Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Thousand Query Wall


Ren Dong immediately went back to practice the Lesser Phaseless Art after leaving Feng Ya Pavilion.

Only after witnessing Ye Yuan’s methods did Ren Dong suddenly become aware that he seemed to have found a different sky.

He, a high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King, was too undeserving.

This strengthened his resolve to acknowledge Ye Yuan as his master even more!

But with this disturbance, the mood of Ye Yuan and the two girls going out to sight-see dulled as well.

Yet, right at this time, Xu Zihui came back after leaving not long ago. His expression was very ugly.

“Young Master Ye, not good! Elder Skymaple he . . . he got detained by Exquisite Jade Pavilion!” Xu Zihui said somewhat anxiously.

Ye Yuan knitted his brows when he heard that and asked, “What happened?”

Xu Zihui hurriedly explained, “Elder Skymaple challenged the Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s Thousand Query Wall. The result was that he failed. Elder Skymaple was unresigned and disputed a couple of words with them, and he got detained by Exquisite Jade Pavilion. I went to Exquisite Jade Pavilion after being informed of the news to ask for him. Also don’t know what wrong medicine they ate, to actually not give me face and held Elder Skymaple in custody, refusing to release him no matter what.”

“In this Wu Fang City, there are actually still things that your City Lord Manor can’t settle?” Ye Yuan said curiously

This was Ye Yuan’s first time here. His head was covered in a fog about Wu Fang City’s forces distribution.

In his view, although Xu Zihui was not a Divine Traversing Realm powerhouse, a Ninth-Level Soul Sea Realm expert absolutely could be considered a famed and prestigious character in Wu Fang City.

Furthermore, Xu Zihui was even the City Lord Manor’s first-class patrolling inspector. There were actually people who dared to not give him face!

Xu Zihui forced a smile and said, “Young Master Ye is unaware. Although City Lord, His Excellency, is one of Wu Fang City’s strongest alchemists, Wu Fang City’s forces are intricate and complex. Some families, their forces are only slightly inferior compared to City Lord Manor, and can fully not give me any face.”

Xu Zihui briefly introduced the Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s situation. Ye Yuan became absorbed in his thoughts.

This Exquisite Jade Pavilion was a force belonging to Wu Fang City’s Cao Family. This Cao Family’s strength was exceedingly powerful too. The old patriarch in their family was middle-rank Alchemy Sovereign strength.

While it was not as strong as City Lord Manor, it was also an extremely powerful faction in this Wu Fang City.

If the City Lord or other Divine Traversing Realm experts in the City Lord Manor came forward, Exquisite Jade Pavilion would of course sell them the face.

But Xu Zihui’s identity was a little inferior.

Except that it was kind of weird thinking about it. Even though Xu Zihui was not considered the City Lord Manor’s upper echelon, if it were just causing some small dispute, the Exquisite Jade Pavilion would not go so far as to be so domineering.

In between this, there should have some other reason.

“How about . . . I go to City Lord, His Excellency, to report it and request his elderly self to come forward?” Xu Zihui asked probingly.

But Ye Yuan did not speak and was pondering about something.

Only after some time, did Ye Yuan look at Xu Zihui and ask, “What relationship does the Heavenly Evil Sect and Cao Family have?”

With Ye Yuan saying this, Xu Zihui was dazed, and then immediately revealed a look of sudden realization.

“Sigh!Look at this pig brain of mine! The Heavenly Evil Sect precisely belongs to the Cao Family’s sphere of influence. The Cao Family’s Third Young Master, Cao Fang, has close ties with the Heavenly Evil Sect’s Mao Yuanji!Oh,Cao Fang is the person with the greatest alchemy strength in the Cao Family’s junior generation; he is just slightly inferior compared to Young Master Ren Dong. He is also already middle-rank Quasi-Alchemy King right now,” Xu Zihui said.

Xu Zihui’s gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with admiration. He himself had yet to even think of this aspect, and Ye Yuan an outsider actually guessed to such an extent already.

