Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 518

Chapter 518 Meeting Begins

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Ren Dong was not sucking up.

When he trained the Lesser Phaseless Art close to the Legendary Realm, he actually discovered that he had many new comprehensions.

Back then, when he had just come into contact with alchemy, he had many things that he did not notice.

All the way until today where it suddenly dawned upon him. he discovered just how unstable his own foundation was.

Ye Yuan being able to freely refine transcendent-grade medicinal pills was indeed not coincidental.

Recalling the words that Ye Yuan said when he was acknowledging him as his master, Ren Dong only came to realize the truth now.

Ren Dong believed that as long as he continued walking down the path which Ye Yuan designated, he would definitely discover a new continent.

Of course, to most people, doing this was a pointless effort. Because they did not have a master like Ye Yuan.

Without Ye Yuan’s personal demonstration, Ren Dong could not possibly have touched upon the threshold of the Legendary Realm too.

The Lesser Phaseless Art was just the most basic entry-level refining technique. The higher the tier of the refining technique, the more challenging it naturally was to want to reach this step as well.

Without the guidance of a great teacher who had a profound understanding, they might never find where the Legendary Realm was throughout their lives.

Cao Fang curled his mouth. He was clearly very condescending towards Ren Dong’s excuse.

Wu Xuan knew that it was not that there weren’t people who wanted to train the basic alchemy skills to an extremely high realm. But without any exception, they all took too many detours.

Those alchemists who were originally around the same realm as them had flung those people who researched alchemy skills that way several streets behind.

Wu Xuan initially wanted to persuade Ye Yuan a little. But upon recalling Ye Yuan’s performance, he swallowed the words at this throat back down.

Ye Yuan this Alchemy Emperor naturally had more authority to speak regarding laying down a foundation or speed-walking this sort of issue.

He knew that Wu Xuan and the rest all did not believe. But the moment when Ren Dong soared to the skies in a single leap, they would surely have a completely new appraisal of this matter.

With Ren Dong’s talent, this day might not need too long.

. . . . . .

The following two days, Ren Dong practically immersed in studying beside Ye Yuan, while Ye Yuan did not hide anything either. He demonstrated the Greater Phaseless Art’s Legendary Realm once for Ren Dong to see.

Ren Dong’s talent was indeed remarkable. He actually comprehended some knack to it very quickly.

But, very clearly, the speed of him comprehending the Greater Phaseless Art was no longer as quick as the Lesser Phaseless Art.

And right at this time, all the titans in the Northern Domain finally gathered at Wu Fang City. The Endless Meet officially convened in the City Lord Manor.

In the main hall, all seats were occupied, and those people who were seated, the weakest had middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm strength.

Four seats were arranged on the left-hand most side. Sitting there were respectively Ren Xingchun and the Three Sects’ old ancestors.

They were evidently the Northern Domain’s pinnacle existences!

And sitting to their right were not those late-stage Divine Traversing Realm experts but an unknown Sea Transformation Realm youth.

This youth was naturally Ye Yuan.

The big shots present, quite a few people brought the juniors that they were most proud of over. It was just that those juniors all stood behind them with their hands by the sides.

Very clearly, in such an apex meeting they did not have a chance to speak.

Even Qin Yan, Guo Taoqun, and Yin Yanhua were all by the side too.

Only Ye Yuan this young person sat very conspicuous.

Many people had not met nor heard of Ye Yuan before either. Him sitting naturally incurred many interested gazes.

Regarding this kind of focused looks, Ye Yuan was very calm.

The previous life’s Ji Qingyun had experienced countless great spectacles. Such a small occasion was simply too substandard to show in public.

Everyone got in their seats. Ning Yixian was the first to speak. “Everyone, time is tight. This Ning won’t blabber any more nonsense either. Today, we convened everybody to discuss the major issue of how to respond to the Fierce Gale World’s invasion. Several thousand years ago, the Endless World had the Grand Yan True Sect this extraordinarily powerful sect to seal the realm passageway. But now, not that this Ning is belittling our capabilities, but we might not be the Grand Yan True Sect’s match even by combining our Three Sects’ power! Hence . . . our situation has already reached an extremely grim state! And the most terrifying thing is that we know absolutely nothing about the Fierce Gale World! Their strength, their plans, their habits, we don’t understand anything at all! Now, everybody state their views.”

“Heh,what else can be done? When soldiers come, use a general to hold them off. When the water rises, use dirt to keep it back. I don’t believe that their Fierce Gale World martial artists can still have three heads and six arms?” exclaimed someone immediately the moment Ning Yixian’s voice faded.

And those with such views were not in the minority. Once these words came out, there were people concurring straight away.

“I’ve seen before some Fierce Gale World records in some ancient records. It’s said that that small world has gale winds blowing all year round. It’s completely a place where not even grass would grow. This kind of barbaric land, how many experts could there even be?”

“That’s right. Our Endless World is abundant in resources. The martial artists’ strength and realm are also extremely formidable. To really compete in martial strength, it’s impossible for us to lose to them!”

“Haha!Just a bunch of motley crew! In my view, our Northern Domain’s various sects should join hands and send a group of elite forces and directly take down the Southern Domain! Don’t they have a Boundless Realm expert? As long as we take down the Southern Domain and send array masters to secure the realm passageway and not let them reinforce the array formation, the Endless World will be safe and sound!”

Speaking to the back, the Fierce Gale World martial artists directly became a bunch of clay chickens and pottery dogs. It was seemingly like slashing a blade over and everyone’s heads would hit the ground.

When Ye Yuan heard these words, he seriously could not hold back and let out a snigger.

With this snigger, there were immediately people who were unhappy.

“Where are you from, boy? To actually dare jeer at us?” said a middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm sect master with an unkind look.

He also knew that such an occasion absolutely would not arrange the seats wrongly. This Sea Transformation Realm boy surely had an extraordinary background.

But being derided by a junior like this, he was still rather displeased. It was just that he was more reserved when speaking and did not dare to overly offend those four on top.

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a laugh, “Earlier, Old Ancestor Ning already said, we’re absolutely ignorant about the Fierce Gale World. Also don’t know where your confidence came from, to dare belittle them like so? If there weren’t an Endless Forest obstructing there, we’d probably have lost half of the world already! You guys are actually still in the mood to brag here. Truly don’t know what you’re talking about!”

That sect master being mocked by Ye Yuan could not quite preserve his face. If it weren’t because of the faces of the four people on top, he would most likely fly off the handle long ago.

But at this time, he said solemnly, “This war has yet to be fought, and you’re boosting other people’s morale and lowering your own? According to what you say, could those Fierce Gale World people really have three heads and six arms?”

“Not to the extent of three heads and six arms. However, to talk about combat strength, they mustn’t be underestimated! If it’s as you all said earlier, the Endless World won’t be far from annihilation either,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

“Heh,talking as if you’ve seen it with your own eyes! Doesn’t that Fierce Gale World have just one Boundless Realm expert? As long as we don’t let him come over, how strong can they get?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “You nailed it. Not only have I seen before Fierce Gale World martial artists, but I’ve also even been to the Fierce Gale World!”

“Not even preparing a draft when you brag! With just your meager strength, you can still return unscathed after really going to the Fierce Gale World?” said that sect master with a cold smile.

Those four on top did not seem to hear anything and let Ye Yuan and the rest bicker at their own discretion.