Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Your Opponent Is Him


This black-robed man was First Level Soul Sea strength. Very clearly, he was the Heavenly Evil Sect’s sect master, Mao Yuanji.

But the meaning in his words was some trepidation towards Luo Qingfeng.

These two people could appear on the main peak without any signs. Presumably, they had some capabilities.

“You’re Mao Yuanji?” Ye Yuan swept a glance over him and asked indifferently.

When Mao Yuanji saw a Sea Transformation Realm brat being so arrogant, he was very displeased in his heart.

“Humph!This is a conversation between Soul Sea Realms; since when it is your turn, a junior, to be presumptuous here?”

As he said, Mao Yuanji flicked his sleeves grandly. A burst of tremendous force pushed over towards Ye Yuan, wanting to push Ye Yuan aside.

He did this to firstly, demonstrate his means and let the other party know his power. Secondly, it was to probe just where Luo Qingfeng’s baseline lay.

Mao Yuanji completely thought that Ye Yuan would be knocked until he was muddled by the force of this flick of his and fell down from the air. Who knew that Ye Yuan stood there without moving a muscle!

Mao Yuanji’s eyes became wide as saucers, staring at Ye Yuan somewhat disbelievingly.

The force of his push just now, forget about First Level Sea Transformation, even late-stage Sea Transformation would not dare say will not budge an inch either!

This boy . . . was abnormal!

But Ye Yuan was disinclined to bother with Mao Yuanji. He said indifferently, “Ten years ago, you took fancy on West Ridge City’s Wang Family’s eldest daughter. You forcefully asked for her. The Wang Family’s eldest daughter was ready to die to preserve her chastity; she committed suicide and died. The result was that you vented your anger on the Wang Family, and you exterminated every last one of the Wang Family. Was there such a thing?”

Mao Yuanji’s expression darkened.

This matter naturally happened. It was not some secret in the Heavenly Evil Sect either.

The Heavenly Evil Sect’s conduct from top to bottom when doing things had always been based on one’s own desires. Taking action to kill people at a word of disagreement was the norm.

Back then, he took fancy on that Wang Family’s eldest daughter and made the Wang Family send their daughter over using the name of the Heavenly Evil Sect. Who knew that little girl would actually be so staunch and directly hanged herself and ended her life.

In his rage, Mao Yuanji sent people to slaughter the Wang Family down to the last person.

“Humph!Who the hell are you? To also be worthy of me answering?” Mao Yuanji said with a cold snort.

Even though Ye Yuan’s performance earlier made him somewhat amazed, he still thought nothing of a First Level Sea Transformation.

The way Mao Yuanji saw it, Luo Qingfeng was his formidable enemy.

And Ye Yuan’s speaking tone completely made light of him. This made Mao Yuanji even more infuriated.

If not for dreading Luo Qingfeng’s strength, Mao Yuanji would have long finished off Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan did not bother with Mao Yuanji and continued; he said, “Seven years ago, a Ninth Level Sea Transformation called Zhang Dongyu peddled a high-ranking spirit artifact in Spirit Sealing City. After you got the news, you snatched the treasure and killed him.”

“Five years ago . . .”

“Four years ago . . .”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan counted each one of Mao Yuanji’s wicked deeds in detail as if he was engaging in small talk. But everyone present could sense the cold intent in Ye Yuan’s words.

This Mao Yuanji was simply up to the neck in crimes and misdeeds. He did not need a reason at all to murder and commit arson. Many people simply suffered an undeserved calamity.

Very clearly, Ye Yuan already had killing intent.

Furthermore, in front of Mao Yuanji this Soul Sea Realm expert, Ye Yuan did not conceal his killing intent in the slightest!

Could it be that this boy’s state of mind had some problems?

“All these, should be done by you, right? You can choose not to answer. But I’ve already investigated the matters clearly. Hence, you must die today!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

In Ye Yuan’s view, there was no big deal about martial artists killing people. The martial arts world was a world where the strong feasted on the weak in the first place.

