Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 503

Chapter 503 Teach Me Alchemy


“Then it’s really quite a pity,” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

Xiao Ruyan was a high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster at 20 years old and was already a peak existence in the Fierce Gale World.

An 18 years old high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster was absolutely a peak existence in the Endless World.

Such monstrous talent but passed away young, it was indeed quite pitiful.

“Yeah. But the heaven does not cut off all paths. City Lord, His Excellency, later got another grandson that is Ren Dong. His talent is similarly a top existence when looking at the junior generation,” Xu Zihui said.

Ye Yuan nodded his head. Regarding Ren Dong’s talent, Ye Yuan did not have any disagreement.

To the Lower Realms, Ren Dong’s talent was already rather decent.

Ye Yuan described Ye Hang’s and Ren Hongling’s looks and characteristics to Xu Zihui in detail, and he instructed, “These two people’s news will be entrusted to Brother Zihui. If your son needs any medicinal pills, Brother Zihui doesn’t need to be courteous. Just come and find me will do.”

Xu Zihui was overjoyed when he heard it and hurriedly said, “I’ll thank Young Master Ye on behalf of my son first.”

Martial artists’ cultivation could not do without medicinal pills. With Xu Zihui’s strength and status, he naturally did not lack medicinal pills. But just looking from Ye Yuan casually taking out the Sea Gathering Pill, his Alchemy Path strength absolutely could not be compared to ordinary high-rank Quasi-Alchemy Kings.

Xu Zihui was Ninth-Level Soul Sea Realm strength and had mingled in Wu Fang City for so many years. His horizons were absolutely exceedingly high.

But he had never heard before a kind of medicinal pill which could unconditionally raise the level of Sea Transformation Realm by a minor realm.

This Ye Yuan’s background was absolutely not ordinary!

Building up a good relationship with a future peerless powerhouse like this was absolutely worth it.

Seeing off Xu Zihui, Ye Yuan was just about to bring Yue Mengli and Xiao Ruyan out, but then he saw somebody was pacing around outside Feng Ya Pavilion’s gates with a conflicted look.

Looking closely, who could it be but Ren Dong?

“Great Young Master Ren, it’s not that you can’t take a loss and want to take back the essence crystals, right?” Xiao Ruyan said derisively.

It was uncertain what Ren Dong was thinking about earlier and completely did not see Ye Yuan trio come out. Hearing Xiao Ruyan’s words at this time, he involuntarily lifted his head and looked over.

With this look, Ren Dong could not help drawing in a deep breath.

This woman before his eyes was seriously absurdly beautiful. That exquisite face took Ren Dong’s breath away.

Taking a look at Ye Yuan’s side again, Yue Mengli’s beauty was actually a level above Xiao Ruyan’s!

Ren Dong’s mind could not help short-circuiting. “This Miss, you are?Ah!You’re not . . . not . . . that ugly girl yesterday, right?”

“Hey! You try saying that one more time!’ Xiao Ruyan’s expression instantly became cold.

Only then did Ren Dong come around to his senses and hurriedly waved his hands, saying,“Ah,no,Miss,I don’t mean that. I was saying . . . was saying . . .”

Ren Dong thought for a long time and could not figure out how he should organize his words.

Those two ugly girls yesterday actually became celestial deity-like girls today with a sway of their bodies!

These two beauties before his eyes were simply even more gorgeous than all the women he had seen before added up!

He was still criticizing Ye Yuan’s taste yesterday. He only discovered now that he was the real blind man!

Such remarkable beauties, being able to get one was already incredible fortune. Ye Yuan actually embraced one left and one right, enjoying the bliss of dual company to the max. Was this wanting to make every man in the world feel ashamed of their unworthiness?

No wonder these two beauties changed their looks to that appearance yesterday. Turns out that they were afraid of trouble.

Ren Dong did not know that his words yesterday thoroughly stimulated Yue Mengli and Xiao Ruyan.

