Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 525

Chapter 525 Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance

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“Heh heh,looks like Little Brother’s fortunes run deep, to actually obtain a Divine Realm major power’s good graces. Truly the envy of Elder Brother, me!”

Even though Qi Hai was the Endless World’s Realmlord, in the eyes of the Divine Realm’s major powers, he was still just an impoverished person.

Ye Yuan’s talent was so monstrous. In Qi Hai’s view, his master was bound to be a character in the Divine Realm too.

Of course, as for how powerful, Qi Hai did not have a clue either.

Although he knew some matters related to the Divine Realm, his knowledge was very limited.

“Elder Brother already has half a foot stepped into the Boundless Realm. The day of ascending to the Divine Realm is not far off too. Why is there a need to be envious of me?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“This distance of half a step is as hard as ascending to the heaven! If I had the confidence, I’d have long gone to cross the heavenly tribulation. Why would I remain in the Endless World, idling my time away bitterly? I lingered in the Endless Forest these few years just for the sake of finding that feeble thread of hope too!” Qi Hai sighed emotionally.

To the Lower Realms’ martial artists, the ascension through heavenly tribulation was a life and death juncture.

What Qi Hai had to face was not just the heavenly tribulation of Boundless Realm, there was also the boundary pressure when shattering the void of the small world.

Superimposing the two, ordinary martial artists simply could not survive it.

Unless it was people who were heaven-defyingly talented or those who had immense good luck, the success rate was truly very low.

Hence, breaking through to the Boundless Realm in a small world like this Endless World was actually even harder than the Divine Realm!

And a small world’s essence energy and resources were simply a heavenly chasm-like difference compared to the Divine Realm. This increased the difficulty of martial artists ascending even more.

“Elder Brother doesn’t need to lose heart. Heavenly Dao will always leave a ray of hope. As long as Senior doesn’t give up, you’ll eventually be able to find this ray of hope someday,” Ye Yuan consoled him.

Actually, with Ye Yuan’s capabilities, wanting to aid Qi Hai to pull through the heavenly tribulation was not something hard.

It was just that the days he spent with Qi Hai was few, and he did not have much understanding of this person at all. He naturally would not say such sincere words to a mere acquaintance.

Furthermore, if he helped Qi Hai ascend now, the Endless World would basically not have hope anymore.

Without the need for Zhao Tianyin to come, just the Shangguan Family and those few first-rate families could destroy the Endless World.

In the future, if he confirmed that Qi Hai was worth trusting, giving him a hand then was not late either.

“Heh,then I’ll thank Little Brother for your blessings! If Elder Brother, I, can ascend to the Divine Realm by chance in the future, I hope that Little Brother can look after me well!” Qi Hai said with a smile.

The reason why he was so courteous to Ye Yuan was actually because of this.

Qi Hai had drifted with the tides in the Endless World for so many years. Although he did not have great confidence regarding crossing the heavenly tribulation, he more or less had some too.

If he passed the heavenly tribulation by chance in the future, without anyone looking after him when he reached the Divine Realm, it was very hard to keep going.

This point, Zhao Tianyin knew, Qi Hai naturally knew as well.

Ye Yuan was curious and asked, “Why does Elder Brother Qi Hai say that? Our Endless World should belong to a certain faction too, right? When Elder Brother, you, ascend to the Divine Realm in the future, there will naturally be that faction coming to receive you, no?”

There were countless Lower Realms’ small worlds, but they were not ownerless objects.

These small worlds more or less had countless intricate ties with the Divine Realm.

For Qi Hai to be able to become the Realmlord, it was not because he was the Endless World’s strongest person, but he was a person designated by some faction in the Divine Realm.

In his previous life, the Medicine King Hall, this super major faction that Ji Qingyun was at, had jurisdiction over countless planes in the lower realms too.

It was just that these affairs, Ye Yuan never concerned himself with. It was all Ji Canglan’s responsibility.

However, even though Ye Yuan had come to the Endless World for some time, he did not know which Divine Realm faction this Endless World belonged to.

