Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 512

Chapter 512 Alarming Big Shots


“What? He still wants to challenge No.125?”

“Today is really an eye-opener! When did such a heaven-defying junior appear in our Endless World?”

“Hehe,still junior? Your alchemy standards aren’t even fit to carry shoes for him, right?”

“. . . . . .”

Ye Yuan used essence energy to grab it gently. Then storage ring then landed in his hand gently.

“Miss Ling-er is a person who trains in martial arts too. Why can’t you even hold a storage ring firmly?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“I . . . I . . .”

Ling-er was long shocked dizzy by Ye Yuan’s performance already. Hearing that Ye Yuan still wanted to continue challenging now, she cried even more bitterly without ceasing in her heart.

Still want commissionhuh.This time, she definitely was going to be beaten up to death by the Third Young Master!

When Cao Fang heard Ye Yuan’s words, his expression flickered irregularly.

At this moment, he finally confirmed that Ye Yuan was not joking with him.

This fellow was really going to win away all of the Cao Family’s available essence crystals!

Before this, Cao Fang felt that Ye Yuan was talking big. But now, he was already utterly without confidence.

Ye Yuan already answered all ten questions. Who dared to guarantee that he could not answer the eleventh one, or the twelve one?

“Come men. Take down box No.125!” Cao Fang said in a grim voice.

A staff brought box No.125 in front of Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan smiled faintly and casually took up the jade slip. He then sunk his divine sense inside.

Everyone held their breaths, looking at the Ye Yuan with shut eyes.

Same as before, Ye Yuan finished browsing the contents in the jade slip very quickly, and started inscribing.

Before long, through Zhu Jiang and the four of their evaluations, Ye Yuan was correct once again!

“Question No.125, correct! Reward money, 20 thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

Looking from the reward money, the difficulty of question No.125 clearly went up another level!

The reward monies previously all increased by a thousand or five hundred. But this time, it swelled by 5 thousand high-grade essence crystals in one shot!

But, this did not seem to be any different to Ye Yuan from before. He practically used the same amount of time to answer it.

Instead, it was Zhu Jiang the four of them who spent increasingly longer time to assess it.

Ye Yuan obviously would not stop. He chose to continue challenging No.124!

A period of time later, Zhu Jiang’s voice sounded once more, “Question No.124, correct! Reward money, 21 thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

“Question No.123, correct! Reward money, 22 thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

. . . . . .

Question No.116, correct! Reward money, 33 thousand high-grade essence crystals!”

Every period of time, Zhu Jiang’s voice was like a heavy hammer, pounding everyone’s chest, and making them practically feel asphyxiated.

This Thousand Query Wall’s seventh level, each time a question was answered, it would cause a stir in the entire city.

The alchemists present were all extremely excited in the beginning. But by this time, they felt a chill deep down in their hearts.

Question No.116 had already been placed there for close to a hundred years. Nobody answered it all this while.

This question’s degree of difficulty was already not on the same level as Dan Chenzi’s problem.

But Ye Yuan took his time to answer it from start to end, as if all of the questions were at the tip of his fingers.

This youth . . . was too scary!

After these ten questions, Ye Yuan’s reward money already accumulated to a terrifying sum of 260 thousand high-grade essence crystals!

Under normal circumstances, alchemists were all comparatively wealthy. But an Alchemy King’s total net worth was at most just several tens of thousands of high-grade essence crystals too.

The prize money that Ye Yuan won right now was already ten times of an ordinary Alchemy King!

Furthermore . . . Ye Yuan was still continuing answering!

Cao Fang’s expression was already black like the bottom of a pot. He truly found it hard to dismount the tiger now.

Previously, Ye Yuan said to use the monetary reward to exchange for Skymaple, and he was unwilling to. Now, in front of so many people’s faces, did he have to beg Ye Yuan to take Skymaple?

This slap of his slapping down, how would he have a foothold in Wu Fang City in the future?

But if he did not release Skymaple, Ye Yuan would really bankrupt the Cao Family!

400 thousand high-grade essence crystals was merely a hair from nine oxen to the entire Cao Family. But the problem was that the monetary reward at the back was increasingly terrifying. Continuing like this, the Cao Family really would not have available essence crystals to pay it off.

Moreover, if Ye Yuan really kept winning all the way, it would be a tremendous blow to the Thousand Query Wall’s fame and prestige.

This was an outcome that the Cao Family could not bear!

If Old Patriarch knew what happened here, he would surely fly into a great rage!

What to do right now?

Right at this time, a hoarse and aged voice reverberated throughout the entire main hall.

“Apologies. The Thousand Query Wall is temporarily closed today. Fellow men of the same line present, each person can draw ten pieces of high-grade essence crystals from the Exquisite Jade Pavilion’s front door to show my Cao Family’s apologies.”

A figure suddenly appeared beside Cao Fang. When those alchemists saw that figure, their pupils involuntarily constricted.

This person was none other than precisely the Cao Family’s old patriarch, a middle-rank Alchemy Sovereign, Cao Zheng!

“Grandfather!” When Cao Fang saw the arrival, he could not help being overjoyed.

Cao Zheng showing up, those alchemists knew that this show today could not carry on anymore.

These alchemists were just about to bow-out when Ye Yuan said leisurely, “I heard that the Cao Family keeps a foothold on this earth with the word impartial. But why are you carrying out this bias matter today?”

Cao Zheng did not think that Ye Yuan would dare to be so unbridled in front of him too. His expression could not help darkening as he said, “The Exquisite Jade Pavilion is only closing for a day. How is it something bias?”

When those alchemists sensed the thick smell of gunpowder, they could not help stopping.

Ye Yuan looked at Cao Zheng and said neither obsequiously nor haughtily, “Although the Thousand Query Wall originated from the Cao Family, through thousands of years of development, it has already become the Wu Fang City and even the Endless World’s symbol. Hence, even though this Thousand Query Wall is still maintained by the Cao Family, it’s no longer owned by the Cao Family. Every alchemist has the right to raise and answer questions here! Presumably, there has never been such an act of closing shop since the Thousand Query Wall was established until today, right? Could it be just because this junior answered a few seventh level’s questions, senior is going to close shop? Isn’t an action such as this, depriving all the alchemists in the world of their right to a pilgrimage? Isn’t it something bias?”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, all the alchemists secretly cheered in their hearts.

They were different from the Cao Family. They naturally wished to see these seventh level’s questions be breached one by one.

Such a grand occasion was hard to encounter even once in a thousand years. How could they miss it?

Although they all knew that this was the Cao Family wanting to ensure the Thousand Query Wall’s prestige and stature, this indeed damaged everybody’s interests.

Cao Zheng’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard that. A faintly discernible killing intent gradually washed over towards Ye Yuan.

“This Ren will be a peacemaker today. Everybody all disperse!” Right then, another voice sounded out.

An elderly man appeared in the crowd. Everyone’s faces changed.

Cao Zheng looked at the arrival rather surprisedly, and he gave a slight bow, saying, “To think that today’s matter actually alarmed City Lord. It’s this Cao’s fault.”

But Ren Xingchun did not bother with Cao Zheng and yelled, “Since Lord Chairman came as well, why not show yourself?”

All the alchemists were shocked inwardly. This line-up today really became progressively greater.