Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Cao Fang's Grievance


“It’s Master Wu Xuan. Why is he here?”

“Master Wu Xuan is an Alchemist Association’s elder. Other than being on duty in the association, he rarely makes an appearance. Why did he show up here?”

“Could it be that he’s here for this youth? Who on earth is this youth?”

The arrival was precisely Wu Xuan!

Ye Yuan obviously could not run to the Exquisite Jade Pavilion alone foolish. This was other people’s territory after all. Other people had the final say no matter what.

The Alchemist Association was above worldly considerations. Coming here was all too perfect.

Before coming, Ye Yuan told Xu Zihui to invite Wu Xuan here to back him up.

Even though Ye Yuan’s attitude that day was not very good, looking at Wu Xuan’s thirsting after talent appearance, most likely, he was willing to provide this help.

As expected, Wu Xuan really came.

But this favor, Ye Yuan would remember it. In the future, there would naturally be reciprocation.

“M-Master Wu Xuan, why are you here?” When Ling-er saw Wu Xuan, her expression became somewhat unnatural.

The Alchemist Association meddling in the Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s matters, this was not some good omen.

Furthermore, Wu Xuan’s status was extremely high; he was not what a little lass like her could cope with.

“This old man heard that there was somebody challenging the Thousand Query Wall’s seventh level. Such a grand event naturally cannot be missed,” Wu Xuan said coolly.

“But . . . But . . .” Ling-er did not know what to say.

Right at this moment, a voice sounded out, “Master Wu Xuan gracing us with your grand presence, it really honors the Exquisite Jade Pavilion tremendously! However . . . Master said that you wanted to join the consultation team earlier, isn’t that rather inappropriate?”

The arrival was dressed in black robes, his appearance looking rather young. A badge was pinned on his chest. He was shockingly a middle-rank Quasi-Alchemy King!

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed. Barring no accidents, this person was most probably that whatever Third Young Master Cao.

Wu Xuan stroked his beard and said smilingly, “I’m only here to be a witness. Nobody has challenged the seventh level’s questions for very long. This old man is only here to join in the fun today.”

Cao Fang’s face fell slightly. With Wu Xuan holding down the fort here, some things were not nice to be done in a flagrant manner.

He shot Ye Yuan at vicious glare, but then he said to Wu Xuan with a pleasant countenance, “Isn’t Master Wu Xuan stirring too much of a commotion? The seventh level already had no activity for five years. How old is this youth only? Merely here to take a stroll. Could he really stir up anything?”

Wu Xuan gave Ye Yuan a look with a deep meaning and said with a smile, “Although this old man isn’t harboring any hopes either, I’m also looking forward to some pleasant surprise. I’m just here to be a spectator. I believe that the Cao Family won’t forbid it, right?”

Cao Fang hurriedly said, “Dare not, dare not. Master Wu Xuan normally can’t even be invited. How will our Cao Family dare to shut the door in your face? Welcome, welcome to the utmost degree!”

Cao Fang was very depressed. Every Alchemy Sovereign’s status was incredibly extraordinary, even if Wu Xuan was only a low-rank Alchemy Sovereign.

An Alchemy Sovereign expert coming over to be a spectator, Cao Fang seriously could not find any reason to refuse.

Furthermore, he was just Cao Family’s junior and completely did not have the qualifications to refuse either.

But with Wu Xuan here, it was not very good to play tricks.

It was true that the Cao Family’s consultation realm was famed for being impartial. But on this earth, what place were there that could really achieve true fairness?

Within a very small boundary, Cao Fang could still make use of the Cao Family’s prestige to do some things.

But if Wu Xuan was here, Cao Fang would be unable to do that anymore. That would ruin the Cao Family’s reputation.

With reputation, the Cao Family’s Thousand Query Wall would not be able to carry on running too.

This would be a catastrophic blow to the Cao Family.

Of course, Cao Fang did not believe that a puny little Sea Transformation Realm like Ye Yuan could really answer the seventh level’s questions too.

Cao Fang looked at Ye Yuan and said with a playful smile, “This distinguished one is really so courageous, taking on ten tags in one go. Even City Lord and Lord Chairman don’t have such breadth of spirit either!”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Merely just one thousand high-grade essence crystals. Just playing around. Maybe among these ten questions, I’ll happen to know that one or two maybe by chance?”

“You really dare to say that?! The questions on the seventh level, even the one published by Lord Chairman five years ago, nobody has answered them successfully to this date. You, a little Sea Transformation Realm, actually dare to engage in such wild talk!” Cao Fang was very displeased by Ye Yuan’s disparaging attitude.

Hearing these words, Wu Xuan smiled faintly and said, “Honorable Nephew Cao is looking down on Ye Yuan here. He already passed the high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King test at the Alchemist Association yesterday. Now, he’s already officially a high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King! Moreover . . . he defeated Ren Dong yesterday!”

When Wu Xuan’s words came out, everyone was amazed.

A 16 years old high-rank Alchemy King? What kind of concept was this?

Even Cao Fang was stunned too. He only heard his subordinate say that a Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple came, but he was unaware that Ye Yuan actually had such strength in alchemy.

Ren Dong was the rival of his lifetime; he was an opponent that Cao Fang was unable to defeat even when he used all of his might too.

But the target that he had no way of surpassing was actually defeated by this 16 years old youth before his eyes!

This . . . was a little too jarring.

But it was precisely so that he knew why Wu Xuan would make an appearance here today.

“This youth is actually a high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King! My God! How does he train alchemy? Isn’t this too monstrous as well? Furthermore, he even defeated the City Lord Manor’s Ren Dong. This . . . doesn’t this mean that he’s already the current junior generation’s number one person?”

“Indeed, heroes come from youngsters! Looking at these young people, I instantly feel that I’m old!”

“16 years old high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King. In the future, he’s bound to be a peak Alchemy Sovereign existence! Perhaps, he even has the possibility of shattering the void and assaulting the Divine Realm!”

Wu Xuan’s words caused a huge stir among the crowd.

Wu Xuan looked at Ye Yuan with a smile and said, “Ye Yuan, since you’ve already obtained the badge, why aren’t you wearing it?”

After Ye Yuan just registered his badge for a bit, he kept it again.

Hearing Wu Xuan say so now, it was not good to conceal it anymore. He could only take the badge out and wear it.

“Hehe,this kid really doesn’t have the habit of wearing badges. Master Wu Xuan, please don’t take offense,” Ye Yuan said with a flattering smile.

“You this punk! Really left me speechless at what to say! Other people treat it like a treasure when getting the badge, but only you cast it away like a pair of worn out shoes!Sigh. . .” Wu Xuan scolded while smiling.

Ye Yuan slightly lightly and did not explain either, and he said, “Better not waste anymore time. Let me take a look at what kind of questions are inside these ten jade slips.”

As he said, Ye Yuan came right in front of box No.136 and swept over that jade slip with divine sense.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s actions, even Wu Xuan held his breath too.

Tag No.136. It was the contents that Lord Chairman published. As the Alchemist Association’s chairman, Wu Xuan was all too clear about the contents inside the jade slip.

Ye Yuan’s speed of checking the jade slip was very quick. He only used several breaths of time and then placed it back.

“How is it? Any confidence?” Wu Xuan could not resist asking.

Ye Yuan smiled mysteriously and said, “Let me take a look at the others first.”