But the Divine Realm’s various major factions all would not bother about the Lower Realms’ affairs. Because descending from the Divine Realm was exceedingly difficult. Even in the Divine Realm, there were very few who could accomplish this as well. Yue Mengli being able to come down was definitely by using Bright Moon City’s strength.

It was also precisely because of this reason that Qi Hai ascertained that the person behind Ye Yuan was definitely very powerful.

These factions would mostly have special channels of communication with the lower planes. This point was much easier.

And the inheritance of a Realmlord was also the small world’s internal affairs under most circumstances. As long as the previous Realmlord chose a successor and report it to the Divine Realm to be approved, it would do.

But Qi Hai said with a bitter smile, “Actually . . . I don’t know which faction in the Divine Realm the Endless World belongs to either. In reality, since the start from the previous Realmlord, we lost contact with the Divine Realm completely. Roughly around . . . a thousand years already?”

Ye Yuan was stupefied. He did not think that there was actually such a thing.

Seems like the Divine Realm faction which the Endless World belonged to might have suffered some major unforeseen event.

“Alright then. Elder Brother’s matters, I’ve noted it down. It’s just that I don’t dare to promise you at this time. After all, after that master of mine imparted to me knowledge, he brushed his hands off and no longer bothered about me again.”

But Ye Yuan’s promise that was not a promise sounded like a heavenly melody to Qi Hai. He said elatedly, “That’s of course, that’s of course!Oh,right, within half a month, the Vast Heaven Pagoda will be opened. At that time, you must go and take part. Perhaps you might have some unexpected gains too?”

“Oh?The Vast Heaven Pagoda? What’s that?”

Ye Yuan was still really curious about this Vast Heaven Pagoda. Something that could visibly move so many Divine Traversing Realm experts was bound to not be an ordinary thing.

“The Vast Heaven Pagoda is an inheritance mystic realm; It is communally owned by the Three Sects and Wu Fang City. This Vast Heaven Pagoda has a total of nine levels. Every level passed, one would obtain unimaginable benefits. It’s a superb place that the Three Sects and Wu Fang City foster their young disciples at. Ever since discovering the Vast Heaven Pagoda, countless powerhouses walked out from there in the Endless World! Back then, the Grand Yan True Sect’s Forefather, Grand Yan True Lord, walked out from there too. You don’t know how terrifying Grand Yan True Lord’s strength was back then. Even though he wasn’t the Realmlord, in front of him, the Realmlord at that time wasn’t even fit to carry his shoes! Hence, these four major factions have been monopolizing the Vast Heaven Pagoda all along, not allowing the other factions to dip their fingers in. The Vast Heaven Pagoda opens up once every ten years. Half a month later just happens to be the ten year date, which so happened as well.” Qi Hai’s words poured out smoothly.

Qi Hai did not know that not only did Ye Yuan know the Grand Yan True Lord, Lu Linfeng, he even had close ties with him.

But with Qi Hai saying this, Ye Yuan became even more interested in this Vast Heaven Pagoda.

To be able to give birth to such a supremely powerful character, this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s prowess was clear at a glance.

“Oh?There’s still such a thing? I wonder how many levels did that Grand Yan True Lord pass through back then?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

In Ye Yuan’s view, a heaven-defying character like the Grand Yan Divine King should have made it to the ninth level back then.

Except, Qi Hai’s answer was very far from Ye Yuan’s view. Only to hear Qi Hai say, “The seventh level! Since remote antiquity, there were only a mere three individuals who made it to the seventh level! And the Grand Yan True Lord was one of them!”

This time, Ye Yuan was truly taken aback from shock.

How heaven-defying Lu Linfeng this fellow was, Ye Yuan was well aware.

With his strength, he actually just made it to the seventh level too? Then how perverse did the eighth level and ninth level had to be?

“Doesn’t that mean that this eighth level and ninth level, there was nobody who made it there at all?” Ye Yuan said in astonishment.