Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 493

Chapter 493 Let Him Wait


At the early phase of the Tranquil Cloud Sect being established, a thousand things needed to be done.

These days, on the one hand, the Tranquil Cloud Sect was so busy from top to bottom that their feet did not seem to touch the ground.

On the other hand, the Tranquil Cloud Sect needed to take over the Heavenly Evil Sect’s zone of influence. They also needed to contact the various major subordinate forces.

For another, inside the sect reeked of a foul atmosphere caused by Mao Yuanji. There were too many things that needed to be tidied up anew.

Mao Yuanji’s residence was like a palace. When the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples went over to search, there was actually still a large group of concubines, each one of them beautiful as a flower.

These women were mostly forcefully abducted by Mao Yuanji. They naturally had to let them go.

And Ye Yuan was generally unconcerned with these mundane affairs. He revamped the Heavenly Evil Sect’s original sect protecting grand array and then entered closed-seclusion to cultivate by himself.

Although the Heavenly Evil Sect’s sect protecting grand array could not compare to the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Yin-Yang Turbid Heaven Grand Array, the former was a middle-grade Tier 4 grand array.

Through Ye Yuan’s improvement, it could still accomplish withstanding middle-stage Soul Sea Realm martial artists.

While Ye Yuan busied these few days, there was a pair of eyes silently observing him from behind from start to end.

“Clearly two people. But why . . . do I keep on superimposing the two of them together?”

Yue Mengli frequently watched that back view, staring in a daze. Her thoughts drifted god knows where too.

But being together with Ye Yuan these few days, Ye Yuan frequently helped her to concoct some divine soul nourishing medication. Her illness did not flare up again.

Unknowingly, Yue Mengli developed a liking for the feeling from staying by Ye Yuan’s side. This made her very at ease.

Yue Mengli even felt that it would be good if this kind of days could carry on continuously.

However, busy yet peaceful days like this was very quickly shattered.

Just several days after the Tranquil Cloud Sect replaced the Heavenly Evil Sect, an uninvited guest came to the new Tranquil Cloud Sect.

“Wu Fang City’s patrolling inspector, Bao Sangui is here! Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people quickly come and welcome!”

Outside the gates, a voice penetrated the grand array, reverberating throughout the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect.

“Wu Fang City? Actually came so quickly? Martial Uncle, what should we do?” Hearing this voice, Luo Qingfeng said with a frown.

Skymaple just happened to be present too. Hearing that, he knitted his brows as well and said, “The Heavenly Evil Sect was the Wu Fang City’s subordinate faction to begin with. I heard that Mao Yuanji and Wu Fang City even has a thousand and one links. Originally, I still thought that with the Fierce Gale World’s invasion near at hand, they have no time to bother with us. To think that they actually came so quickly! This is quite troublesome! Quickly send people to inform Ye Yuan!”

“No need. I’m already here.” Ye Yuan’s voice came from the main hall’s entrance.

There were too many trivial matters recently. Ye Yuan was not in terminal seclusion either. That Bao Sangui’s voice could obviously be heard.

Seeing Ye Yuan, Luo Qingfeng and Skymaple both heaved a sigh in relief.

No idea since when, they actually already started looking to Ye Yuan for instructions.

This kind of shift was unconsciously influenced. Even they themselves were not aware of it either.

Ever since after Ye Yuan came back from the Fierce Gale World, his status in the Tranquil Cloud Sect could no longer be replaced by anyone.

From then until now, all the major and minor matters in the sect, Ye Yuan practically had the final say in all.

Even exterminating the Heavenly Evil Sect this time, it was also the location chosen by Ye Yuan.

Actually, Luo Qingfeng and Skymaple both proposed to find a slightly weaker sect to replace. But Ye Yuan stubbornly clung to his view. The reason was that the Heavenly Evil Sect committed many evil deeds. Heaven did not take care of the Heavenly Evil Sect, then the Tranquil Cloud Sect would do it!

