Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 490

Chapter 490 This Place Has Been Taken Over By Us


Jing Xuan’s evaluation of Ye Yuan could not be said to be not high.

And in reality, Ye Yuan could live up to this appraisal as well.

If it weren’t Ye Yuan defeating the Purple Mansion Sect thrice at the Tranquil Cloud Sect, they would already have firmly controlled the Southern Domain’s situation.

After the Fierce Gale World’s Divine Traversing Realm experts show up, the Southern Domain’s overall situation would be a foregone conclusion. They would just have to place their sights on the Northern Domain, and that would be it.

And at that time, these people in the Northern Domain would still be unaware that the Purple Mansion Sect was the Fierce Gale World’s survivors.

“Humph!Yan-er is still in their hands right now. How will this account be settled?”

Not knowing why, once this Jing Xuan spoke, Qin Hongtao’s bluster fell in an instant.

“How else can it be settled? Didn’t you detain a Sea Transformation Realm elder from the Tranquil Cloud Sect? Just send him back for them!” Ning Yixian said.

“Fine! Send him back then! But I’ll say the nasty things first. If Yan-er has any injuries, I’m going to send an army to denounce them!” Qin Hongtao said with a black face.

Ning Yixian waved her hand and said, “Enough nonsense! Let us discuss how to deal with the Fierce Gale World martial artists! Back then, the Grand Yan True Sect sealed off the realm passageway, and the future generations gradually forgot about this matter. To think that after several thousand years, the Fierce Gale World had yet to give up hope and staged a comeback again!Sigh. . . Speaking of which, it’s our oversight too!”

Jing Xuan said, “Those few seniors from the Grand Yan True Sect back then deserves our admiration. Now that this heavy responsibility has fallen on our shoulders, the martial artists of our generation should follow the example of our predecessors: possess the will to die and to resist foreign enemies!”

Although this Jing Xuan preserved her looks exceedingly well and only had the appearance of a middle-aged woman, she was actually a figure from the same generation as Qin Hongtao and Ning Yixian. She also had Peak Divine Traversing Realm strength.

This Jing Xuan was as cold as ice, a cut from the same cloth as Yin Yanhua.

But the words that she said had the breadth of spirit of rather to break than to bend.

But Qin Hongtao said with frowned brows, “That might be the case, but the Fierce Gale World has a Boundless Realm expert! Once the realm passageway stabilizes fully, the Endless World will . . .”

Speaking of Zhao Tianyin, the three people felt a heavy burden like a 30 thousand catties crushing down.

“There’s still an issue. The Purple Mansion Sect has already laid low in the Endless World for several thousand years, experiencing countless generations of people, and already know the Endless World like the back of their hands. But we’re completely clueless about the Fierce Gale World!”

One had to admit that the Endless World was passive everywhere right now, and virtually could not see any hope.

These three people conversed here for a long time and also had a woebegone look.

“Old ancestors, to say who in the Endless World understands the Fierce Gale World best, it’s none other than that Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Ye Yuan! He’d once entered deep into the Fierce Gale World and even captured a Sea Transformation Realm slave,” Yin Yanhua suddenly voiced out.

“Heh,this boy is truly an enigmatic character. No idea which hole in a rock he jumped out from either.Oh,right, speaking of this boy, has their Tranquil Cloud Sect completed their migration already?” Ning Yixian asked Guo Taoqun.

Guo Taoqun nodded and said, “Three days ago, they already gathered in Fallen Rain City. They already sent news before coming here. Everyone from the Tranquil Cloud Sect will be gathering in Spirit Sealing City.”

Ning Yixian said with a frown, “Spirit Sealing City? That seems to be the Heavenly Evil Sect’s territory, right? What are they going there for?”

“This . . . I don’t know,” Guo Taoqun shook his head and said.

But at this time, Yin Yanhua’s eyes glimmered slightly and voiced out, “The Heavenly Evil Sect is notorious. Burning, killing, raping, pillaging; committing all kinds of atrocities. They just happen to lack a place to settle down. Could it be . . .”

