Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 513

Chapter 513 Just Want An Apology


“Hur hur,to think that City Lord actually came here personally.”

A figure floated down and landed. Who could it be but Dan Chenzi?

Ren Xingchun did not follow up, but he said in a solemn voice, “You guys aren’t withdrawing yet. Could it be that you want me to make a move personally?”

Those alchemists were startled when they heard that and hastily withdrew from the main hall.

The irrelevant people all left. The atmosphere here became rather odd.

Ren Xingchun, Dan Chenzi, Cao Zhen, Zhu Jiang, and the rest, their gazes all gathered on Ye Yuan as if trying to see through Ye Yuan.

Facing the gazes from a group of leviathans, Ye Yuan was not the slightest bit fearful and said indifferently, “Is it possible that Seniors want to join hands to bully a junior like me?”

The expression on everyone’s faces became strange. Junior was it . . .

To be able to answer 20 questions from the seventh level so effortlessly, could such an individual really be considered a junior?

“Huhu,where did that come from? Little Brother Ye, I received Wu Xuan’s summons and specially came here to express thanks to you. This Dragon Tiger Mighty Soul Pill, I’ve researched it for several decades but keep on being unable to find the breakthrough point. Didn’t think that I would actually get the solution from your hands today,” Dan Chenzi said with a gentle smile.

“Lord Chairman don’t need to be polite. You raised the question, I received the reward. We’re both even. No need to say the word thanks,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

When these words came out, everyone drew a cold breath.

Daring to speak like this to Dan Chenzi, apart from Ren Xingchun, there was probably only this one before their eyes, right?

But Ye Yuan did not care. His gaze looked towards Ren Xingchun heatedly, but his tone became cold, “City Lord invited me to come to Wu Fang City, but couldn’t even protect my sect’s elder properly. Now that I came to ask for people, City Lord came to cause trouble. Is this your Wu Fang City’s hospitality?”

But Ren Xingchun was not a good-natured one. Hearing Ye Yuan said so, he immediately became enraged, “You, this punk, are exceedingly rude! The Thousand Query Wall is my Wu Fang City’s totem-like existence. Your way of doing things is a little too over the top!”

“Heh,over the top is it? I gave him a chance. It’s he who didn’t want it! Since that’s the case, he will have to pay a corresponding price for this! I, Ye Yuan, don’t stir up trouble for nothing, but I’m not afraid of trouble either!” Ye Yuan did not budge an inch.

When the other early-rank Alchemy Sovereigns and middle-rank Alchemy Sovereigns heard Ye Yuan’s tone of speaking, they all secretly broke into a sweat.

Dan Chenzi and Ren Xingchun were both the Endless World’s peak existences. Ye Yuan offending all of them, how coarse a nerve did this need?!

“What a fine not afraid of trouble! Your Tranquil Cloud Sect forcibly occupied my Wu Fang City’s territory. I didn’t even find you to settle the score and you come to be unbridled with me instead!” Ren Xingchun’s fury became greater and greater. As he spoke, it deviated off topic already.

Wu Xuan saw the situation and felt anything but reassuring, so he hurriedly urged, “City Lord, this matter is still within the scope of control. The both of you each take a step back!”

“Humph!This punk is conceited and insolent on account of his ability! Even making light of this old man! Seriously too arrogant! I treat him as an honored guest, and he’s actually so overbearing! Truly a brat who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Heavenly Evil Sect committed evil deeds everywhere, but your Wu Fang City turned a blind eye to it. That’s helping the wicked perpetuate wicked deeds! I helped you guys eliminate the evil and were in the wrong instead? People who train in alchemy should have benevolent thoughts. This Wu Fang City is hailed as the alchemy holy city.Hehe,isn’t it overshooting the truth?!”

Cao Zheng was stupefied listening by the side. Their Cao Family did not say a word, but City Lord and this brat started seizing each other by the throat. What was going on here?