Going out today, the two of them refused to disguise themselves no matter what. Xiao Ruyan even took care of her looks today meticulously, appearing ephemerally beautiful; such beauty was not what the mortal realm should possess.

The other girl, Yue Mengli, was a born beauty. She just recovered to her original appearance, and that already made the entire city’s women fade in color.

Ye Yuan felt an endless headache too. Ignoring Xiao Ruyan, Yue Mengli’s original disposition was very quiet and elegant and never cared about other people’s view.

No idea what wrong medicine she took today to actually mess around together with Xiao Ruyan.

Actually, even Yue Mengli herself probably did not understand either why she would care about her image so much.

“Say what? You dare to say that you didn’t say it just now?” Xiao Ruyan pressed on the point to death.

Ren Dong forehead was covered in sweat. In front of Xiao Ruyan, he actually did not have that imposing manner yesterday.

“Sorry, sorry. It was me who have eyes but failed to see. To actually treat a mortal realm’s absolute beauty like Miss as a commonplace girl. Truly a sin! Such a sin!”

“Enough! Look at how your eyes are glued! Knew that you aren’t anything good! Must be an exceptionally lecherous person!”

“. . . . . .”

Ye Yuan really could not carry on watching by the side, and he could only speak up, “Alright, Ruyan. Yesterday, you guys altered your looks to that extend; Young Master Ren’s misunderstanding is normal too. You don’t keep harping on the matter.”

Xiao Ruyan pursed her mouth and actually did not dispute, retreating behind Ye Yuan unwillingly.

Ren Dong was even more stupefied when he saw the situation. This woman looked to be so fierce and unreasonable, but she actually did not dare to say a word back to Ye Yuan!

This Ye Yuan’s methods to control women was truly remarkable!

“Young Master Ren, you aren’t really finding me to ask for essence crystals, right?” Ye Yuan looked at Ren Dong and said with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Ren Dong hastily shook his hands and said, “No, no, the essence crystals is just a small matter. That . . . Can we go in for a talk?”

Ren Dong looked around for a bit, his expression somewhat embarrassed.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and knew that he was afraid of him losing face being seen by people, and he nodded his head.

Coming to the inner hall and sitting down, Ye Yuan could not help being very helpless too. Looks like wanting to go out to take a stroll around wasn’t very likely.

“What you have to say, you can say it now, right?” Ye Yuan said.

“That . . . is it possible to . . . teach me how to refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills?” Ren Dong rubbed his hands, appearing very embarrassed.

Evidently, these words took immense courage to come out of his mouth.

But Ye Yuan was stunned when he heard these words. He could tell that Ren Dong was the kind of person who viewed himself very highly and was extremely haughty. To think that he would actually say something like that.

“Young Master Ren, according to what I know, your grandfather is a Peak Alchemy Sovereign powerhouse. Alchemy this sort of thing, seems like you shouldn’t be coming over to ask me, right?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

But Rendong shook his head when he heard that and said, “Even though my grandfather is a Peak Alchemy Sovereign, he has no way of refining transcendent-grade medicinal pills when he was at your level. The way I see it, you should have some special skill that can refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills, right?”

Hearing that, Ye Yuan’s expression could not help becoming strange, and he said with a cold smile, “Even if I have ways to refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills, why should I teach you? The process of us becoming acquainted didn’t seem to be very merry, right?”

Ren Dong’s expression was rather ugly. Him suddenly dropping in to find Ye Yuan to teach him alchemy was indeed very brusque.

But he thought about it for an entire day after he went back yesterday and did not sleep the entire night. He was extremely curious about Ye Yuan’s pill refining techniques.

Today, not knowing why, he actually came to Feng Ya Pavilion at the behest of supernatural powers.

Ren Dong looked at Ye Yuan and stood up abruptly.

But this action gave Xiao Ruyan a fright. She hastily blocked in front of Ye Yuan, like a tigress protecting its cubs, and she said fiercely, “What do you want to do to Master?”

Ren Dong did not bother with Xiao Ruyan, and suddenly he kneeled down with a thud!