“Not to that extent, right? Although the Heavenly Evil Sect’s strength isn’t considered much in the Northern Domain, at any rate, they have a Soul Sea Realm expert holding down the fort too. The Tranquil Cloud Sect going to do battle at an opponent’s home ground, I think taking down the Heavenly Evil Sect wouldn’t be that easy, right?”

“Heh heh,this boy really makes people rather look forward to it! In this Northern Domain land right now, the most eye-catching is most likely this Tranquil Cloud Sect group’s movements, right? Since they have this intention, then let’s just sit tight and watch. If they really can’t, then giving them a hand is good too. That Heavenly Evil Sect, I’ve long found them an eyesore. If not for the sake of Wu Fang City, I’d have long exterminated them!”

Speaking until the back, Ning Yixian’s tone became icy-cold. Evidently, he disliked this Heavenly Evil Sect too.

Hearing these words, Jing Xuan nodded slightly, while Qin Hongtao snorted coldly.

“Taoqun, Yanhua, inform the various Northern Domain’s major faction’s old ancestors as soon as possible. They are all to hurry to Wu Fang City to meet in half a month! In addition, since the Tranquil Cloud Sect has already moved north, then shut down all the transmission arrays leading to the Southern Domain!Sigh. . . This important juncture . . .” Ning Yixian instructed.

. . . . . .

Different from the Southern Domain, the Myriad Sword Sect, Heavenly Martial Sect, and the Profound Ice Sect were not all of the Northern Domain’s forces.

These three great sects all had peak Divine Traversing Realm old ancestors holding down the fort. So they were the strongest three great sects.

Apart from this, there were still many forces with late-stage Divine Traversing Realm holding down the fort.

These factions were all the Northern Domain’s peak forces!

As for middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm and early-stage Divine Traversing Realm forces, there were many too.

Of course, like the Heavenly Evil Sect, small sects with only a Soul Sea Realm martial artist holding down the fort were as many as oxen hair.

This Heavenly Evil Sect’s strength was not strong. But the sect’s only Soul Sea Realm expert, Mao Yuanji, cozied up to the number one Alchemy Path faction in the Northern Domain through some means somehow.

Hence, even though this Heavenly Evil Sect’s evil doings knew no limits, nobody dared to do anything to them either.

At the Heavenly Evil Sect’s main peak, two silhouettes stood in the air.

“Who are you people? Such audacity! To actually dare barge forcefully into my Heavenly Evil Sect’s main peak!”

The one talking was a Heavenly Evil Sect elder. But his round of questioning was without any confidence whatsoever.

These two people appeared too suddenly. There was actually not a bit of news which came from the gates.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Evil Sect still had the sect protecting grand array guarding. If enemies came to attack, how could there possibly be no reaction at all?

This elder instinctively sensed that these two people were not easy to deal with!

Ye Yuan stood in the air with his hands behind his back. Lightly sweeping a glance down below, he slowly opened his mouth and said, “From today onwards, this world will no longer have the name ‘Heavenly Evil Sect’! This place has been taken over by us!”

“What? What did he say? Taken over?Hahaha!A Sea Transformation Realm brat uttering such wild ravings to take over our Heavenly Evil Sect?”

“He even said to let our Heavenly Evil Sect’s name be removed just now!Hahaha!Is this boy soft in the head?”

“Yeah! Our Heavenly Evil Sect is the Wu Fang City’s subordinate power. Who dares to provoke us?Heh heh,these years, how many people wanted to take down my Heavenly Evil Sect? Didn’t each and every one of them still ended up dusty and dirty in appearance?”

Ye Yuan’s words drew a wave of guffawing.

In their viewpoint, Ye Yuan and Luo Qingfeng were here to be a joke.

If two people could wipe out the Heavenly Evil Sect, they would have been exterminated countless times over long ago!

Moreover, these two people, one was First Level Soul Sea, one was Second Level Sea Transformation, which were also equivalent to the Heavenly Evil Sect’s Sect Master plus the lowest level elder’s strength.

Remove their name?

Being dumb, right?

Right at this time, a black-robed man flew out from the main hall and came before Ye Yuan pair.

“The two of you are guests from far away. But isn’t wanting to remove my Heavenly Evil Sect’s name right after coming a bit too arrogant?” said the black-robed man coldly.