causing any harm to Ye Yuan.

By fusing the Wind Flow concept into his movement technique, it made Ye Yuan’s movements become extremely bizarre.

For Dai Yuhen to want to catch Ye Yuan, he had to give up on his defensive circle and let Ye Yuan approach.

But Dai Yuhen who had already borne witness to Ye Yuan’s methods did not dare to do so at this time.

Who knew if this boy had some powerful attack that could breach the protective essence energy of a Soul Sea Realm expert?

Therefore, Dai Yuhen also decided to play it safely, executing probing attacks with Ye Yuan first.

Fighting up until now looked like flowers cascading from the skies. Actually, it was just the two people warming up.

It was just that the way the other martial artists saw it, this was already a peak battle.

Because among them, there was no one at all who could withstand a casual blow from the two people.

In the crowd, Tian Yu and the rest were watching the fight too.

When they saw Ye Yuan suddenly face off with a Soul Sea Realm expert, their hearts leaped to their throats.

As disciples of the Eight Great Sects, they were deeply aware of the might of Soul Sea Realm martial artists.

Tian Yu they all knew that Ye Yuan had once defeated the Myriad Sword Sect’s Qin Yan. But, just what the chances of victory was like facing off against a Soul Sea Realm expert, they really had no score in their hearts.

Seeing Ye Yuan locked in battle with Dai Yuhen at this time, they were a little calm in their hearts instead.

However, they were also aware that the real fight was only starting now.

“Ye Yuan, do you plan on dragging it out like this all the way? I can afford to drag on, but can you do so? Carrying on probing like this, you won’t be able to figure out just where the limits of my strength lie either.” Dai Yuhen clearly had plenty of strength left over, even talking while he was defending.

“Alright then. Thousand Flowing Petals, arise!” Ye Yuan’s voice came over faintly.

All of a sudden, essence energy flower petals that blotted out the skies and covered the earth condensed in the sky above Breaking Dawn City, practically covering the sun!

Horrifying essence energy undulations crushed the martial artists below until they could not catch their breath.

Seeing this scene, Dai Yuhen was not alarmed but became delighted instead.

Ye Yuan was finally going to have a frontal battle with him!

Under the powerful strength of Soul Sea Realm, everything was nothingness!

With the strength of Fourth Level Sea Transformation, the Thousand Flowing Petals that Ye Yuan used was unbelievably horrifying from beginning to end.

Right now, the entire sky was a sea of flower petals, looking extremely torrential and grandiose.

If Ye Yuan could battle with Zhao Chenggan in his present state, it was ample to one-shot him!

“Haha!This should be the move that you created yourself, right? Indeed prodigious! If I didn’t have Soul Sea Realm strength, I would most likely be one-shotted by you instantly! Truly impressive! However . . . using this move to deal with me is still too tender! Crane Dance Nine Heavens!”

When Dai Yuhen’s move was released, it instantaneously amassed massive quantities of heaven and earth essence energy!

The aura belonging to a Soul Sea Realm pushed aside the petals which filled the skies.

“F*ck me! So, this is their true strength! I already have no way of describing using words! These two people are really powerful until it makes people despair!”

“Yeah! If this is the true strength of a Soul Sea Realm, then I feel that I’ll probably have no way of striding out this step for the rest of my life!”

“That young man only has Fourth Level Sea Transformation boundary right now and can actually unleash such a terrifying move. In my view, this move of his might really not be beneath that Soul Sea Realm’s!”

“The two people’s moves are both extremely terrifying. Who wins and who loses . . . It is really hard to say!”

Dai Yuhen struck out a palm, compressing the air until it exploded! Ye Yuan sensed a harrowing aura coming from the front.

Facing a Soul Sea Realm expert’s powerful martial technique, Ye Yuan did not dare to slight it. Mobilizing those countless flower petals, it charged at Dai Yuhen frantically!

“Thousand Flowing Petals, explode!”

Yet, the Thousand Flowing Petals which had never failed finally lost its edge this time.

Even with the Thousand Flowing Petals’ detonation producing massive obstruction, Dai Yuhen’s palm wind still pressed forward irresistibly like a hot knife through butter!

Talking about it was as if things happened slowly, but in reality, it was only in a twinkle.

Dai Yuhen’s Crane Dance Nine Heavens finally still landed on Ye Yuan’s body!


Ye Yuan was blasted out several hundred feet away!


Ye Yuan tasted sweetness in his throat and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Sigh.Still lost in the end! But for a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist to be able to accomplish to such an extent, it’s already plenty to be proud of!”

“Yeah! A First Level Sea Transformation could actually cross a major realm to fight with a First Level Soul Sea to such an extent! Before this, I simply dare not imagine it!”

“Also don’t know how that Soul Sea Realm expert plan on dealing with him. Such a genius perishing is truly too pitiable.”

A series of sighs was emitted from the crowd. But regarding Ye Yuan’s performance, they were all immensely shocked.

If it were an ordinary First Level Sea Transformation, they probably would not have the courage to attack at all in front of a Soul Sea Realm expert, right?

Dai Yuhen flew to not far away from Ye Yuan, his face carrying solemnness as he said, “Really didn’t expect that you could actually force me to use Crane Dance Nine Heavens. Furthermore, even dissipating most of Crane Dance Nine Heavens’ force. Truly widened my horizons greatly! However . . . it ends here. Follow me back to the Purple Mansion Sect!”