Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 494

Chapter 494 Hero Invitation



Bao Sangui spurted a mouthful of blood, and his internal organs were actually wounded by the enormous backlash power.

“This grand array . . . how can it be so strong?” Bao Sangui muttered under his breath.

Originally he thought to take this Tranquil Cloud Sect down a notch. Who knew that he would be knocked out a mouthful of his teeth?

Bao Sangui stood outside the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s gates but was unbelievably embarrassed.

He, a distinguished patrolling inspector, acting out a play outside other people’s gates alone. Simply disgraced all the way home.

But for him to return to Wu Fang City like this, how would he give an account to his higher-ups?

The Heavenly Evil Sect was destroyed, and he, this patrolling inspector, did not even know who destroyed it. There was no way to report after returning. After all, his duty was to give an account to Wu Fang City at all times about its subordinate forces’ matters.

Although the Heavenly Evil Sect was replaced by such a tiny sect, it was not something of a big deal to Wu Fang City. But he, Bao Sangui, ultimately could not avoid a crime of oversight.

“Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people, listen up! You people offending me, this patrolling inspector, is equivalent to offending Wu Fang City! Within the next few days, Wu Fang City will send experts over and exterminate you bunch of fools who don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

Bao Sangui felt disgraced, and he could not resist leaving a vicious sentence.

But this was not threatening the Tranquil Cloud Sect either. This place was in the scope of Wu Fang City’s influence after all. They could not possibly passively watch a disobedient sect gain a foothold here.

Bao Sangui had sufficient confidence to return and request for even stronger martial artists forward, and wipe out the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect.

However, there was still nobody who responded to Bao Sangui’s ruthless words.

Courting a rebuff, Bao Sangui also knew that he could not do anything to the Tranquil Cloud Sect and could only plan on leaving with a dejected face.

“Reckon that it’s a bunch of hillbillies from the countryside, right? Wu Fang City’s might, you probably can’t imagine it! Humph! Just wait for death, you all!”

Bao Sangui cursed and swore, then turned around and wanted to leave.

“Bao Sangui, why are you here?”

Bao Sangui was just about to leave but ran into a person straight ahead.

Seeing the arrival, Bao Sangui could not help being overjoyed!

“Brother Zihui, you came just in time!”

Wu Fang City’s sphere of influence was very large. So the patrolling inspectors were also divided into levels.

Bao Sangui’s middle-stage Soul Sea Realm strength was already considered not bad. But, he was just a second-class patrolling inspector as well. While this Xu Zihui in front of him was Wu Fang City’s first-class patrolling inspector!

This Xu Zihui’s Ninth Level Soul Sea strength was an exceedingly powerful existence when looking at the Northern Domain too.

With him and Xu Zihui joining hands, he had faith that breaking this Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sect protecting grand array should be nothing difficult.

Seeing Bao Sangui’s appearance, Xu Zihui frowned and said, “Sangui, why are you hurt? Within my Wu Fang City’s sphere of influence, is it possible that there are still people who dare to attack you?”

Mentioning this, Bao Sangui said with an enraged look, “Who else can there be? It’s this Tranquil Cloud Sect that popped out from god knows where!”

Seeing Xu Zihui, Bao Sangui’s stomach full of grievance finally had a target to vent.

Hence, he described the process of his ‘humiliation,’ becoming more indignant as he talked.

“Brother Zihui, luckily, I ran into you today. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t know how to make a report this trip back! This Tranquil Cloud Sect has absolutely zero respect for my Wu Fang City! Today, you and I brothers will join forces, and we will bathe this Tranquil Cloud Sect in blood!” Bao Sangui said indignantly.

Bao Sangui said it enthusiastically. But he could not help looking over to Xu Zihui; he noticed Xu Zihui was currently looking at him with strange eyes.

“What, Brother Zihui? Is there anything wrong?” Bao Sangui finally discovered a hint of something wrong.

