Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 504

Chapter 504 Refining Pills Bare Handedly


This action of Ren Dong threw Ye Yuan trio into a confusion.

“What are you doing?” Ye Yuan asked in surprise.

“I’m willing to acknowledge you as Master. Please teach me how to refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills!” Ren Dong said with a stubborn look.

This action from Ren Dong made Ye Yuan view him in a different light.

He did not look down on Ren Dong because of this. Rather, he felt that only such a person was worthy of bearing the word ‘alchemist.’

Ye Yuan could feel Ren Dong’s intense thirst for knowledge. That sort of extreme desire, Ye Yuan himself had it before too.

Alchemist was an occupation held in great esteem. Many people lost their original goals during the process of growing stronger, indulging in the opulence of the secular world and being unable to extricate themselves.

Those kinds of people, even if overflowing with talent, their accomplishments would be extremely limited too.

“What if yesterday, I happened to refine a transcendent-grade medicinal pill by chance?” Ye Yuan said.

Of course, Ye Yuan would not take him in as a disciple so easily.

Ye Yuan had always prioritized quality over quantity when taking in disciples. Even if he did not take any disciples in his previous life, his followers were all carefully selected through a strict process.

Regardless whether it was talent or conduct, Xiao Ruyan was a top choice. That was why Ye Yuan agreed.

The first impression that this Ren Dong gave Ye Yuan was not good. Ye Yuan obviously would not relent so easy.

“Early this morning, I went to the Alchemist Association and examined your refining process yesterday. It’s simply a magnificent work of art! Although we’re both Quasi-Alchemy Kings, your alchemy skills flung me more than several streets behind!” Ren Dong said.

The refining process that the Alchemist Association recorded, normal people naturally could not view it. But Ren Dong’s identity was extraordinary. Wanting to check it was not hard.

“Master, who knows what intentions this fellow has. You mustn’t fall for his trick!” Xiao Ruyan slandered him by the side.

“You’re really his disciple?” Ren Dong suddenly asked.

“Otherwise, what do you think?! I’m Master’s eldest disciple!” Xiao Ruyan said with a proud look.

Xiao Ruyan was increasingly convinced by Ye Yuan when following him to refine pills now.

This period of time, although Xiao Ruyan did not break through realms, her alchemy skills level had a qualitative leap, and her foundation was much sturdier compared to before.

Hence, she admitted to being Ye Yuan’s disciple now was without any pressure at all. In fact, she felt very proud.

This master, she acknowledged correctly!

Ren Dong mused for a moment and suddenly did a loud kowtow towards Ye Yuan and said, “Master Ye Yuan, please take me in as a disciple no matter what!”

Ren Dong perceived some things from Xiao Ruyan’s expression and strengthened his resolve to acknowledge Ye Yuan as his master even more.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, “I don’t have any method that can refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills. So . . . you don’t need to acknowledge me as master.”

Ren Dong became anxious when he heard that and hurriedly said, “Is Master still blaming me for yesterday’s incident? Me apologizing to you for my offense still won’t do?”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “You’re thinking too much. I really don’t have any technique to refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills. No alchemist has such a technique!”

“But, I saw Master’s alchemy skills! Too amazing! There were many areas where I couldn’t understand at all!” Ren Dong said.

Ye Yuan looked at Ren Dong and suddenly asked, “There’s already a peak Alchemy Sovereign powerhouse at your home. Why do you go so far as to barter the trunk for the branches, and you come to acknowledge me as your master?”

Ren Dong suddenly heaved a sigh and said, “Although I haven’t learned Grandfather’s alchemy skills fully, I’ve already gotten 50% – 60% of the essence. What’s left is just the polishing of time, as well as the accumulation of experience. Following the prescribed order like this, I believe that I can also cultivate to peak Alchemy Sovereign one day.”

Ren Dong paused a bit, and he suddenly became somewhat agitated, “But I know that Grandfather’s alchemy skills are already at his limits and is incapable of ascending to the Divine Realm! If I walk along his old path, it’s simply impossible to surpass him. All the way until I saw the image of you refining pills, then only did I know how great the gap between us was!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly. This boy’s ambition wasn’t small!

