Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 511

Chapter 511 All Correct


“No wonder! No wonder it couldn’t be refined no matter what! So that’s how it is!Hahaha!When Lord Chairman sees this jade slip, he’ll surely be very delighted!”

Wu Xuan suddenly took out a communication talisman and inserted some essence energy. The communication talisman vanished with aswoosh.

Seeing Wu Xuan’s expression, Cao Fang’s heart involuntarily palpitated.

Could it be that this boy really answered the question No.136?

“Old Brother Wu Xuan, is it possible that . . .” Zhu Jiang asked in puzzlement.

Only now did Wu Xuan come to a realization. He passed the jade slip to Zhu Jiang and said, “Dear me, Old Brother Zhu Jiang, apologies, apologies. This question is from Lord Chairman. I’ve researched it for a very long time too. But I keep feeling that there are some places which I don’t understand, and it cannot be solved no matter what. Now that I suddenly have a clear understanding, I’m seriously too excited!”

“Hiss. . . It was really answered?” Zhu Jiang was still somewhat suspicious.

“Hehe,you’ll know when you take a look.” Wu Xuan could not be bothered to be long-winded with him too. Let him verify himself, and he would naturally know.

Zhu Jiang started checking the contents inside the jade slip doubtfully, his brows similarly becoming increasingly tighter.

After a long while, Zhu Jiang silently passed the jade slip to Liu Yun. Liu Yun passed the jade slip to the other Alchemy Sovereign after checking it.

After the three people finished looking, they exchanged glances, and none of them spoke.

Cao Fang was long sitting on pins and needles by the side. At this time, how could he still endure it? He could not help opening his mouth and asked, “Three masters, just what is the result?”

Zhu Jiang looked at Cao Fang deeply and slowly opened his mouth to say, “Lord Dan Chenzi’s question is rather famous. This elderly self had researched it before too. Just as Old Brother Wu Xuan said, it was just unsolvable in a certain area, unable to break through it. Just now, seeing the description inside this jade slip, we finally see the light! This question No.136 is finally resolved after a time interval of five years!”

Cao Fang’s heart seemed to seize violently for a bit as he looked at Ye Yuan disbelievingly.

This boy actually really answered it!

If Wu Xuan still had the possibility of playing out a carefully choreographed dance with Ye Yuan, the consultation team’s three Alchemy Sovereign experts absolutely would not lie!

How could this boy be so monstrous? A question that even peak Alchemy Sovereign experts could not answer, he could actually answer it so easily!

Although alchemists had no restrictions in realm regarding the stockpiling of knowledge, a person’s energy was limited. The corresponding level could generally only understand the alchemy knowledge at the same level.

Even if somebody had spare energy to learn other things, it was also at most just a little exceeding the present level.

But this Ye Yuan was just a high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King, and yet, he crossed two major realms to answer a peak Alchemy King level question. Just how perverse was this?!

Cao Fang’s expression was incomparably ugly. He knew that regardless whether Ye Yuan’s questions at the back was answered correctly or not, Ye Yuan’s name would shake Wu Fang City with the help of today’s events!

“Third Young Master Cao, how much is the reward for this question No.136?” Ye Yuan asked with a half-smile.

Cao Fang looked like he ate a fly right now. He squeezed out a few words from the crevices between his teeth, “10 thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said smilingly, “Like thishuh,doesn’t that mean that not only are my essence crystals back already, I even earned nine thousand high-grade essence crystals instead? Huhu, this transaction is worth it. This money, keep it on the tab first. After these ten questions are all assessed finish, pay it to me together. Three seniors, continue then.”

Zhu Jiang could not refrain from sizing Ye Yuan up a couple of times. He was speculating if Ye Yuan guessed this question or relied on true ability to answer it.

If it was relying on genuine capability, then this youth was too terrifying.

High-rank Quasi-Alchemy King strength and he actually already possessed knowledge surpassing peak Alchemy Sovereign.

If this was really the case, then alchemist ranks simply had no bottlenecks to him at all!

As long as he practiced a powerful soul incantation, he could advance all the way free and unimpeded.

Seeing how Ye Yuan had such strength at this young age, the soul incantation that he cultivated could not be lousy too no matter what.

“Okay. This old man will take a look at this question No.135!”

As he said, Zhu Jiang sunk his divine sense into the jade slip once more.

. . . . . .

At the same time, inside a hidden chamber in the Alchemist Association, a communication talisman suddenly lit up.

The eyes of Dan Chenzi who was currently in closed-seclusion lit up, and he muttered, “The Dragon Tiger Mighty Soul Pill that I researched for so many years, I could not find the right approach all along. Now, there is actually somebody who could crack that barrier! I want to see just where this youngster comes from!”

Finished talking, Dan Chenzi’s figure moved, vanishing from within the hidden chamber.

. . . . . .

At the Exquisite Jade Pavilion, the crowd already descended into a frenzy at this time.

“Question No.135 is correct too!Ohmy God! Just what kind of background does this youngster have! To actually have such skill!”

“If question No.136 were like a dead rat falling into the clutches of a blind cat, then this question No.135 couldn’t be described using luck, right?”

“The Thousand Query Wall has stood erect in Wu Fang City for a history of several thousand years. Such a grand occasion most likely has never appeared before! You guys, do you think that he can resolve all ten of these questions?”

“Are you joking? Answering all ten questions, just extensive to what kind of degree does this youth’s alchemy knowledge have to be?!”

Ten questions being all correct!

Seeing Ye Yuan answer two questions correctly in succession, this idea popped up uncontrollably in many people’s head.

Not knowing why, although reason told them that this was something impossible, they kept on harboring some hope in their hearts and felt that Ye Yuan might really be able to complete them!

Time passed by the minute. The expression on Zhu Jiang’s face became increasingly solemn.

Even that initially constantly jolly Wu Xuan, the expression on his face right now became extremely fascinating too.

“No.134, correct! Reward money, 12 thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

“No.133, correct! Reward money, 14 thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

. . . . . .

“No. 126, correct! Reward money, 15 thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

Roughly six hours later, Cao Fang’s complexion was already deathly pale.

“This . . . How is this possible? Question No.126 has already existed for over a decade. A number of middle-rank Alchemy Sovereigns and above major powers came forward to challenge it before. But not a single person succeeded. How on earth did this brat accomplish it?”

Cao Fang’s brain blanked out. Ye Yuan’s performance smashed his confidence bit by bit!

“Third Young Master Cao, the total is 136 thousand and five hundred high-grade essence crystals. Now . . . can the bill be settled?” Ye Yuan looked at Cao Fang and said nonchalantly.

When these words came out, everyone looked at Ye Yuan very astoundedly.

In these alchemists’ view, the significance of answering these ten questions was far greater than the importance of this 130 thousand high-grade essence crystals.

This Ye Yuan actually asked Cao Fang for essence crystals at the first moment. This manner of eating him up . . .

Looking at that indifferent look of Ye Yuan’s, Cao Fang swore in his heart and said through clenched jaws, “Terrific boy! You really came prepared! Come, men! Pay the essence crystals to him!”

The Exquisite Jade Pavilion was indeed immensely wealthy. They gathered 136 thousand and five hundred high-grade essence crystals very quickly.

Ye Yuan reached his hand out to receive the storage ring while saying to Ling-er with a smile, “Thank you, Miss Ling-er. I’m going to challenge question No.125 now. I’ll have to trouble Miss Ling-er to help out deduct the fees from inside.”

Ling-er was frightened until her hands trembled when she heard that, and the storage ring slipped off her hands.