Xu Zihui patted Bao Sangui’s shoulder and heaved a sigh, saying, “You haven’t returned to Wu Fang City recently and don’t know what major issue happened in the Northern Domain.”

Bao Sangui was dazed and could not help asking, “Major issue? What major thing happened? Could it be . . . related to that earthquake and mountains shaking from a while back?”

This matter of the Fierce Gale World invading, at present, was still only limited to those top figures in the Northern Domain who knew.

Bao Sangui was always patrolling outside. Although he felt that the tremor that time was very seldom seen, he did not take it to heart either.

Xu Zihui nodded and said, “Actually, that earthquake was because the realm passageway between the Endless World and the Fierce Gale World had completely linked together. Now, Fierce Gale World martial artists already occupy the entire Southern Domain. This time, the three sects, Myriad Sword Sect, Heavenly Martial Sect, and Profound Ice Sect, sent out rarely-seen, jointly-signed hero invitations to convene the Northern Domain’s various major forces’ chiefs to gather in Wu Fang City and discuss ways to deal with the Fierce Gale World.”

“What?! S-Such a major thing actually happened?!”

Bao Sangui was taken aback with shock by Xu Zihui’s words. This kind of thing like another world invading could be said to not be encountered for several thousand years to ordinary martial artists. How could Bao Sangui not be shocked?

Xu Zihui nodded his head with a grave expression and said, “Just looking at the present circumstances, the situation is very unfavorable to our Endless World!”

“Hiss. . .” Bao Sangui drew in a cold breath. His mind was somewhat in a disorderly mess.

Suddenly, he recalled something and asked Xu Zihui, “But what has this got to do with Tranquil Cloud Sect?”

Xu Zihui gave a bitter smile and said, “I’m here this time to issue a hero invitation to Tranquil Cloud Sect!”


Bao Sangui really jumped up this time.

This news astonished him even more than another world’s invasion.

A tiny sect with only First Level Soul Sea Realms, what could issuing them a hero invitation do?

Thinking up to here, Bao Sangui could not help sweating profusely.

“B-Brother Zihui, as far as I know, this Tranquil Cloud Sect only has two Soul Sea Realm experts. Among them, there’s even an Alchemy King. Why would the three sects issue hero invitations to such a tiny faction?”

Xu Zihui forced another smile and shrugged his hands, saying, “You ask me, but who do I ask? The name list was drawn up by the three sects and is issued under the three sects plus Wu Fang City’s name. How much of what goes on behind the scenes do you think that minor characters like us can understand? Such a major matter, even early-stage Divine Traversing Realm experts might not have the right to speak either!”

Bao Sangui was somewhat dejected as he said, “Then . . . Then the Heavenly Evil Sect’s matters are dropped just like this? But . . . how should Third Young Master’s side be given an account?”

Xu Zihui said crossly, “What kind of time is it already, still talking about Heavenly Evil Sect? If the Fierce Gale World attacks, even Wu Fang City might not be able to be defended. What the h*ll does a puny little Heavenly Evil Sect count as?! Moreover, this hero invitation is already given out. No matter how great Third Young Master is, he isn’t greater than City Lord, His Excellency, either, right? Characters able to receive this hero invitation aren’t who you and I can afford to offend!”

Bao Sangui opened his mouth but did not speak in the end too.

Yeah. Characters that could receive the hero invitation were not who a minor character like him can afford to offend!

“Fine then. This time, I, Old Bao, admit to my bad luck! However . . . since you’re delivering the hero invitation, how about I go in together with you? I’m really curious right now just who in his tiny sect actually has such tremendous capabilities!” Bao Sangui said.

Xu Zihui nodded and said, “Alright. But you must remember, regardless of what kind of person the other party is, apologize first when you see the master! Otherwise, screwing up this errand isn’t what you and I can afford to bear! The matter concerns the entire Endless World’s safety. You and I are merely minor characters in this!”

Bao Sangui struggled for a bit but still nodded his head.