Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Fame Spread Far And Wide

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All those present were dead silent.

Lan Feng’s performance utterly shocked these Divine Traversing Realm experts.

That match earlier, apart from that surprise attack in the beginning, there was not the slightest bit of resorting to trickery.

And Song Fei himself not being focused was a great taboo in combat by itself. Nobody would pity failures.

Song Fei was an elite from a very formidable sect in the Northern Domain. He actually lost to this bumpkin to the max Fierce Gale World martial artist. Could it be that the strength of the Fierce Gale World’s martial artists were all so formidable?

These big shots all had tightly locked eyebrows. The expression on their faces had unspeakable graveness.

“Huhu,can’t even beat my slave, just who is boasting? Are you people sure that you can beat back those Divine Traversing Realms from the Fierce Gale World with just the likes of you people?”Ye Yuan derided.

This time, that group of people who taunted the most enthusiastically at first all sensibly shut their mouths.

They were still clamoring previously, saying that the Fierce Gale World martial artists would crumble in one blow.

And now, this slap was flung really resoundingly!

But Wu Rong was unresigned and said in a solemn voice, “Was this slave of yours tampered with, or perhaps he’s an extremely powerful existence among the Fierce Gale World martial artists?”

Wu Rong’s question was also the question that everybody was concerned with. A martial artist being powerful was not scary. What was frightening was everyone being this powerful!

If the Fierce Gale World martial artists were all this formidable, then the Endless World was really in danger.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “Although this slave of mine has some strength, within the same realm, he’s absolutely not considered powerful. At the very most, he’s also just average standard. If you don’t believe, you can feel free to carry on with those plans earlier and directly charge over to exterminate the Southern Domain’s Fierce Gale World martial artists.”

Ye Yuan’s words were like a series of thunders, extinguishing everybody’s hopes.

Ye Yuan was not exaggerating just to scare people. Lan Feng’s strength did not count as too impressive in the Fierce Gale World.

The Lan Family Brothers not being able to withstand a single hit in front of Ye Yuan did not mean that they could also be finished off in one blow in front of the other Endless World martial artists.

Back then, in the mystic realm, Mei Zhen and the Heavenly Sky Sect’s Wu Zhao were both not the Lan Brothers’ match.

And Mei Zhen’s and Wu Zhao’s strength were absolutely not the slightest bit inferior compared to this Song Fei.

Hence, Song Fei losing was also something within reason.

“Ye Yuan, your meaning is that . . . the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ strength as a whole is a level higher compared to our Endless World?” Ning Yixian asked gravely.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “What everyone said earlier wasn’t wrong. The Fierce Gale World is scarce in resources. Regions with powerful gale winds, even the Wind Emperor won’t dare to enter. But it’s also precisely because of this kind of environment that resulted to the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ might . . .”

Ye Yuan spoke with fervor and assurance, picking out some of the Fierce Gale World information to say, leaving their brows locked even tighter.

In accordance with what Ye Yuan said, the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ comprehension towards the Concept of Wind was innate. Practically every martial artist would have very deep comprehension in the Concept of Wind.

Hence, the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ movement speed was much greater than the Endless World’s.

Furthermore, with the tempering of the gale winds, the martial artists’ essence energy were purer. Adding in the barbarousness, the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ collective strength was much stronger compared to the Endless World.

Under such circumstances, if the Endless World chose to clash head-on, it was simply without any chances of success.

Ning Yixian the four of them exchanged glances, and all saw the seriousness in the other party’s eyes.

They had a simple exchange with Ye Yuan yesterday and knew that the Fierce Gale World power was great. But it was also just a rough idea, far from as great as the impact from Lan Feng and Song Fei’s match earlier.

It was precisely because they knew that the Fierce Gale World was formidable that the four of them deliberately let Ye Yuan stir up these sects’ leaders a little to make them not underestimate the enemy.

Who knew that even they themselves were astonished too.

For Song Fei to be able to become a sect’s elite, his strength was not considered weak. But he still lost to Lan Feng.

Lan Feng grasped the battle situation precisely, making everyone feel a chill from the bottom of their hearts.

This martial artist was simply born for fighting. If the Fierce Gale World’s folks were all like this . . .

The matters at the back, they somewhat did not dare to carry on thinking.

“The Fierce Gale World martial artists’ strength, I believe that everybody already has a very direct understanding. Ye Yuan did not deceive everyone. He really entered deep into the Fierce Gale World before in order to rescue his fellow sect members. Now, to talk about who understands the Fierce Gale World best in the entire Endless World, it’s none other than him! Moreover, I know that many of you view the Southern Domain as a barbaric land and are completely indifferent to the state of affairs there. But, I want to tell you that Ye Yuan once led the Southern Domain’s Tranquil Cloud Sect and defeated the Purple Mansion Sect thrice, killing three of the Purple Mansion Sect’s Soul Sea Realms! This effectively slow down their invasion! Only because of this that we managed to have our Northern Domain’s meet! Or else . . . some of those present would probably have their sects eradicated already!” Ning Yixian’s voice enlightened the benighted, striking everyone’s hearts.

Only now, did these sect leaders knew that there were still so many twists and turns in between all this, and also knew what kind of person Ye Yuan was.

The Southern Domain’s matters, they might be unconcerned, but the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s great name, many among them already came to hear of it.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect eradicating the Heavenly Evil Sect domineeringly and a Sea Transformation Realm boy killing the Soul Sea Realm Mao Yuanji, this news already spread like wildfire.

Those present were all the Northern Domain’s respected figures who were very well-informed. They naturally knew this information.

It was just that they never thought that that Tranquil Cloud Sect’s youth was actually this one before their eyes!

It never occurred to them that Ye Yuan already did many things for the Endless World without them knowing.

Defeating the Purple Mansion Sect thrice. How did this boy accomplish it?

Truly an enigmatic existence!

But Wu Rong frowned and said, “Isn’t this talk a little too alarming to cause a sensation? Even if the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ strength is formidable, we have our advantages too. Us these sects aren’t soft persimmons that they can knead as they want either!”

In truth, Wu Rong’s words were lacking some confidence. But a Sea Transformation Realm boy riding on top of his head still made him brood over it.

But this time, Jing Xuan said coldly, “Alarming to cause a sensation? Old Man Wu, do you believe these words that you said? As far as I know, the Fierce Gale World already sent out five peak Divine Traversing Realm experts into the Southern Domain! Whether it’s exaggerating things to raise the alarm or not, everybody weighs it yourselves!”

“What? Five peak Divine Traversing Realms?! How is that possible?”

Jing Xuan’s words immediately caused a stir in the crowd. Wu Rong looked at Jing Xuan with a face full of disbelief.

Five peak Divine Traversing Realms. Such strength was too scary!

One had to know that the Northern Domain only had the Three Sects’ old ancestors who were peak Divine Traversing Realms.

Was the current situation three versus five?

Ning Yixian gave Wu Rong a scornful look and said coolly, “Not possible? Do you think that these few days, the three of us were sitting at home doing nothing? Furthermore, the Southern Domain did not blockade information. Wanting to investigate this news isn’t hard. It’s just a pity that Old Hai has already been missing for a long time and there’s no news up until now. While Old Man Duan is a recluse with no fixed abode and also secretive about his whereabouts. If the two of them are present, our chances of success will be much higher.”