Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 487

Chapter 487 You're Very Strong


Hearing Dai Yuhen’s words, Ye Yuan suddenly wiped away the fresh blood hanging from the corner of his mouth and gave a grin.

“Soul Sea Realm is indeed powerful! Looks like I still underestimated Elder Dai! Elder Dai’s strength, among First Level Soul Sea Realms, is also considered very strong! But wanting to bring me away just based on this is still not quite enough!”

Dai Yuhen shook his head and said with a sigh, “I know that geniuses all have their pride. But you being able to perform to such an extent is already very impressive! Even if you lost, there’s nothing to be ashamed of either.”

The way Dai Yuhen saw it, Ye Yuan was a dead duck being stubborn and could not bear a loss.

In the case of geniuses, their talents were greater compared to normal people. But they also found it very hard to accept failure without misgivings.

Ye Yuan forcing him to this extent with First Level Sea Transformation boundary was truly very remarkable already.

“Lost?Haha!I can’t afford to lose! Hence . . . my only way out is to keep winning all the way!” Ye Yuan laughed self-mockingly.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan released his aura fully once more. Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon condensed and formed in his hands rapidly!

Seeing this scene, Dai Yuhen’s face changed!

This move had yet to be released, and it already made even him, this Soul Sea Realm expert, feel somewhat daunted! Presumably, the power was extraordinary!

Just how many trump cards in his hands has this boy not used yet? The power of that move earlier was freakish enough already. This current move is actually even more perverse than the move just now!

Dai Yuhen silently cussed in his heart.

But grumbling was grumbling. Dai Yuhen’s speed of executing his move was not slow.

“Crane Dance Nine Heavens!”

It was still the previous move, Crane Dance Nine Heavens. But this time, Dai Yuhen used 90% of his power!

Under normal circumstances, not at a life-and-death juncture, martial artists would not employ all of their essence energy.

If the essence energy that one martial technique move expended were too much, it would make the martial artist lack strength to carry on. Once they could not dispose of their opponent, then it would be them perishing.

Hence, martial artists only used 60% – 70% of their strength under most circumstances when fighting.

That Crane Dance Nine Heavens move earlier, Dai Yuhen already wielded 70% strength.

It was not to be underestimated how this 70% strength did not seem to be much. To a First Level Sea Transformation like Ye Yuan, it was already tremendous respect.

One had to know that if Dai Yuhen’s opponent were swapped, he probably would not even use 10% of his strength!

First Level Soul Sea and Fourth Level Sea Transformation was simply not a fight on the same level.

But this time, Dai Yuhen used 90% power in one go. It was practically already his full power!

Before this, Dai Yuhen simply had not thought of this possibility that Ye Yuan would actually forced him to this sort of degree!

90% power Crane Dance Nine Heavens! It actually carried the faint cries of immortal cranes in the palm wind. It could be seen that Dai Yuhen already displayed this move to the ultimate.

The roaring sounds of the wind and fire colossal dragon and the faint cries of immortal cranes surged to the skies, colliding together fiercely.


A massive impact, stirring up waves of air billows, sending the City Lord Manor’s rubble flying.

The martial artists below already deliberately maintained distances. But there were still many martial artists who were knocked over by this bout of air blast.

The shock wave of Soul Sea Realm level battle was too great.

“Hiss. . . That young man is too scary! This time, the two people are actually evenly-matched!”

“He is still First Level Sea Transformation and has such terrifying combat strength already! By the time his strength reaches Soul Sea Realm, how terrifying would it be?!”

“This young man seems to have limitless trump cards. I even thought that move just now was already his greatest trump card. To think that this move is even more terrifying!”

This time, Ye Yuan and Dai Yuhen fought to a draw. Dai Yuhen was actually blasted flying out!

But Dai Yuhen’s realm was much higher than Ye Yuan’s. So he only suffered some light injuries.

However, this was already plenty to shock Dai Yuhen to his core!

The attack of a Middle-Stage Sea Transformation Realm could actually hurt a Soul Sea Realm?

Furthermore, the attack this time was even under the prerequisite of him using 90% power!

Which was also to say that Ye Yuan’s combat strength was already infinitely close to his!

“Ye Yuan, I must admit now that you have enough qualifications to be my opponent! You’re very strong!” Dai Yuhen declared to Ye Yuan earnestly.

Ye Yuan was similarly blasted flying out. But his injuries were much heavier compared to Dai Yuhen’s.

However, Ye Yuan’s facial expression did not have the slightest hint of pain. He was abnormally excited instead!

Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that he actually gradually developed a liking for this feeling of fighting.

Previous life, all of his time and energy was spent on alchemy skills, and he virtually did not experience the joy of fighting.

But in this life, he walked the path of vengeance and experienced countless instances of great life-and-death battles. He actually gradually developed a liking for this sort of feeling!

This feeling of treading the borders of life and death made Ye Yuan incomparably stimulated!

Fighting formidable foes one after another also made Ye Yuan unbelievably free from inhibitions!

This feeling of liberation was exactly the same as refining pills!

Originally, Ye Yuan was only passively walking the martial path. But now, he quite enjoyed this joy of growing.

Ye Yuan was deeply aware that only by falling in love madly with something could people have the chance to reach the top.

Previously, he had always been forcing himself to cultivate the martial path. Actually, it was not enough to sustain him to reach Ji Canglan’s height.

But now, Ye Yuan had the confidence to surpass everything!

“Haha!Elder Dai, you’re very strong too! Truly to my heart’s content! Let’s fight again!” Ye Yuan said heroically.

Dai Yuhen’s life goal was likewise the Martial Path. In this battle, fighting until now had great inspiration to him!

Saying it out was even quite inconceivable!

A Soul Sea Realm expert actually obtained enormous harvests through a fight with a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist!

Yet, this was not something that was unthinkable. Ye Yuan’s moves contained the of the great Dao, much greater than Dai Yuhen’s own comprehensions.

It was precisely due to this that Dai Yuhen could glean much insights from this battle.

He believed that if he went back to seclude and comprehend things this time, he was bound to have huge harvests!

But the fight was not over yet!

“Haha!Good! It’s hard to meet an opponent like you. The next attack, you have to be careful! This is where the essence of my life’s work lie, and also my final trump card! If that was your limits just now, I advice you to best not fight anymore and surrender without resistance!”

Dai Yuhen was also stimulated by Ye Yuan’s heroicness and wanted to have a final great battle with Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “I said before, I’ll keep winning all the way! Elder Dai, you’d better return to the Purple Mansion Sect and devote yourself to the Martial Path! This kind of thing like invading the Endless World is unsuited for you!”

“Haha!Ye Yuan, you see it clearly! But, I, Dai Yuhen, received His Majesty, the Wind Emperor’s, great grace. How can I watch with folded arms to this sort of thing? Enough crap. Come and fight!” Dai Yuhen said with a loud laugh.

“Alright. Since that’s the case, then I’ll send you packing! I recently comprehended a sword move. I myself have not tested its power either. Elder Dai, you have to be careful!”

After the laughter, the two people’s expressions were both a never-before solemness.

Both knew that the other party’s next attack would be an earth-shattering blow!