Right now, even though Luo Qingfeng returned, this kind of momentum carried on as well.

Compared to Luo Qingfeng, Ye Yuan was a little more like a sect master right now.

But regarding Ye Yuan’s special kind of status, Luo Qingfeng and the rest did not grumble about anything.

Because they all knew that Ye Yuan totally did not belong to the Tranquil Cloud Sect. The talk of him fighting for power and money simply did not exist.

Everything that Ye Yuan did right now was all for the sake of the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

“Ye Yuan, this Wu Fang City’s patrolling inspector . . .” Luo Qingfeng asked.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Whatever nonsense patrolling inspector. Since our Tranquil Cloud Sect replaced the Heavenly Evil Sect, we’ll be an independent sect in the future! Being vassals to anyone doesn’t exist!”

“But . . . what about that Bao Sangui?”

“Just let him wait! He likes to throw his weight around and then give it a good throw outside the sect gates. Ignore him. Just a lousy whatever patrolling inspector and he wants us to go out of the sect to welcome him? Who does he think he is?”

Luo Qingfeng and Skymaple exchanged glances, both unconsciously sucking in a deep breath.

Only Ye Yuan dare to say such doughty words.

This patrolling inspector wasn’t much. But the Wu Fang City behind him was the Northern Domain’s top major faction!

They could exterminate the Tranquil Cloud Sect down to the last person by casually sending out an expert.

Seemingly detecting Luo Qingfeng and the rest’s worries, Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Grand Elder and Sect Master need not worry. While Wu Fang City is powerful, to the present Endless World, my status is irreplaceable. So, this little matter, Wu Fang City won’t blame us. Even if they really placed blame, there will also be people blocking on our behalf.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan left the main hall.

Luo Qingfeng and Skymaple exchanged looks, both did not understand.

Although Ye Yuan was monstrous, he was also just a Sea Transformation Realm. Even if he could defeat Soul Sea Realm experts, in this war which engulfed the two worlds, what part could he play?

. . . . . .

Bao Sangui waited outside the gates for an hour and shouted many more times again. The Tranquil Cloud Sect actually did not even have a reply!

As the Wu Fang City’s patrolling inspector, no matter where Bao Sangui walked to, he was always waited upon as a distinguished guest.

In the past when coming to the Heavenly Evil Sect, Mao Yuanji would come out to greet him personally from far away.

But now, this whatever dog f*rt Tranquil Cloud Sect actually dared to shove him to one side!

Utterly preposterous!

A few days ago, Bao Sangui was patrolling right around the area and just happened to hear the news of the Heavenly Evil Sect being wiped out. He was taken aback with shock right then.

This Heavenly Evil Sect had been around for quite a long time. Under Wu Fang City’s protection, although they did many things which went against heaven and reason, nobody dared to touch them either.

Mao Yuanji knew how to get along with people very well. It was also uncertain what relations he went through to become acquainted with the Third Young Master.

These few years, the complaints to Wu Fang City were not few in number but were suppressed by the Third Young Master.

Who would have thought that a tiny sect which popped out from God knows where actually eradicated the Heavenly Evil Sect!

Exterminated then let them be exterminated. He himself already made his identity clear, but those bunch of fellows actually did not have a single person come out to welcome!

Utterly preposterous!


Bao Sangui berated countless times over fiercely in his heart!

“Humph!Refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! Today, I’ll carry out the duty of this patrolling inspector and destroy this tiny sect of yours!”

Bao Sangui was a Fifth Level Soul Sea expert. He already inquired about it before coming. The strongest in this Tranquil Cloud Sect was but a First Level Soul Sea.

With his strength, destroying this sect was something effortless.

The Heavenly Evil Sect’s sect protecting grand array, Bao Sangui knew in his heart too that it was basically the same as nothing to him.

Bao Sangui arrived in front of the grand array, mustered up the essence energy in his entire body, and launched an attack abruptly!


A tremendous backlash blasted Bao Sangui flying out several thousand feet!