Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 502

Chapter 502 Finding People


“Whatever you want to say, just say it. Don’t act like I’m a target for venting!’ Ren Xingchun said unhappily.

Ren Yujie heaved a sigh and said, “So many years have passed already. The wood has become a boat. Father, you still can’t let it go of it in your heart? You doing this, Younger Sister will hate you for the rest of your life!”


Ren Xingchun slapped a palm down. The stone table in the pavilion immediately turned into a pile of powder.

“Hongling was originally the successor of my mantle with outstanding talent, but she was abducted by that stinking brat! Now, Hongling became a cripple because of that stinking brat. How do you want me to not be angry?”

Ren Xingchun suddenly seemed to have become another person, stern in voice and countenance.

“Father, it has already been so many years since the incident. Our Ren Family has Dong-er too. Brother-in-law brought Younger Sister back to apologize for their mistake. Isn’t it good enough for our family to reunite together? Why must it be a life-and-death struggle?” Ren Yujie said carefully.

Although Ren Yujie already reached middle-age, he still did not dare to talk loudly in front of Ren Xingchun.

Ren Xingchun flicked his sleeves and said with a cold grunt, “It will be hard to vent the hatred in my heart for so many years without killing that stinking brat! Don’t mention this matter again! After the meet this time passes, immediately carry out the death sentence on that punk!”

Ren Yujie shook his head and sighed again. Then turned around and left the courtyard.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan the four of them stayed at Feng Ya Pavilion. The next day, Skymaple was too impatient to wait and left the house on his own to look around Wu Fang City.

Of course, a part of the reason for him doing so was because he did not wish to hinder Ye Yuan and the two beauties’ privacy.

Him, an old man, always hanging around young people, it seriously could not quite be justified.

“Master, let’s go out to take a look too! Although this Wu Fang City isn’t as big as our Central Capital, in terms of bustling degree, it’s only greater and not lesser! Furthermore, I heard that just the Alchemy Sovereign experts here are close to as many as ten. This level of strength truly makes our Fierce Gale World look up to it!”

Ever since Xiao Ruyan broke away from her family’s fetters, her entire person became much more cheerful. This happy look suited her age more.

But Ye Yuan did not have any interest in Wu Fang City. However, Xiao Ruyan, his eldest disciple, was in such a mood to enjoy things. It was not nice of him to brush off Xiao Ruyan’s intention either.

As for Yue Mengli, she had an indifferent look. As long as it was accompanying by Ye Yuan’s side, it would do.

The trio were just about to leave when Xu Zihui just happened to stop them.

“Young Master Ye, this is your high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King badge. I sent people early in the morning to help you retrieve it.”

Xu Zihui already used honorifics when speaking. This trip here, he was already prostrating on all fours in admiration before Ye Yuan.

At a young age, not only could he cross a major realm to battle in terms of the Martial Path, he could even refine a high-level transcendent-grade Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pill.

Such monstrous talent, just thinking about it made people despair!

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and received the badge. The three and a half stars on it twinkled.

Because Quasi-Alchemy King was similarly a special realm, being in-between Alchemy King and Alchemy Grandmaster, the Alchemist Association’s badge had three and a half stars on it.

Ye Yuan casually threw the badge into the storage ring and did not have the intention of adorning it.

When Xu Zihui saw this scene, the corners of his mouth twitched involuntarily.

Alchemists being so casual with their badges . . . It was most likely just this guy, right?

In other people’s view, after getting this badge, they would absolutely be like obtaining a supreme treasure, carefully pinning it on their chest and finding it hard to take it down again.

But this Lord actually spurned it!

Ye Yuan kept the badge, but then he fished out a medicinal pill and threw it to Xu Zihui. He said to him, “These few days, I’ve troubled Brother Zihui. Younger Brother isn’t able to refine Tier 4 medicinal pills right now, so I can only use this medicinal pill to express my thanks. If Brother Zihui has any son or nephew descendant, it can come in handy.”

These few days, Xu Zihui fussed around as if Ye Yuan was his master, serving him very meticulously.

Although he came here because he received Wu Fang City Lord’s orders, Ye Yuan appreciated it too. Moreover, Ye Yuan gifting the pill was naturally because he still had a request.

Xu Zihui received the pill and took a look, and he could not help drawing a cold breath!

Transcendent-grade medicinal pill again!

“Young Master Ye, this medicinal pill . . .” Xu Zihui completely did not recognize this medicinal pill at all.

Ye Yuan smiled and explained, “This is a Sea Gathering Pill. It can allow someone to advance one minor realm in the Sea Transformation Realm unconditionally. If Brother Zihui has any Sea Transformation Realm son or nephew, why not let him give it a try.”

“This . . . This medicinal pill is too valuable! I can’t take it!” Hearing Ye Yuan’s explanation, Xu Zihui immediately realized just how precious this medicinal pill was and hurriedly passed the medicinal pill back.

But Ye Yuan did not take it and said with a smile, “Brother Zihui, keep it. I still have a matter to request Brother Zihui.”

Xu Zihui struggled briefly but still could not resist keeping the medicinal pill.

His son just broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm. This medicinal pill came perfectly in time for him to use. Xu Zihui naturally could not bear to part with it and return it to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s medicinal pill was given with perfect timing.

“Then Zihui thanks Young Master Ye very much! My son just broke through to the Sea Transformation Realm and could just happen to use this Sea Gathering Pill. If Young Master Ye has any request, just say it. Zihui is incapable, but I can still say a few words in this Wu Fang City.” Xu Zihui was already shedding tears of gratitude right now towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan said smilingly,“Haha,then I’ll thank Brother Zihui first. Actually, I wish to ask Brother Zihui to help me find two people.”


“These two people are a husband and wife pair. One is called Ye Hang. The other is called Ren Hongling.”

Ever since Ye Hang and Ren Hongling left after leaving behind the letter, although Ye Yuan did not show it, he kept it in his heart all along.

Now that the Tranquil Cloud Sect moved north, Ye Yuan naturally had to inquire about his parents’ news.

Wu Fang City’s sphere of influence in the Northern Domain was massive. Requesting Xu Zihui to inquire about his parents’ news was perfect.

When Xu Zihui heard ‘Ren Hongling’ these three words, his expression could not help changing.

But Ye Yuan took in Xu Zihui’s expression into his sight and could not help but be surprised. He asked, “Is it possible that Brother Zihui knows these two?”

Xu Zihui lowered his voice and said, “It’s really a coincidence. City Lord, His Excellency, has a daughter. Her name is called Ren Hongling too!”

Ye Yuan’s mind flashed like lightning when he heard that. His parents had never talked about their backgrounds. Was it possible that Mother actually still had such a startling background?

Thinking of this, Ye Yuan was even more overjoyed and hurriedly asked, “Then where is that City Lord’s daughter now?”

Xu Zihui sighed and said, “City Lord’s daughter came to a premature end long ago already. It’s too bad for an alchemy genius!”

“Oh?Why is this so?” Ye Yuan could not help becoming curious.

“Back that, City Lord’s daughter had peerless talent. At the age of 18, she was already a high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster, greatly surpassing those of the same age! But sadly, the heaven is envious of the gifted. That Ren Hongling actually got inflicted with a terminal disease and left this world. City Lord, His Excellency, was even heartbroken over this for a long time.”

Listening up to here, Ye Yuan already basically confirmed that this Ren Hongling was not the other Ren Hongling.

Because his mother did not have any trace of essence energy undulation in her body and was only a normal person. She naturally could not possibly be the City Lord’s daughter in Xu Zihui’s story.