Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Seeking Counsel

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“Old Man Duan, you’re not coming out yet? Could it be that you still want me to invite you out?” Qi Hai called out in a clear voice.

A very lean old man appeared before everyone. He was naturally the Old Man Duan that everyone was talking about.

Qi Hai smiled and said to Ye Yuan, “Don’t look at how Old Man Duan is very unassuming. His strength is pretty decent and should be even above the three of them. It’s just that his natural disposition is lazy and was unwilling to stick a hand in secular affairs. Hence, he found a secluded place in the Southern Domain and lived there quietly.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly. For an itinerant cultivator to cultivate to such a realm, it was truly not easy.

This Old Man Duan seemed to be not too willing either. He just sat down beside Qi Hai and did not speak from start to end.

Qi Hai did not seem to mind and said to everyone, “Alright. Everybody continue to discuss as you all should. Don’t bother about us old people.”

With him saying this, everyone did not know how to discuss though.

But Wu Rong was unresigned and asked Qi Hai, “Old Hai, you made a trip to the Southern Domain. Did they really send out five peak Divine Traversing Realm experts?”

Qi Hai nodded and said, “That’s right. Before returning this time, I took a tour around the Heavenly Sky Sect before and almost came to blows with one of the five.”

“Then . . . And then what?”

With this, nobody suspected the authenticity of this information anymore.

“Hehe,later on, each of us was wary of the other, so this fight did not take place.”

Qi Hai said it very apathetically, but the others had a different feeling when they heard it.

Hearing Qi Hai said so, Ning Yixian could not sit still either and asked, “The other side’s peak Divine Traversing Realms actually had somebody who could threaten Old Hai?”

Qi Hai’s strength, everyone present was very clear. Hence, the way these people saw it, Qi Hai was their greatest reliance.

But now, a random peak Divine Traversing Realm that the other side sent out was actually on par with Old Hai. Could it be that the Fierce Gale World’s martial artists were really all formidable to such an extent?

“Not so far as threatening me. But that person’s strength shouldn’t be much weaker than mine. Once the fight began, if we alarmed the others, it would probably not be that easy for me to want to get away,” Qi Hai said.

The sect leaders present all exchanged glances. Immediately, they felt like the pressure was akin to Mt. Tai crushing down.

Looks like the Fierce Gale World’s might greatly exceeded everyone’s imaginations!

Qi Hai looked at everyone and said coolly, “You bunch of brats aren’t still holding onto thoughts of leaving it to chance right now, are you? If the Fierce Gale World wasn’t powerful to such an extent, how could such a powerful sect like the Grand Yan True Sect back then pay such a terrible price to seal the realm passageway? Just that battle, how were the sacrifices just the Grand Yan True Sect alone? After that battle, our Endless World’s vitality was greatly sapped, resulting in this current declining trend situation.”

Hearing Qi Hai’s words, everyone’s gaze involuntarily turned towards Ye Yuan.

Looks like what this youth said previously was not the slightest bit false!

Ning Yixian trio did not think that the situation was already severe to such an extent already either and said, “Old Hai, you enjoy high prestige and command universal respect. This situation still needs you to manage!”

Very clearly, there was nobody more suitable than Qi Hai to lead the group of heroes among the people present.

Who knew that Qi Hai smiled and shook his head as he said, “I, this old man, am used to being lazy. How can I be the leader? Ning Yixian, you’re experienced and prudent and can take on this responsibility. However, this old man, I, will say the nasty things first. I normally don’t bother too much, but if anyone dares to trip people up at this sort of time, this old man, I, will be the first to exterminate him!”

Qi Hai’s words did not seethe with killing intent, looking like having a heart-to-heart talk. But everyone felt a chill arise when they heard it.

Then Ning Yixian said with difficulty, “Old Hai, I . . .”

Qin Hongtao interrupted him and said, “Don’t decline at this sort of time. This burden, you have to shoulder it. Nobody is more suited than you. This old man, I, still have other things to do. Qin Hongtao and Jing Xuan, the both of you have to support Ning Yixian with all your strength. At this time, don’t have any ideas about sects. If the Endless World is gone, your Dao teachings will naturally be gone too.”

The three people’s faces turned intent and acknowledged it in a solemn voice.

Qi Hai nodded, but then he looked towards Ye Yuan and said, “Little Brother Ye, I wonder what thoughts you have regarding the present situation?”

Hearing these words, everyone looked at Ye Yuan in surprise.

Ning Yixian was the person that Qi Hai personally recommended to take charge of the overall situation. He did not ask Ning Yixian’s opinion, but he actually sought a junior’s opinion!

Furthermore, those who were attentive noticed that Qi Hai actually addressed Ye Yuan as ‘Little Brother Ye.’ About this, there had to be some stories that they did not know.

Could it be that Qi Hai already treated Ye Yuan as an equal to interact with?

Ye Yuan was stunned too and said, “Old Hai, this . . . isn’t appropriate, right?”

Ye Yuan actually came today just to plan on letting these people know the Fierce Gale World’s might and not to underestimate the enemy.

As for how to come up with stratagems and give advice, he did not plan on talking out of place.

So many Divine Traversing Realm experts present, how could it be his turn to interject?

It was just that he did not expect Qi Hai would actually be the first to ask for his opinion.

“Nothing inappropriate! They are completely clueless about the Fierce Gale World. Letting them talk is shooting blindly too. You go ahead and talk. I’ll see who dares to say a word!” Qi Hai said coolly.

In truth, there really were quite a number of people who were rather displeased secretly and planned on finding fault when Ye Yuan was speaking in a while. Now that Qi Hai said that, these people immediately swallowed those words back into their stomach.

Ye Yuan nodded his head. He was not a coy and shy person either. Since Qi Hai thought highly of him, he would not decline either.

“Alright then. Since Old Hai thinks highly of Ye Yuan, then I’ll say a few more words. Whether you listen or not is all up to everybody,” Ye Yuan said.

Ye Yuan stood up and said without caring about others, “In my opinion, the Fierce Gale World has several advantages which we have no way of competing with. Firstly, they all have a common faith, and that is the Wind Emperor. The Purple Mansion Sect is still loyal and devoted to the Wind Emperor after many generations. A lot can be deduced from this. Because of this point, they can achieve a unified rule. In comparison, we’re a pile of loose sand. Secondly, the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ collective combat strength is greater than ours. If engaging in close-quarters, we’ll surely suffer a huge deal. Thirdly, although the Southern Domain’s resources can’t compare to the Northern Domain, it’s much better than the Fierce Gale World’s. With these resources, the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ strength as a whole might even advance a level. Fourthly, the Fierce Gale World’s high tier combat strength is way stronger than ours. As far as I know, the Fierce Gale World’s peak Divine Traversing Realm experts are not just five people!”

“What?! You mean that these five are just the vanguard?” Ning Yixian exclaimed in shock.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “The Fierce Gale World’s peak Divine Traversing Realm martial artists, according to what I know, have as many as seven people! Counting in some itinerant and some secluded old monsters, I reckon that it might not be below ten people! As for how many among these ten has Old Hai’s level of strength, I can’t confirm.”

Following these people’s understanding of the Fierce Gale World becoming increasingly deeper, they noticed more and more that for the Endless World to want to defeat the Fierce Gale World, the hope was simply too bleak.