Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Does This Old Man Have The Qualifications?


Ling-er gave Ye Yuan a strange look with her eyes. Now, she finally confirmed that this person was a moron.

Or perhaps, this Ye Yuan was an impetuous person who did not understand the other person’s meaning!

On the seventh level, over half were questions left behind for a thousand years.

The other half questions were also left by some top alchemy path powerhouses within a thousand years.

Without having peak Alchemy Sovereign strength and realm, it was simply impossible to resolve!

This boy in front was merely 16 or 17 years of age. Putting aside resolving it, whether he could understand them or not was also an issue.

Prepare essence crystals?

You have got to be kidding!

These one thousand high-grade essence crystals, Big Sister will accept it in your place!

All of a sudden, the expression of the staff responsible for registration changed and gave Ling-er a look.

Ling-er understood and moved closer.

“You look, this boy and that old fellow are from the same sect!”

Skymaple’s matters had just died down. The Exquisite Jade Pavilion was very sensitive to the Tranquil Cloud Sect, these three words. Hence, that staff noticed something wrong right away.

When Ling-er checked, Ye Yuan’s background was indeed the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

With this, Ling-er was even more filled with disdain in her heart. Even the Alchemy King was taken care of, what could a Sea Transformation Realm brat do?

Ling-er shot that staff a look. The staff understood and left. But Ling-er herself came in front of Ye Yuan in all smiles.

“I wonder which tags sir is going to choose? There are a total of 136 tags on the seventh level, from No.1 to No.136. No.1 is the question left on the Thousand Query Wall for the longest time, and also the question universally acknowledged to have the greatest difficulty. The most recent one is No.136. It’s already five years since then and was issued by the Alchemist Association’s Chairman, Lord Dan Chenzi. The reward is 1500 high-grade essence crystals!” Ling-er explained to Ye Yuan with a smile.

Ling-er’s and that staff’s behaviors, Ye Yuan noticed it all. But Ye Yuan pretended to not know.

“Like thathuh?Doesn’t that mean that the tags closer to the front, the greater the reward money?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“That’s how it is! The reward for the No.1 tag has already reached a sum of 5 million high-grade essence crystals to this date! This is an astronomical figure to martial artists! It’s just . . . the No.1 tag has already been there for several thousand years, but nobody could crack it all these while,” Ling-er said smilingly.

Ling-er was incredibly disdainful in her heart. It was really a toad lusting after a swan’s meat!

Since ancient times, how many major powers wished to crack the problem in the No.1 tag. Among them, there was no shortage of some major powers who ascended to the Divine Realm.

But up until today, the No.1 tag still was on the rack quietly.

How could wanting to crack the No.1 tag be that easy?

Ye Yuan nodded slightly when he heard and said, “Then give me tags No.126 to No.136 first. I’ll solve them for fun first.”

For fun?

Hehe, don’t snivel in a while!

Brat still wet behind your years, to actually dare run to the Exquisite Jade Pavilion to act wildly!

These one thousand high-grade essence crystals are probably not a small sum to your sect as well, right?

Ling-er started gloating at others’ misfortune inwardly.

Ever since she knew Ye Yuan’s identity, Ling-er was unwilling to give even the tiniest bit of favorable impression towards Ye Yuan.

Before long, there was a staff who took down the last ten tags from the seventh rack and presented it before Ye Yuan.

And this action caused a considerable stir as well.

This main hall was very large and could accommodate up to ten thousand people. And the alchemists present at the scene was probably in the thousands as well.

Furthermore, those who dare to come to the Thousand Query Wall for a challenge were mostly arrogant at heart and haughty in manner too; they were people with some strength to begin with.

Of course, these people would pick the tags corresponding to their own strength.

On the tags would have a summary of the corresponding problem. These alchemists would all select problems according to these summaries.

Nobody dared to be like Ye Yuan, crossing levels to challenge problems. After all, anyone’s essence crystals were not cabbages too, to simply use to throw at the Exquisite Jade Pavilion.

Among the alchemists present, the highest was also just a peak Alchemy King. If Alchemy Sovereigns did not have the need to, they would not come here.

Hence, to these people, the seventh level was virtually a forbidden area-like existence.

Apart from wanting to experience it a little, there was simply no one who dared to challenge the seventh level.

And Ye Yuan drawing ten tags in one go immediately caused a sensation among the crowd.

“Ten seventh level tags, is he crazy? Even Dan Chenzi and City Lord wouldn’t dare to challenge ten seventh level tags in one go too, right?”

“Hehe,also don’t know which wealthy and influential family’s young master is this? This is gambling at high stakes! Ten tags, can he understand?”

“Sigh.This boy is so young. Maybe he doesn’t even know what alchemy skills are at all. Such a pity. How great would it be to let me enrich my knowledge with these ten tags!”

“So what if let you experience it a little? Isn’t it still pointless?”

. . . . . .

For a moment, many people’s gazes all looked towards Ye Yuan. But majority of the people all had disdainful looks.

After all, a wealthy person spending large sums of money lavishly like this was the target for other people’s envy everywhere.

Actually, Ye Yuan was really not a magnate. But since the Cao Family dared to dig the ground on top of his head, he would make the Cao Family pay a corresponding price!

As an overlord of Wu Fang City, Ye Yuan did not believe that the Cao Family did not know that he received the City Lord’s invitation.

Even so, the Cao Family still dared to provoke him. Then he did not have the need to give face to the other party anymore!

“Sir, these are the ten tags that you chose. There is a jade slip in the box stuck to the tag, and the question that the employer raised is inside the jade slip. You just have to inscribe the answer in the blank jade slip inside. Our Exquisite Jade Pavilion has a consultant team made up of three Alchemy Sovereign powerhouses, specialized in being responsible for evaluating the answers. As long as your answer gets a pass from the consultant team, you’ll obtain the reward of essence crystals! We’ve prepared a quiet guest room for you. Sir can go to the guest room to slowly answer the questions,” Ling-er explained with a smile.

Although in Ling-er viewpoint, this sort of explanation wasn’t necessary at all, running into such a sucker, it was still better to provide a corresponding service.

Ye Yuan looked at Ling-er and said with a smile that wasn’t a smile, “That’s to say that even if I answer correctly, this consultation team can say that I’m wrong?”

Ling-er facial expression changed, the smile on her face becoming rather stiff.

Ye Yuan’s words were clearly directed at Skymaple.

In reality, Skymaple had indeed answered the question. But the consultation team still denied his answer. That was why Skymaple would have a dispute with the Exquisite Jade Pavilion in a moment of anger.

“What is Sir saying here? The reputation of our Exquisite Jade Pavilion is well-known in the entire Endless World. Or else, how can there be so many experts who issue rewards at our place? There has never been anybody who dared to question our Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s reputation!” Ling-er’s words already carried some threat.

But Ye Yuan did not care a whit and said with a smile,“Hehe,this is my first time here. I really don’t dare to believe your Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s reputation that much. So, I wish to add one more person to your consultation group.”

When Ling-er heard that, her face could not help darkening, “This Sir, is it possible that you’re here to cause trouble? Our consultation team has three Alchemy Sovereign experts. Who has the qualifications to join them?”

Ling-er voice had yet to fate when an aged voice sounded out, “I wonder if this old man has this qualification?”

[0] As some of you who are more astute, no.126 to no.136 is a total of 11 tags, not 10. Author fail math. I’ll leave it as it is because it affects the other chapters when they go through.