But if one could not even achieve ascending to the Divine Realm, where lies the talk of walking to the extremes of the Alchemy Path?

Ye Yuan took a look at the Ren Dong with a face full of anticipation and suddenly said with a smile, “Do you really want to acknowledge me as master?”

Ren Dong was overjoyed when he heard this. “Master is willing to take me in?”

“Huhu,you want to enter my tutelage, it’s not prohibited too. However . . . you have to pass my test.”

“No matter what kind of test it is, Ren Dong will definitely accomplish it!” Ren Don was still fully confident in himself.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Didn’t you want to know why I can refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills?”

Ren Dong nodded his head fiercely but showed a difficult expression.

If Ye Yuan’s test was to refine a transcendent-grade medicinal pill, he could not accomplish that.

“Haha.Don’t need to worry. I’m not making you refine a Quasi-Tier 4 transcendent-grade medicinal pill. Lesser Phaseless Art, you should know, right?” Ye Yuan asked.

Ren Dong was dazed. Lesser Phaseless Art was the most basic refining technique. Even for a puny little Alchemy Apprentice, it was impossible to not know either.

Ren Dong was a high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King. How could he possibly not know the Lesser Phaseless Art?

Ye Yuan smiled, and suddenly took out a stalk of Tier 1 herbal grass, his fingers moving like phantoms!

At this movement, Ren Dong’s expression could not help changing dramatically!

“Refining pills bare-handedly! This . . . This is Lesser Phaseless Art? No, wait! His fingers technique and seals are indeed the Lesser Phaseless Art without mistake, but . . . why can it be performed to such a level?” Ren Dong muttered under his breath.

It was only to see that the medicinal herb bounced up and down non-stop in Ye Yuan’s hand as if it was alive.

And the one who gave it life was precisely Ye Yuan!

After twenty breaths, a tiny medicinal pellet appeared in Ye Yuan’s hand.

“T-Transcendent-grade! Using the Lesser Phaseless Art to refine a transcendent-grade medicinal pill bare-handedly! Even though it’s only a Tier 1 medicinal pill, but . . . how is this possible?”

Ren Dong was in a complete mess, speaking incoherently. But the astoundment in his heart was written on his face currently.

As everyone knew, alchemists all needed to borrow medicinal cauldrons and flames to refine pills.

Refining pills bare-handedly were completely forsaking these two, directing with essence energy and bare-handedly refining finished product medicinal pill.

The degree of difficulty of doing this was hard to imagine for ordinary people!

Don’t simply look at how Ren Dong was a Quasi-Alchemy King. To make him refine a Tier 1 medicinal pill bare-handedly, he simply could not do it!

“I don’t need you to refine pills bare-handedly. You just have to use the Lesser Phaseless Art to refine out a Tier 1 transcendent-grade medicinal pill, and I’ll take you in as a disciple.”

Ye Yuan’s voice shocked Ren Dong awake abruptly. Only now did he recover to his sense. Surprised, he said, “Using the Lesser Phaseless Art to refine a Tier 1 transcendent-grade medicinal pill? How is that possible?”

The moment he said that, Ren Dong wanted to smack his own mouth.

Didn’t Ye Yuan just refine out a transcendent-grade medicinal pill just now? How was it impossible?

Furthermore, Ye Yuan even use bare-handed alchemy technique to refine it.

Although it was a Tier 1 medicinal pill, the degree of difficulty in it, Ren Dong felt despair just thinking about it.

“Whether it’s possible or not, that’s your business. This is my initiation test. If you can’t do it, don’t mention this matter again,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

With Ren Dong’s standards, going to refine a Tier 1 medicinal pill, he naturally could refine out a transcendent-grade medicinal pill.

But to let him use the Lesser Phaseless Art to refine a Tier 1 medicinal pill, it was impossible to refine no matter what.

The Lesser Phaseless Art was the most basic refining technique, being extremely simple. There had never been anybody who could use such a simple technique to refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills!

This test was too hard!

Ren Dong’s expression flickered, and he finally gritted his teeth and said, “Okay! I’ll definitely do it!”