Everyone was rather bewildered too, not knowing why these two people were so hot-tempered.

Finally, it was still Dan Chenzi who came forward to be a peacemaker, “Gentlemen, calm your anger first. Actually, the 20 problems that Little Brother Ye resolved has immense contributions to my Wu Fang City’s Alchemy Path’s prosperity. It’s just that the sense of propriety was not grasped well. Little Brother Ye, facing a great enemy at the moment, isn’t us having internal strifes aggrieving our own and gladdening the enemy? In my opinion, the Cao Family let that Tranquil Cloud Sect elder go, and consider this matter passed too.”

“Heh,how can it be so easy? The Cao Family must apologize to Grand Elder Skymaple!” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

“No way! He can be released. But an apology is impossible!” Cao Zheng refused straight away.

What a joke. How could a colossal family clan like the Cao Family apologize to a third-grade tiny sect’s elder?

“Hehe,not apologizing works too. I don’t need you to release the person. You all can close shop today, could it be that it will be closed every day in the future? From today onwards, I’ll come here to solve questions every day, all the way until all of the questions on the seventh level are all solved finish!” Ye Yuan said with a cold sneer.

“Shameless boasting! Do you really think that by answering 20 questions, you will be able to answer all of the questions? Questions ranked further to the front, the greater the degree of difficulty! Conundrums that nobody could resolve in several thousand years can be resolved with just the likes of you?” Cao Fang said disdainfully when he heard that.

“You can very well give it a try!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

This sentence directly aggravate internal injuries in Cao Fang.

He questioned Ye Yuan previously. The result was that Ye Yuan directly answered all of the final 20 questions.

Now, Ye Yuan was still brimming with confidence. Was it possible that he really had such capabilities?


Question No.1 was simply heaven-defying to the max. Even Lord Chairman and City Lord were at a complete loss when they looked at it, let alone Ye Yuan.

Dan Chenzi and the rest naturally did not believe that Ye Yuan could answer all of the questions as well. But, being deadlocked here right now wasn’t a solution either!

“Little Brother Ye, everybody each takes a step back. The Cao Family releases the person, and compensate your household’s elder 100 thousand high-grade essence crystals. This got to be ok, right?” Dan Chenzi said.

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I only want an apology! Essence crystals, as long as I want, I can have countless!”

Everyone was directly speechless. This Ye Yuan was simply impervious to neither hard nor soft tactics!

“That Skymaple answered the question wrongly and even slandered my Cao Family’s reputation. I didn’t kill him directly is already showing leniency! You actually still want us to apologize?” Cao Fang challenged.

Ye Yuan suddenly beamed and said, “Is that so? Then how about we invite grand elder out to confront in court? If Elder Skymaple answered wrongly, I, Ye Yuan, will return this 400 thousand essence crystals intact, and apologize to your Cao Family! But, if Elder Skymaple’s answer was correct, what then?”

With this, Cao Fang was thrown into a fluster.

He never would have imagined that the matter would develop to such a state. Now, it could not be controlled any longer.

Right then, Zhu Jiang suddenly sighed with melancholy and said,“Sigh,Brother Cao Zheng, this matter is the fault of the three of us. To think that it would stir up such a mighty uproar. This Thousand Query Wall’s consultation team elder, I, Zhu Jiang, have no face to carry on holding the post. Brother Cao better finds somebody more competent.”

With Zhu Jiang saying this, Liu Yun and the other person also requested to resign from Cao Zheng.

The news that Cao Zheng got was that somebody was causing trouble in Exquisite Jade Pavilion. But he was not clear about the whole story of the incident.

Hearing Zhu Jiang’s words at this time, how could he still not understand what was going on?

Only to see him casually fling a hand, landing a slap on Cao Fang’s face as he said coldly, “You wicked son! Turns out that everything was stirred up by you! You actually used the Cao Family’s reputation to do this kind of low-grade thing! I’ll exterminate you!”