Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Ye Yuan's Sick Plan


When Wu Xuan saw the situation, he could not help laughing in spite of himself and said, “You this punk are even keeping people in suspense. I’m really helpless against you! Forget it, forget it! You take a look first.”

“Tch,don’t know means don’t know; pretending rather well! Even if you’re a high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King, so what? These five years, a total of dozen over Alchemy Sovereign experts had challenged the No.136 question. Among them even included Lord Chairman. But not a single one succeeded. With the likes of you, can you even answer it?” Cao Fang laughed mockingly.

Although Cao Fang’s words were not pleasant to the ears, the alchemists present all secretly approved of it.

Ren Xingchun and Dan Chenzi, the two of them practically represented the Endless World’s Alchemy Path’s highest standards.

Questions that even they could not answer basically meant that it was unsolvable and could belong to the conjecture category.

This kind of conjectures, with the Endless World’s standard, there was simply no way of answering.

Except, they were unaware that Ye Yuan’s alchemy standards surpassed the Endless World’s standards in the first place.

Ye Yuan gave Cao Fang a look, but then he said with a faint smile, “Third Young Master Cao, if I can answer this question No.136, I won’t take a single penny of Lord Chairman’s essence crystal reward. All for your Cao Family, how about that?”

Cao Fang’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard that and asked, “What terms do you have?”

“Release Elder Skymaple, and you offer an apology to him. How about that?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Cao Fang had long foreseen that Ye Yuan would say this, and said with a cold smile,“Heh,that old fellow failed the challenge and even slandered my Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s reputation. He naturally can’t be forgiven easily. My Cao Family has stood in Wu Fang City for several thousand years. What we rely on is reputation this word. How can wanting to let him go be so easy? Unless that old fellow is willing to come forward himself and admit that he slandered the Cao Family.”

Cao Fang saw that Ye Yuan looked like he had a well-thought-out plan, but Cao Fang was reluctant to give in, shoving reputation this word over.

He initially thought that Ye Yuan would fly into a great rage. But Ye Yuan just nodded his head lightly and said, “Then that can’t be helped. Third Young Master better hurry and go raise the essence crystals now. I’m afraid that your Cao Family can’t bring out so many essence crystals in a while.”

Ye Yuan’s calm and collected manner was as if everything was under control.

Looking at his manner, this seventh level’s question No.136 was like a pile of crap in his eyes.

Of course, this was not how others saw it.

In reality, these questions were indeed a pile of crap in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

Ye Yuan’s objective was very simple, which was to challenge the Thousand Query Wall; he wanted to challenge them all the way until the Cao Family went bankrupt!

These essence crystal rewards were under the Cao Family’s charge, but they would not lie there untouched. The Cao Family naturally wasn’t willing to do something so silly. Those essence crystals, they would definitely use to do other things.

But these several thousand years, all of the alchemists who answered the questions, the Cao Family would pay out the full sum according to the reward amount. There had never been a missing sum.

Even if the person who raised the question was already a dead person.

It was also precisely because of this that the Cao Family could ensure it’s powerful reputation.

Ye Yuan had long known that the Cao Family’s reputation was already deeply engraved in people’s hearts along the way. So he did not clash head-on, coming out to question Cao Family’s prestige issue.

That way, other people simply would not believe. He would instead become a vile character who defamed the Cao Family.

Even someone as powerful as Wu Xuan would not come out to question the Cao Family’s prestige either, let alone Ye Yuan whose words carried little weight.

Hence, Ye Yuan found another path. He was going to keep challenging question after question. He was going to make the Cao Family be unable to take out so many available essence crystals!

Ye Yuan did not believe that at the end, the Cao Family still dared to not release people!

Ye Yuan dared to do this entirely because of his incomparably formidable strength in alchemy!

If it were another person, how would they dare to use this kind of extreme method?

When Cao Fang heard Ye Yuan’s words, he just took it for a joke and said indifferently, “If you have the capabilities, then make my Cao Family be unable to take out so many essence crystals! So many alchemists are watching here. Don’t be all talk and no action. Who doesn’t know how to talk big?”

Many people saw Ye Yuan say such arrogant words, and all could not stifle their laughter.

“Haha!Still young and impetuous! Even if he can really answer Lord Dan Chenzi’s question, how can the problems in front be that easy to resolve?”

“That’s right! Being arrogant has to have a limit too, no? These several thousand years, the Thousand Query Wall only accumulated this hundred over questions. If he answered all of them, wouldn’t the alchemy powerhouses in these thousands of year all be unfit to carry shoes for him?”

“Haha!Young people don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. His attitude can still be understood!”

Ye Yuan did not refute. He just nodded his head slightly and started examining the No.135 jade slip.

Ye Yuan’s examining speed was very fast. He practically just gave a brief scan and placed it down.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s actions, the others felt even more that Ye Yuan was out to posture.

The Thousand Query Wall’s seventh level’s questions were all incomparable profound. Even understanding it needed to expend a very long time.

Ye Yuan just used several breaths of time before putting the jade slip down. He did not even think about it at all. How could he answer them?

Even Wu Xuan was also rather disappointed seeing Ye Yuan’s actions.

In his heart, he naturally did not believe that Ye Yuan could answer these questions. But at the thought of Ye Yuan’s performance yesterday, he somehow had some more anticipation in his heart.

This was the fundamental reason why he was willing to come!

Same as Ren Dong, Wu Xuan also viewed the video which recorded Ye Yuan refining pills anew. Using marvelous work of art was insufficient to describe it!

Refining standards such as this, even he, an Alchemy Sovereign, was unable to achieve them at all.

Wu Xuan was very curious; what kind of person could nurture such a heaven-defying junior?

Very soon, Ye Yuan put down the No.126 jade slip. This was considered him reading finish all the questions.

“Boy, these ten questions are all unbelievably difficult. You probably can’t even study in detail within a short period of time. The Exquisite Jade Pavilion has individual rooms and pill refining rooms. You can experiment while you answer,” Wu Xuan reminded.

He did not believe that Ye Yuan could answer these questions in such a short time.

Him asking Ye Yuan before was just wanting to ask if Ye Yuan had any hopes of answering, and not to answer right away.

The Chairman’s question, he himself studied it for a very long time too. He would even take it out to study for a bit occasionally, but he still was unable to find the correct approach.

Even if Ye Yuan was any more monstrous, it was not possible to answer so quickly either.

But Ye Yuan said with a smile, “No need. Third Young Master Cao, invite the consultation team here. I’ll answer finish in one shot. Saves the trouble too. As it happens, Master Wu Xuan is here too. Be a witness for me then.”

“What? You want to answer right now? There are over a thousand alchemists watching here. Don’t make a fool out of so many people!” Cao Fang was taken aback with shock by Ye Yuan’s actions.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I just want to answer in front of so many people’s faces. Otherwise, wouldn’t everybody miss out on a great show? Enough nonsense, I’m going to inscribe the jade slips right now. They still need a very long time to evaluate it. Don’t drag the time.”