Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Storming Out Of The Room


Cao Fang was sent flying out directly. By the time he crawled up, half of his face was swollen like a pig’s head.

Ye Yuan looked at this scene with a cold smile and was very disdainful in his heart.

That slap looked very impressive. Actually, it did not employ essence energy at all. Cao Zheng merely used the strength of the physical body.

Hence, Cao Fang’s face looked scary, but it was just receiving some superficial wounds.

Of course, not only Ye Yuan saw through it, the other big shots naturally could discern it too.

It was just that at this sort of time, there was obviously no one who would come forward to expose it.

“Grandfather, I . . .”

Cao Fang hugged his face and was just about to speak, but he was cut off by Cao Zheng who said, “Why aren’t you quickly releasing the person yet and apologizing to Little Brother Ye? The Heavenly Evil Sect’s matters, even City Lord didn’t say anything. Is there a need for you to care about other people liking salty carrots? Go back and face the wall to reflect. Cause trouble for me again and you better be careful; I’ll waste you!”

Same as Ren Dong, Cao Fang grew up under Cao Zheng’s protection since young. Cao Zheng had never hit him like this before. This made Cao Fang feel very wronged.

However, although Cao Zheng’s words were said out very viciously, it actually did not hurt nor itched. It even sowed discord between Ren Xingchun and Ye Yuan’s relationship a little without leaving any traces.

Ren Xingchun this person as the City Lord, what he relied on was not scheming and plotting, but it was incomparably tyrannical methods.

Not only was his Alchemy Path strength preeminent, but his attainments in the Martial Path were also exceedingly high. He belonged to a different class of existence among alchemists.

In Wu Fang City, all those who refused to give in to him, he had always used bloody methods to suppress them.

Actually, he originally planned on being a mediator coming here today. Little did he think that because of his fiery temper, he would actually clash with Ye Yuan.

In truth, Ye Yuan being able to answer the Thousand Query Wall’s seventh level’s questions was immensely beneficial to them, fellow alchemists.

But Ye Yuan’s means were too domineering. This kind of directly dropping in to smash the place action would directly affect the Wu Fang City’s position in the alchemists’ hearts.

Ren Xingchun as the City Lord had no choice but to come forward to stop Ye Yuan.

But how could Ye Yuan be so easy to get along with? It was fine if he talked nicely. Yet, Ren Xingchun just had to have a commanding tone, directly aggravating Ye Yuan’s opinion of him.

. . . . . .

Before long, Skymaple was finally brought out.

When Ye Yuan saw Skymaple’s slightly miserable looking appearance, he knew that Skymaple most likely suffered considerable hardships in this short while. The fury in his heart involuntarily soared higher.

When Skymaple saw a bunch of Alchemy Sovereign experts present, he could not help sucking in a deep breath and came to Ye Yuan’s side.

“Hehe,my Tranquil Cloud Sect came to Wu Fang City for the sake of the Endless World’s safety, but we received such a treatment! Looks like we were hallucinating that the other party is willing! Forget it! Your Cao Family’s apology, I don’t need it either. Grand Elder and I will leave Wu Fang City right away to avoid being an eyesore to everyone! Grand Elder, let’s go!”

As he said, Ye Yuan pulled Skymaple and was just about to leave.

When Ren Xingchun saw this scene, he wanted to stop Ye Yuan but was stopped by Dan Chenzi.

Dan Chenzi shot Wu Xuan a look, signaling him to make a move. Dan Chenzi then said to Ren Xingchun, “Old Man Ren, you don’t add more to the discord. This boy is clearly somebody who can be persuaded by reason, but he’s not a person to be cowed by force. You continue like this and the Endless Meet in two days most likely can’t commence anymore.”

Hearing these words, Ren Xingchun’s slowly rising fury was ultimately pressed down.

And in this short while, Ye Yuan already left the Exquisite Jade Pavilion. Wu Xuan followed out closely behind too.

He darted a look at Dan Chenzi and said vigilantly, “You this old punk, what devious ideas are you planning again? Your Alchemist Association stands aloof above worldly considerations. Even if the Fierce Gale World really attacked over here, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to you either. Don’t say that you’re doing this for the sake of the Endless World too!”

