Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Severe Punishments Should Be Dealt In Troubled Times

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Ye Yuan was not simply shooting his words out. If Lan Feng was not very clear about the Fierce Gale World’s upper echelons, Xiao Ruyan was a true-blue capital nobility.

The three commanders under Zhao Tianyin’s command were peak Divine Traversing Realm experts.

Apart from this, a super faction like the Shangguan Family, their leader was peak Divine Traversing Realm too.

Just within the Central Capital, there were as many as seven peak Divine Traversing Realms.

To say that these five people were the vanguard was not over the top at all.

“Heh,aren’t such words a bit much? How can so many experts be born in a place lacking in resources like the Fierce Gale World?” Wu Rong said disdainfully.

Ye Yuan shot him an indifferent look and said, “The Fierce Gale World is indeed poor in resources, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t resources. Comparatively speaking, to the Endless World’s resources decentralization, the Fierce Gale World’s resources are basically all gathered in the Central Capital. Plus, the Fierce Gale World resides in gale winds constantly. The martial artists can be said to be cultivating at all times. Their cultivation speed is naturally faster than our Endless World’s martial artists. What’s strange about giving birth to so many experts? Also, whether I say it or not is up to me. Whether to listen or not is up to you. If you don’t want to listen, you can close off your ears! The truth and false of what I said, Old Hai and Senior Ning they all will naturally screen through. When is it your turn to cut in?”

This Wu Rong repeatedly caused trouble. Ye Yuan was disinclined to haggle over it with him. This fellow even went from bad to worse.

These words were said without any consideration for face, directly turning Wu Rong’s face red.

Ning Yixian frowned as well and said, “Old Man Wu, you’re an overlord of a region too. Why are you always making things difficult for Ye Yuan? Ignoring that Ye Yuan is the only one among us who understands the Fierce Gale World’s situation, just based on the contributions that he made for the Endless World, what’s the harm in us listening to his opinion?”

Ning Yixian’s words were not severe. But talking this way to Wu Rong in front of so many big shots, it was actually already considered giving him a slap.

Wu Rong was crimson red with rage. But due to Qi Hai being present, he could not blow up and just snorted coldly and said,“Heh,can’t even give opinions? Fine, fine, fine! I’ll just shut my mouth!”

Qi Hai had his head lowered, looking straight down the entire time as if he paid no heed to both party’s dispute.

At this time, seeing that Wu Rong finished speaking, Qi Hai asked again, “Ye Yuan, you carry on speaking.”

A simple six words already completely stood on Ye Yuan’s side.

The other sects’ big shots all kept their mouths shut sensibly. At this sort of time, regardless of what was to be said, it was clearly all not a wise move.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Just as I said earlier, the things that we can bring out are seriously too little. Hence, if we want to turn the situation around, we must make drastic reforms! Otherwise, the Endless World being swallowed is just a matter of time.”

“What kind of reforms?” Ning Yixian asked.

Ye Yuan spoke confidently and with composure, “Actually, the things that we can do now are not much. But there are three things that we can still make it in time!”

Ning Yixian’s eyes lit up, and she asked rather interestedly,“Oh?Quickly say, what three things?”

Ye Yuan extended a finger and said, “The first thing is that the concept of being a sect must be stop, unifying all under one management, and concentrating all of the elite forces! Each fighting their own battles will only be broken easily! One must know that the Fierce Gale World martial artists are akin to the mortal world’s army with extremely daunting combat strength.”

Ye Yuan extended a second finger and said, “The second thing is to raise our martial artists’ strength. Our Endless World’s greatest advantage is abundant resources. Furthermore, the standards of alchemy skills are more than a level higher than the Fierce Gale World’s. And these resources are grasped in the hands of the various great sects. Now, these resources have reached the time where it needs to be put to good use. Using them to raise the martial artists’ strength is a pressing issue! In addition, the various great sects still have to select elite disciples to gather together and develop them heavily. These people clearly have greater room for improvement. All in all, this point is to make use of all the resources that can be utilized rationally, to make our Endless World martial artists’ strength improve to the greatest extent.”

Ye Yuan reached out a third finger and continued, “Thirdly, to concentrate all of the Northern Domain’s array masters. Although the present Endless World’s formations path standards are inferior to back at the Grand Yan True Sect’s time, our formations path standards are still much higher compared to the Fierce Gale World. In the war, with the support of array formations, it can unleash the martial artists’ strength to the greatest limit. This point, we have to utilize well!”

Ye Yuan’s words poured out with ease and fluency. Qi Hai nodded slightly by the side. Clearly, he was very pleased with Ye Yuan’s three views.

When Ning Yixian listened, his face also revealed an expression of suddenly seeing the light.

However, the faces of these sects’ big shots were not that nice.

Ye Yuan’s way of doing things was the same as they all forsaking all of their sect’s Dao teachings. This Northern Domain would only have one colossal sect in the future.

These guys were all people who act in an arbitrary manner in their own sects. But in the future, they had to become other people’s subsidiaries.

Such a change was unacceptable to them.

“Old Hai, we absolutely cannot agree to this way of doing things! Our Sky Illumination Sect’s legacy already has several thousand years of history. Is it going to be wiped out like this?” shouted the Sky Illumination Sect’s old ancestor, immediately jumping out to object.

“Yeah! Although our sect isn’t big, our legacy to this date is already close to ten thousand years of history. Surely it can’t be gone like this?”


“I disagree too!”

For a moment, the objecting voices rose one after another.

Wu Rong did not speak this time but kept on smiling coldly by the side.

As the saying went: it was hard for the law to punish the collective. No matter how formidable Old Hai was, it was not possible to kill all of these Divine Traversing Realm experts, right?

If they were really killed, who would deal with those experts from the Fierce Gale World?

Among these Divine Traversing Realm experts present, the vast majority were major sects that had several thousand years of legacy, and also a number of new sects which rose up in recent years.

Regardless of what kind of sect, they all did not hope for their Dao teachings to be lost in oblivion.

Wu Rong was very delighted in his heart. He gave a few meaningful looks to several people just now. Those few immediately understood and came forward to object to Ye Yuan’s plans.

Moreover, this kind of approach had indeed touched these people’s baseline. As long as there was somebody coming forward, it would immediately spread like a plague.

Everybody stepped forward to object. Heh heh, I want to see how this plan of yours will be implemented!Wu Rong thought in his heart delightedly.

Old Hai who had both eyes slightly closed the entire time suddenly spoke. He said it to Ye Yuan.

“Little Brother Ye, looks like everybody objects to your plan. What do you think should be done?” Qi Hai asked nonchalantly.

These words in Wu Rong’s perspective was Qi Hai choosing to compromise, hoping that Ye Yuan could take back the words said earlier.

Wu Rong was very pleased with himself inwardly.Look at you, this boy, being unbridled! Fighting with this old man, you’re still a little too inexperienced!

Except that these words had another layer of meaning the way Ye Yuan heard it.

Only to see Ye Yuan grin widely and said, “Severe punishments should be dealt in troubled times! Since there are people not willing to submit, just kill and be done with it!”

“Hahaha!”Qi Hai suddenly guffawed with laughter and said, “What a fine ‘severe punishments should be dealt in troubled times!'”