Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 510

Chapter 510 So That's How It Is


The jade slips were prepared ready. Ye Yuan casually picked up a jade slip and started inscribing the solution to No.136.

This kind of inscribing did not need to use up too much time. Ye Yuan finished inscribing the jade slip soon enough.

Ye Yuan did not delay either, directly picking up the second jade slip to inscribe.

When Cao Fang saw this scene, he sneered coldly inwardly.

Even if you are heaven-defying, could you really answer all ten of these questions?

If this was really the case, wouldn’t my Cao Family putting up this Thousand Query Wall become a joke?

“Come, men. Invite the consultation team’s three elders here!” Cao Fang instructed.

Since Ye Yuan wished to be embarrassed, then just let him be disgraced!

When the three elders directly rejected his answer, see what else he has to say.

Very soon, three Alchemy Sovereign experts were invited into the main hall.

Like this, there were four Alchemy Sovereign experts in the main hall. Furthermore, in the consultation team, there was even a middle-rank Alchemy Sovereign. Such a line-up could be rated as extravagant.

“Yii?Wu Xuan, why are you here as well?” asked one of the Alchemy Sovereign experts in surprise.

“Hehe,Liu Yun, I’m here today for this boy.” Wu Xuan pointed at the Ye Yuan who was currently inscribing jade slips.

Liu Yan trio took a look at Ye Yuan, and their gaze involuntarily turned intense. “Who is this young man? To actually challenge ten seventh level problems in one go?”

What they were surprised by was Ye Yuan’s lavishness and not Ye Yuan’s courage.

In these three people’s perspective, Ye Yuan was simply being comical. Except, they could not figure out why Wu Xuan who was an Alchemy Sovereign expert would accompany a child to mess around here.

“Three elders, he’s called Ye Yuan. Merely someone talking big to impress people. It was only on account of Elder Wu Xuan’s face that I invited three elders to move your grand presence to the main hall.”

“Uh,that’s fine. We received Cao Family’s appointment, so we naturally have to put in some effort. Old Brother Wu Xuan is worthy of us moving here. It’s just that which family’s child is this young man? Playing around too much. Old Brother Wu Xuan, why are you accompanying him to kick up a row too?” said the middle-rank Alchemy Sovereign.

“Hehe,Old Brother Zhu Jiang don’t make an error of judgment. This youth has some capabilities. Answering ten in one go might be messing around a little, but if one of them, I feel that there is a possibility!” Wu Xuan said.

When Zhu Jiang heard Wu Xuan’s words, he could not help being slightly stunned.

What kind of person Wu Xuan was, he was very clear.

Wu Xuan’s conduct was prudent and was also very experienced and vigorous when refining pills. He never did frivolous things.

Today, he actually praised a youngster in front of everyone like so. Could it be that this youngster was really out of the ordinary?

The other two could not help sizing up Ye Yuan too, but they could not perceive the slightest extraordinary aspect.

Moreover, Ye Yuan’s speed of inscribing the jade slips was too fast. No matter how one looked, it was also like being mischievous.

To answer the seventh level’s questions, any one of them would need a person to expend massive amount of time and energy. Who would answer the way he did?

If Ye Yuan challenged one before and went back to do enormous amounts of research, then came back to challenge again now, that would give no cause for criticism.

But answering ten in one go, was there any other explanation other than messing around?

“Old Brother Wu Xuan, this joke cannot be made! What kind of degree the seventh level’s questions reached, you’re aware. He, a youth still wet behind his ears, can answer them?” Zhu Jiang said in disbelief.

Wu Xuan smiled faintly and said, “Whether he can answer or not, I’m not certain either. But I have a feeling that maybe he can really answer?”


Zhu Jiang had yet to ask again, and Ye Yuan’s voice came over.

“Hiss. . .”

The alchemists present all drew a cold breath. Wasn’t this answering speed a little too quick?

“Heh,this boy is really gutsy enough, to make four Alchemy Sovereign experts mess around with him! Wonder what kind of expression Master Zhu Jiang, the three of them, will have in a moment.”

“Such a fast speed is completely fooling people! How can the seventh level’s questions be answered so quickly?”

“Although this youngster’s strength isn’t bad, his temperament still needs tempering! Such a way of trying to impress people by sensationalizing things is really too disgracing.”

Seeing Ye Yuan finish inscribing the jade slip so quickly, those alchemists basically already lost interest in continuing to watch.

If not for several Alchemy Sovereign experts being here, they probably wouldn’t even be bothered to look.

“Young man, are you sure that you’re not making a fool out of us few old fellows? Although Old Brother Wu Xuan regards you very highly, you yourself need to have a sense of propriety as well!” Zhu Jiang said with a deep meaning.

“Huhu,how can Ye Yuan dare to beguile Seniors? Whether I answered correctly or not, Seniors will know after evaluating it for a bit. It’s just . . . Seniors don’t go against your conscience to judge them, and that will do,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

When Ye Yuan’s words came out, Zhu Jiang trio were startled in their hearts.

The three of them actually were not subordinate to the Cao Family. They were only holding down the fort at this Thousand Query Wall on behalf of the Cao Family.

This was already the Cao Family’s custom. The consultation team would change once every five years. The Alchemy Sovereign experts invited over had no relations whatsoever with the Cao Family.

This way, it would ensure the fairness to the greatest limit.

It was also precisely because of this relationship that although the Cao Family had declined now, it was an immensely powerful faction in this Wu Fang City and even in the entire Endless World.

This kind of approach was not wrong. It was just that Zhu Jiang trio received the Cao Family’s appointment all year round, they would naturally have to take away quite a bit of benefits from the Cao Family.

Cao Fang troubling them for a bit because of some minor thing, they naturally found it hard to decline.

Ye Yuan’s words earlier were lightly pointing it out to them.

But these few people were all experienced and shrewd with age. They naturally would not show it on their faces.

“Haha,good. Indeed, heroes come from youngsters. This old man will take a look first to see if your answer makes sense or not.

As he said, Zhu Jiang was about to go take the No.136 answer.

“Old Brother Zhu Jiang, this question No.136 was issued by Lord Chairman. Wu Xuan is incapable, but I wonder if I can cut in front to examine it first?” Wu Xuan suddenly called out.

Zhu Jiang was stunned, but he nodded and said, “Since Old Brother Wu Xuan is in such a mood, what’s the harm in letting you look first?”

Zhu Jiang did not care at all. Because he totally did not believe that Ye Yuan could answer it.

“Haha,then I thank Old Brother Zhu Jiang!”

As he said, Wu Xuan gave Ye Yuan a long meaningful look and took up the No.136 answer that Ye Yuan inscribed.

Wu Xuan’s divine sense sunk into the jade slip. In the beginning, he still looked calm and composed.

But with the passing of time, Wu Xuan’s brows gradually knitted tightly together!

When everyone saw this scene, they could not help becoming curious. Could it be that this boy’s answers really still had some knack to it?

But Cao Fang sneered coldly inside. These two people’s two-man act was really realistic. Even he was fooled too.

It was just that, one still needed to speak with the truth in the end!

“What? Old Brother Wu Xuan, is it possible that this answer really still has some knack to it?” Although Zhu Jiang was asking Wu Xuan, he clearly still did not believe.

Actually, his thoughts were roughly the same as Cao Fang’s. It was that Wu Xuan and Ye Yuan were acting out a two-man show.

“Hahaha!So that’s how it is! So that’s how it is!” All of a sudden, Wu Xuan started laughing maniacally, his entire person appearing extremely excited.