Ye Yuan nodded after listening and said, “What is this Thousand Query Wall?”

“This Thousand Query Wall is one of the Cao Family’s main attraction. Countless alchemists come to Wu Fang City, and many of them come for this Thousand Query Wall . . .” Xu Zihui explained.

Turns out that in the history of Wu Fang City, the Cao Family had been glorious before too, even producing many generations of city lords. Among them, one of the city lords set up a Thousand Query Wall right in this Wu Fang City. The specific era was already unverifiable.

The so-called Thousand Query Wall was where alchemists placed their own queries on this wall, offering a reward for other alchemists to come and answer.

Through so many years’ accumulation, the questions on the Thousand Query Wall were already more than a thousand long ago.

The questions on the Thousand Query Wall, as long as it was answered, it would be removed from the wall.

But the queries raised by alchemists were far more than the queries resolved. With the accumulation of months and days, the questions on this Thousand Query Wall was already rather sizable.

Furthermore, through the countless years of filtering, the difficulty of the questions on the Thousand Query Wall also became increasingly greater. Many of the problems, even peak Alchemy Sovereign powerhouses could not answer them either.

Challenging the Thousand Query Wall, one first had to pay a certain amount of essence crystals. These essence crystals would belong to the Exquisite Jade Pavilion, which was owned by the Cao Family.

If answered correctly, the alchemist would be able to take away the reward. If unable to answer, they could naturally only return empty-handed. Even the essence crystals from before were gone too.

With so many years, the Cao Family relied on this Thousand Query Wall to earn countless riches.

But even so, there were still countless alchemists advancing wave after wave to come to the Exquisite Jade Pavilion to challenge the Thousand Query Wall.

One could say that the reason why this Wu Fang City could become the Endless World’s alchemy holy land, this Thousand Query Wall’s contributions could not be forgone!

Hearing Xu Zihui’s explanation, even Ye Yuan had no choice but to gasp in admiration at that generation’s city lord’s outstanding wisdom and resourcefulness as well.

Such exchanges absolutely had tremendous advantages towards the heightening of alchemy skills.

This Thousand Query Wall could be said to be an immensely valuable asset left behind by that generation’s city lord.

Through so many years, many people who raised the query were no longer around anymore. Those questions naturally become ownerless objects.

And these questions, each one of it being answered had tremendously important meaning in promoting the development of alchemy skills.

And the Cao Family guarding such a treasure mountain could actually decline! It could be seen that this Cao Family was really rotten mud that could not even stick to a wall!

“Want to challenge Thousand Query Wall, one must leave their background on the contract. The contract won’t be publicized. But the Cao Family’s people most likely have ways to see it. If this matter is really Cao Fang playing tricks behind, it’s rather troublesome,” Xu Zihui said worriedly.

“Looks like that Cao Third Young Master dug a pit for Grand Elder to jump into!Hehe,really thinking my Tranquil Cloud Sect is easy to bully?” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

When Xu Zihui heard Ye Yuan’s tone, he knew that things were not good.

The upper echelon meeting had yet to begin. Once Ye Yuan had a conflict with the Cao Family, it would probably incur many unnecessary problems.

“Young Master Ye, how about . . . I still report this matter to City Lord, His Excellency? I think that in consideration of City Lord, His Excellency’s prestige, Cao Fang wouldn’t dare to not give you any face,” Xu Zihui urged.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “City Lord, His Excellency, has to attend to a myriad of state affairs every day. This kind of minor thing, there’s no need to trouble his elderly self. This matter, I’ll settle it myself! Brother Zihui, bring me to Exquisite Jade Pavilion right now. I want to experience just how incredible this Thousand Query Wall is!”

As he said, Ye Yuan’s figure moved, directly leaving Feng Ya Pavilion!

Xu Zihui could not stop in time and could only bemoan and follow after Ye Yuan.