But concerning such a character who was utterly devoid of conscience like Mao Yuanji, Ye Yuan would have a killing intent that could not be restrained when he saw them.

This might be related to his identity as an Alchemy Emperor in his previous life. Of course, it also had to do with Ji Zhengyang’s teachings.

Hence, in the previous life of Ye Yuan, he saved people in various situations.

A lifetime of several hundred years, the people that Ye Yuan treated and helped simply could not be counted.

Even though he came back to life again, this kind of thing in Ye Yuan’s bones still had no way of being erased.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Mao Yuanji laughed from extreme rage. He said, “Boy, so what if your Grandpa Mao killed a few people? Messing around for so long, you’re here to be chivalrous? Alright. Your Grandpa Mao, I, will be standing right here. You come and kill for me to see! A brat still wet behind his ears running in front of your Grandpa Mao to posture, you have to see if you have that capability or not too!”

By now, Mao Yuanji also knew that these people came with ill-intentions. This matter most likely could not be settled.

But if it was just a Soul Sea Realm, he could still handle it.

This punk did not know the immensity of heaven and earth. The Heavenly Evil Sect still had quite a few high-level Sea Transformation Realms waiting for him.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Evil Sect disciples’ methods were extremely bizarre, impossible to guard against. Such a young brat dared to run over here to learn how to be chivalrous from others, seemed to be really kicked in the head by a donkey!

Ye Yuan suddenly grinned and said, “Whether I have the capability or not, you’ll know right away! Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!”


Ye Yuan’s aura released fully, and he broke through to Fifth Level Sea Transformation very swiftly!

After the fight with Dai Yuhen, Ye Yuan likewise benefited a great deal and consolidated his realm very quickly.

After coming to the Northern Domain, Ye Yuan’s cultivation progress was not the slightest bit slow as well. He finally broke through to Second Level Sea Transformation yesterday!

Battling a Soul Sea Realm expert again today, Ye Yuan clearly had more assurance!

Seeing Ye Yuan break through three minor realms instantly, Mao Yuanji’s pupils involuntarily constricted. But very soon, he said with a cold laugh, “This is your reliance?Hahaha!You’re not thinking that by bringing along a Fifth Level Sea Transformation, you can wipe out my Heavenly Evil Sect, right?”

The latter half of the sentence, Mao Yuanji directed it to Luo Qingfeng.

In his opinion, Luo Qingfeng was going to assist Ye Yuan to fight with him here.

But they were wrong, right? Could it be they think that the Heavenly Evil Sect only had him alone?

However, Luo Qingfeng smiled faintly and said, “Your opponent is him. As long as others don’t intervene, I won’t be taking action.”

When Luo Qingfeng’s voice faded, the crowd was shocked!

“Are these two people morons? To let a Sea Transformation Realm challenge a Soul Sea Realm?”

“Even if it was to temper juniors, there’s no need to send him to death either, right? This boy is the same; he’s a complete idiot. A senior made him go and challenge a Soul Sea Realm, and he really went to challenge the person?”

“I’m already in a mess.Hahaha!Too hilarious! I’m dying of laughter!”

After the astonishment, it was a series of mockery.

In these peoples’ view, these two were purely madmen.

But Mao Yuanji narrowed his eyes slightly as he said with a cold smile, “You’re sure to only let him take action?”

Luo Qingfeng chuckled, and his figure flashed but withdrew several hundred feet away, expressing his stance.

Such a distance, if Ye Yuan was really in any danger, Luo Qingfeng simply could not rescue in time.

This attitude was already very clear!

He really did not care about these two people’s fight!

Mao Yuanji grinned hideously and said, “To think that Grandpa Mao, I, am actually being belittled by a Sea Transformation Realm brat.Hahaha!However . . . I like your ignorance! I’ll let you know what is called despair!”

The corner of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled slightly, raising the Canghua Sword in his hand. A bout of terrifying power undulated out!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s expressions changed drastically!