Dan Chenzi let go of Ren Xingchun and said with a faint smile, “For it is good, not for it is fine as well. Could it be that you aren’t interested in this young man? In my opinion, his knowledge in alchemy likely far surpasses yours and mine!”

Ren Xingchun gave a cold snort and said, “If now isn’t extraordinary times, this old man would definitely interrogate this stinking brat with torture well! Even if his alchemy knowledge is any greater, he’s merely a Sea Transformation Realm. Could he still overturn the heaven?”

Dan Chenzi said with a smile, “You this old fellow, always being hot-tempered. You don’t just look at this boy being unbelievably obstinate. If it wasn’t this special period at present, he might not be so high-profile either. This boy is soft and gentle even with his rough ways that he showed us; at the same time, he isn’t easy to get along with.”

Ren Xingchun snorted coldly, but then he turned to Cao Zheng and said, “What a splendid thing your Cao Family did! I don’t care about you guys smashing your signboards. But if it threatens Wu Fang City, don’t blame this old man for turning hostile on you!”

Cao Zheng’s expression was slightly kind of ugly as he nodded and said, “City Lord rest assured. This incident, the Cao Family will definitely deal with it well!”

Although the Cao Family’s bedrock was incomparably solid, under Ren Xingchun’s rule, Cao Zheng had to tuck his tail between his legs to behave properly too.

Infuriating Ren Xingchun, nobody would gain anything good out of it.

In this Wu Fang City, it had already been very, very long since anyone dared to challenge Ren Xingchun’s authority. Looking from this angle, Ye Yuan could already be considered Wu Fang City’s number one person.

. . . . . .

“Ye Yuan! Please wait! Please wait!” Wu Xuan chased after Ye Yuan out as he yelled at the top of his voice.

Ye Yuan halted his footsteps when he heard that and gave Wu Xuan and bow and said, “Today, many thanks to Master Wu Xuan for helping me out of my predicament. This kid bears it in my heart. Next time, if there’s the opportunity, this kid will definitely repay generously.”

Today, if not for Wu Xuan being present, how the outcome would be was really hard to say.

Wu Xuan laughed and said,“Huhu,you’re too serious with your words. If not for coming to the Exquisite Jade Pavilion today, I’ll most likely regret it for the rest of my life! Seeing you refined pills yesterday, I even gave rise to the thought of taking a disciple. Only seeing your means today did I know that I was rash. In front of you, how can I bear the word master?”

Only when he saw Ye Yuan’s performance today, did Wu Xuan know why Ye Yuan was completely uninterested in him yesterday.

What he knew, Ye Yuan knew all. What he did not know, Ye Yuan knew too.

What would he use to teach Ye Yuan?

Recalling it now, yesterday was really making a really big joke.

“Master Wu Xuan is an Alchemy Sovereign experts. Master this word is naturally deserving,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Actually, in front of Ye Yuan, who could be deserving of this word? It was just that Wu Xuan helped Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan would naturally show appreciation.

Wu Xuan hurriedly waved his hands and said,“Haha,if you don’t mind, just call me elder brother. Master this word is absolutely undeserving!”

Ye Yuan was not pretentious either and nodded with a smile as he said, “Since that’s the case, Ye Yuan will accept deferentially than to decline courteously. Elder Brother Wu Xuan, Grand Elder and I will return to the Tranquil Cloud Sect right away. If you have time, you can come and visit often.”

Wu Xuan hurriedly said, “Younger Brother Ye, City Lord just has this temper. You don’t try to gain face back with him! Speaking of which, he made Xu Zihui fuss around you these few days. It’s also considered to be very considerate already. Moreover, if it wasn’t for Xu Zihui coming to find me today, I couldn’t have arrived in time either, don’t you agree?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head. He was actually just putting on a show to take that old man down a notch. He obviously would not really leave.

“Fine then. This is on account of Elder Brother’s face here!” Ye Yuan hesitated for a bit and said.